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Match 3
Ach! Curses! ;)

Did it again, contrived to lose 1:0. Should have at least scored. Dropped two 2+ catches for certain touchdowns. Mind you, this is what you get for not being able to eke your re-rolls out till the end of the half! Another re-roll is definitely on the list, I'll prolly save up for one of them first (I think I'll want about 4) and then alternate with witches and maybe replacing my -ma blitzer.

It all started really well! He had two vampires, and in the first few turns I had blocked one down at the end of the LOS and with a few sneaky assists pre-setup, had lined up a juicy foul which KO'd the bloodsucker for the rest of the match :D Iefyr put the boot in and it's no coincidence (imo) that he got MotM. Nuffle approves bwahaha :P

And after lining up a blitz, I got the ball free, pushed it with a body into the other vampire who caught it deftly only to be surprised looking up from the caught ball to find himself being bundled off the pitch! That knocked it clear and the crowd beat the pasty fool into submission (KO). :D

THis imo is where I made the mistake that cost me the touchdown. They tossed it clear over the melee on the left side of the pitch all the way to the other side. But instead of flooding over to secure it from the hapless thralls with no vampires to protect them with my superior agility and armour (and good looks), I got intoxicated with the success of my blocking game and engineered some more blocks and a crowdpush (maybe 2?), leaving just the dextrous Jhaartael my Block Runner to go and 1d the ball carrier and stall their progress until I could surf the rest of his team. Cue the obvious and deserved Skull, and having obviously wasted my rerolls with my usual haste, I had no comeback. I focused instead on surfing, getting one more over before he scored.

He kicks to me and has only 7 players, leaves his wide zones wide open and I flood players forward, I'm able to block down his LOS and mark backfield players AND have free runners. A few desultory blocks are thrown then I blitz clear a path for the classic move-handoff-move-pass-catch-move TD and... drop the catch. Jhaartael again. No re-roll more importantly :/

I receive second half and a few of his KOs have recovered, including a Vamp. I get myself horribly tangled up trying to cage down the sideline (yet again). After some confusing blocking where I never quite get the advantage or am able to clear a path I end up in a horrible situation with my carrier pinned against the line. I manage to clear his tackle zone but I can only push players away. I'm in a dreadful situation so I gamble on the bomb to Jhaartael, who's dodged into the endzone, it sails majestically clear of interceptors and accurately only for the prat to drop it :p. I think my opponent might have been a bit gutted with the touchdown tbh so I won't complain that my risky play didn't come off. I boxed myself into a desperation pass which didnt deserve a reward.

Of course I've run out of re-rolls again despite brilliant coaching, so my desperate attempts to go and rescue it in tackle zones fail and in the end, my opponent nearly scores an unbelievable passing play of his own with thralls! Fortunately their clammy hands spare my blushes! :D

I really need to stop bogging my running game down, I think I need to present a little more of a passing play threat to drag players away from the cage and continue to work on my blocking game. And not drive it into blind alleys! I'm going for the sideline cage way too quickly. In fairness, I blocked much better in this game which is an encouraging sign! I've also now got two blodge blitzers and the other two rookies are back from injury so I should have even more block for the next game!

Also, coolness, I got an invite from my opponent to a live malta tournament, sounds really cool! Hopefully I can take some of my live compatriots with me and maybe see some of you fine folk there!

Onto MD4!
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