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2008-01-21 21:07:41
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Oblitzamanger's Journey - Chapter 6: The Morning After
The morning after the game, Manger was sitting in the private dinning room eating breakfast and reading the paper. Although there weren’t many newspapers around, due to the fact that most of the Old World was illiterate, there were a few in existence for the wealthy, and Scrum had been kind enough to provide one for Manger that morning. Manger looked for the summary of game in the sports section, which was small since the wealthy didn’t usually participate in such activities as Blood Bowl, unless they were the team owners, like Manger. In between Majors in [P], he was able to find the short write-up of the game.

Bustling Rookies Clash at Oblitzadome

Lillton – Two rookie Blood Bowl teams began their careers in the [R]anked division last night at the Oblitzadome. The Blitz Blasters, an Orc side managed by Alexander Manger and coached by ex-Albion blitzer Gregory Summers, defeated the Little Oblitzerators, a Dwarf team owned by Steven Scrum who hosted the event, 3 – 1. The game was plagued by poor kickoffs and multiple fumbles, evidence of the lack of experience on both sides. A surprising pass by the Dwarves was for naught as the Orc captains, brothers Knucklebone and Kneecap, managed to steal the game away. However, both teams are far from professionalism as both Manger and Scrum have lots of work ahead of them.

As Manger finished reading the article, Summers entered clutching his head. Manger put the paper down and continued eating.

“Man!” Summer said. “How early did you get up? I’ve got a monstrous hangover. Why don’t you have one? I could’ve sworn we partied together.”

“I feel fine but you look like you need more rest. Here, have something to eat,” Manger offered.

“I don’t think I can eat anything right now.” Just then, Summers’ stomach growled loudly. “On second thought…” Summers dug into his food. “Where’s Dark?” he asked with a mouthful of ham.

“He left after we won last night. He managed to tell me that we broke even with the winnings from the game, and there might be enough for a small bonus for everyone. But I’d rather expand.”

“Expand? How?” asked Summers.

“Think about it. If I had a second team, we could make even more money. Just imagine a third team!” Manger said.

Summers seemed to snap into a serious mood, despite his hangover. “Alex, one Blood Bowl team is a lot of work. You have your hands full already, and now you’re thinking of a second or even third team? Don’t overextend yourself.”

“I’d have to hire a lot more staff,” Manger said, still fantasizing. “You wouldn’t be able to coach two teams would you? I think its against the rules anyway. So I’d have to find another coach, and probably some more assistants…”

“Alex! You can’t be serious, can you?” said Summers.

Manger paused. He then realized where he was and who had yelled at him. Regaining composure, he addressed Summers. “You’re right, Greg. But we do have a little extra cash floating around. I just thought another investment wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Forget it. How’s the team doing?”

“I don’t know. I just woke up. They’re all probably hung over too, still sleeping in upstairs. When do we go back to Altdorf?”

“In twenty minutes,” said Manger calmly.

“Then why didn’t you say so! We need to get them up! They need to pack! There’s no way we’ll leave on time at this rate! I have to get them up! I’ll meet you in front in ten minutes, Alex. Get everything else ready,” Summers said. He scrambled out of the room and raced upstairs.

Manger remained seated. He calmly finished his breakfast, and turned the paper over to find two interesting articles in the military intelligence section.

Chaos Dwarves Put Down Hobgoblin Slave Revolt:
Bull Centaur Charge Saves the Day

Altdorf – A band of rebellious Hobgoblin slaves revolted last week and were defeated by their slave drivers the Chaos Dwarves at Hurkman’s Cave. A large group of Hobgoblins managed to assemble and plot the escape, despite Chaos Dwarf laws that prevent such meetings. After escaping the pits, the rebels took shelter at Hurkman’s Cave when a bad storm hit the area. Sources say the storm was created by the forces of Chaos to slow the slaves down. The tactic worked as the slaves were trapped inside the cave by the Chaos Dwarf army. As the storm lifted the next morning, the battle commenced with the Hobgoblins on the losing side. The slaves would have been able to escape, however, had a last minute charge by the elite Bull Centaurs not cut off the route. The rebels were summarily defeated with the band giving up its leader shortly after.

Most of the slaves were only punished lightly and put back to work in the pits. As the first slave revolt in six years, this may signal a new wave of activity among the Chaos Dwarf’s slaves. Although this means that the power of the Chaos Dwarves may be waning, the high generals of the Emperor still maintain that an attack is still a possibility.

As a reaction to this, the Chaos Dwarves have decided to form a Blood Bowl team and send it to the Empire to solicit peace. The troupe has yet to arrive at the capital, but when they do, it is likely that they will be rejected unless they find a manager willing to take them in quickly. Although there are many quite insane Blood Bowl coaches out there, it is safe to say that there probably aren’t any managers crazy enough to sign a group of alien war veterans.

Habberdale Attacked by Orcs

Altdorf – The town of Habberdale, situated on the fringe of the Empire, was attacked last Wednesday by a war band of Orcs. There was no explanation of why the attack occurred or how the Orcs managed to sneak into Empire territory.

The town was overrun Wednesday evening and despite evidence of resistance by the inhabitants, there are no apparent survivors. The town was left in smolders when the Border Guard got there the next morning, and the stragglers of the band that remained in the town were killed. No information was extracted on the rest of the band’s whereabouts, and there is no sign of the Orcs still within the Empire. The Border Guard is doing its best to track them down, but it appears they have retreated back over the border.

Habberdale, a quiet trading post, has been wiped off the map. Although it is a small loss for the Empire, the high generals have questioned the motives for destroying such a small town lacking in resources. Although it is possible that it was just a one time affair by a group of dim-witted Orcs, the generals have made extra preparations on the border in case of a future invasion. They are also reminding everyone to be careful near the border and to report anything suspicious to the nearest officials.
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