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2018-09-16 17:47:10
rating 6
2018-09-06 22:50:23
rating 5.6
2018-07-18 19:03:02
rating 5.6
2018-06-01 23:44:54
rating 5.6
2018-04-19 02:08:13
rating 5.7
2018-02-01 19:07:56
rating 5.2
2018-01-15 20:05:11
rating 4.9
2018-01-01 19:38:41
rating 4.5


2017-12-30 18:19:15
rating 5.7
2017-10-29 23:13:59
rating 6
2017-10-14 22:25:52
rating 6
2017-10-07 22:26:53
rating 5.7
2017-09-05 21:10:50
rating 5.2
2017-03-17 21:29:15
rating 6
2017-02-09 23:23:14
rating 3.2


2016-01-07 18:14:11
rating 5.5


2015-12-05 07:57:29
rating 4.9
2015-02-28 02:35:21
rating 4.3
2015-02-14 21:14:43
rating 3.7
2018-11-01 19:25:17
29 votes, rating 5.7
New to Blood Bowl? Struggling with the basics?
We are accepting applications to the 145 open-round robin tournament due to start on November 7th! That's next Wednesday. You can enter one team (LEAGUE only please) with a maximum TW(Tournament Weight) of 120

What is the 145 League?
The 145 League is a league designed primarily for coaches who are new to Blood Bowl, who are struggling with the basics of blocking and caging and wish to learn the game amongst coaches of a similar level. If you are not sure about your eligibility, or aren't a new coach but have a particular area you wish to improve in jump on our discord channel and ask(see links below).

A staple of the League is the open round-robin tournament which runs about a month where coaches can arrange the matches casually. These matches are usually arranged in a PM thread or on our discord channel.

The 145 League will also intermittently run tournaments that mimic some of FUMBBL's main tournaments such as Royal Rookie Rumbles and KO tournaments - these help adjust coaches to the intricacies of scheduled matches.

We also provide general advice on team building and development as well as match reviews as needed. Check out our pinned links on the discord channel for articles about how to improve your coaching!

How do I get started?
First, create a team in the League division (for new coaches we recommend Orcs/Humans/Undead usually), then apply them to the 145 Leagues and Tournaments group by clicking the banner below and navigating to the Teams tab. Select your team from the drop down menu and hit Apply for membership. We recommend joining the Official FUMBBL discord Server then the 145 League channel as well.

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Posted by marksman0 on 2018-11-01 21:16:18
I highly recommend. Whatever is good in my play, it comes from the 145 League.
Posted by Sweep12121 on 2018-11-01 23:26:29
I second that recommendation.
This is a great place to get started and RBthma will see you right.
Join today.
Posted by mayhemzz22 on 2018-11-02 11:49:22
Would you accept an exporenced coach on a low tier roster like vamps or ogres?
Posted by Rbthma on 2018-11-02 19:37:35
Hop on the discord server mayhemzz22. Typically I try to only let a few experienced coaches in each tournament as I want to keep it mostly new coaches so I can't always accommodate them all. That being said, there's plenty of ways to help out without entering a team in the tournament if that's the goal.
Posted by FinnDiesel on 2018-11-03 18:25:39
I like turtles
Posted by FinnDiesel on 2018-11-03 18:30:26
I like cheese as well with some ham on a cold night
Posted by Rbthma on 2018-11-03 19:08:22
Only took you 5 minutes to respond to yourself FinnDiesel, not sure who won that argument. I do have a few suggestions on what to do with your time besides trolling my blog...

perhaps finish any of your several unfinished matches or how about making your bio on your CIBBL team not the copy/pasted Lorem Ipsum text?
Posted by FinnDiesel on 2018-11-04 01:37:25
A man likes cheese, I don’t have the time for doing that but thanks for reminding me much appreciated and I have a busy life instead of being stuck on a computer and why does it matter anyway!
Posted by FinnDiesel on 2018-11-04 01:38:03
Doing the CIBBL team BBcode is what I mean when referring to that
Posted by FinnDiesel on 2018-11-04 01:39:21
Why was it a argument anyway, please explain chief
Posted by Sweep12121 on 2018-11-04 09:09:09
Hi Finn D!
The team bio is a ‘requirement’ of the league, as decreed by the people that run it. The idea is that all our teams have a unique story and feel to them and it is part of what makes the CIBBL league so good - people are genuinely interested in this stuff!

The ‘ipsum dipsum’ (or whatever!) template is a great model and you don’t need to edit any of the code, only the text.
It doesn’t have to be much either, just a couple of sentences back-story is fine. And then all us other coaches will know if we want to cheer or boo in your matches!


- Here’s the relevant section from the CIBBL rules page:
Group Restrictions
Teams are to be made with the CIBBL ruleset. Teams are required to be sufficiently 'fluffed up', which is up to the judgment of the league admins. This includes unique, proper team and player names, a team logo, overall in the CIBBL and traditional Blood Bowl spirit. In case you need help with your bio ask for help, someone will be there to help you out. The league will provide a bio template, that will help coaches not good with bb code.
Posted by Sweep12121 on 2018-11-04 09:19:30
Also - a more broad comment from me to everyone -

It would be really helpful to the cause of the 145 Club if people could refrain from down-voting any of these recruitment posts, please.

Whilst appreciating that the 145 will never be able to suit everyone, it is a fantastic place - and indeed the only dedicated place - for getting new coaches up and running. And we will always need new coaches.

I started here, as did countless others, and I don’t know if I’d still be around on the site had RBthma and 145 not helped me to get going.

If you can, please rate 7’s or straight-up POWs so we can get more coaches started and sticking around on this great fun site!
Posted by datom on 2018-11-04 12:04:37
The 145 is responsible for me being really bad at bloodbowl, as compared to being really really really bad. It provides a community and peer group I still love playing games against. Join today!
Posted by FinnDiesel on 2018-11-04 12:16:10
I will do the CIBBL thing if required, isn’t it my choice if I like or don’t?
Posted by Rbthma on 2018-11-06 02:24:08
Yet again, you miss the point - seems to be a thing with you. This blog is about the 145 League and for new coaches looking to enter, not about you.
Posted by ImpactedAnimal on 2018-11-08 09:48:29