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2024-02-11 20:11:59
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I won an old skaventeam and now I have to learn to play them!
Thats the short version of it and it is basicly what I will try to do in order to atleast be somewhat competitive on som tournament in the future. I have played a bazillion games (most of them either drunk or multitasking) and 99% of the teams I played have been more towarths the basharea of blood bowl. Tomb Kings is my absolute favorite team but I have also played alot of lizard or orcteams but as far as play dash? Nah, then u need skill and dedicate some thought into the matchprocess and that is some scary stuff.

Now when I more or less have to learn the skaven I remembered a little quest I gave myself a few years back in order to be a better player and what I did was to play 100 games with a dwarfteam. It was horrible and boring at times but somewhere on the journey I got better in positioning so why not do the same with skaven?

So therfore I will go for 100 skavengames and I will start in the next RRR and go full black box after that.

See you in the Box!

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Posted by gettym on 2024-02-12 13:56:50
It's funny for me to hear you say that you feel that dash teams require more skill. Having coached more dash teams, I've always thought that bash teams require more thought and consideration because of the positioning considerations you mention with dwarves. I've recently started coaching my first dwarf team, and find that my head hurts as I consider the board each turn. Anyway, good luck in your journey with the rats!
Posted by The_Murker on 2024-02-13 04:56:59
This is my take on it.


Pounce when the time is right and let Nuffle decide. Have fun, then die. Then buy more rats.
Posted by Bloodfeast on 2024-02-13 08:05:13
I understand the point Gettym, but bash is sort of "in the box" thinking. Just tag a weaker player forcing them to dodge and just marching towarths the endzone in a cage. You know you cant do anything amazing so just bashing and putting up a wall or cage blood bowl 101. But with dash you can reach the ballcarrier almost every turn and do amazing plays but you have to learn when to do it. And with bash you have 10+ armor so you dont have to protect your best players but with dash you have to protect the stars until it is their time to shine. I guess it just different sides of a coin or differnt states if mind but apparently I have to go there and force myself to understand that side of things. Maybe I will become a better coach or just stop playing lol :/
Posted by gettym on 2024-02-13 18:04:02
Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. In the few games I've played with dwarf so far, I'm noticing there are a lot of things, like removals, that I just don't have to worry about anymore. But then somewhere around turn 6, I'm like, wait, how are we ever going to reach the end zone?
Posted by MerryZ on 2024-02-13 20:29:26
I think with skaven and other teams, hirolling is the best strategy.
Posted by gettym on 2024-02-14 04:08:05
Also, @The_Murker, that write up on skaven is awesome:


I've never thought of it that way, but it's so true.
Posted by Bloodfeast on 2024-02-14 09:32:53
hehe yeah,, TY Murker for the insight in the (short) life of skavenplayers. Hirolling and calculating the risc in problematic and require some thought. I guess thats where I will struggle haha
Posted by Nohistor on 2024-02-15 12:29:27
If you wanna train with skavens, let me know ;)