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Group managers: CarterCaine, Twelfman
Now accepting entries for season three, the Secret League Season! Create a team with the above link then message me their name.



Throughout the years, many in the Auld World have claimed to know how to play Blood Bowl. Of these many, some have boasted to know how to play well. Of those some, few actually can. Much more numerous are those that pretend to know what they're talking about but, uh, well... don't. Whilst these braggards often climb on podiums and wax lyrical about the tactical whimseys of so-and-so a team, or the philosophical meaning behind this play and that play, many people simply ignore them, not even offering a polite grunt in acknowledgment. Does that stop them? No. Some insane Cabalvision executives even decided filming them and broadcasting them to the masses would somehow provide rudimentary entertainment. Or, at least, fill up the spaces between games. Hence, the first Podium Broadcast was produced.

Enter Pieter o'Doobleskule, one of these famed loud-mouths. Born and raised in Bilbali, Pieter moved to Altdorf at a young age, and was instantly fascinated by the long-bearded weirdos on their podiums that would rant about the infinitesimal minutia of each convincible play. He would oft travel from one to the other, comparing their advice, and would spend many fruitless hours trying to combine their (so-called) wisdom into one ultimate collection, which he would name the Pieter o'Doobleskule's Blood Bowl: Learning Under Greatness, or the PODBbLUG.

Frustratingly to Pieter, however, was that each Podium Cast would wildly contradict each other cast. Some would preach that variety in development was paramount to success, whilst others would vehemently counter that true success lay with those that stuck with tradition.

Ultimately, Pieter was left with only one choice. Teaming up with renowned half-ogre half-halfling Trumpkin Gitsneaker, he set about his greatest task yet... To combine all of these Podium Casters together in competition, to see which ones were talking nonsense and which were the true gurus of the Pod'Cast... And so, the PodBowl was born!


Kick off will be MAY 16thish

All teams available to use in a normal FUMBBL league are eligible to take part.

The league will be comprised of brand new teams. Each round will last three weeks. While we understand that real life can occasionally get in the way of having fun please be aware that if you exceed the three week deadline every other coach you are holding up officially has the right to mock you.

A certain amount of smack talk is expected, nay encouraged, NAY DEMANDED, but let’s also remember IT’S JUST A GAME! shut up Carter you suck

Due to time zone differences we will be split into two divisions. This will mean you play co-hosts but is ultimately better than having to stare at the blinking alarm clock for 6 hours until 3am, wearing nothing but a mouldy old pair of y-fronts and a sense of shame at the choices in my life that has led to this moment.

Er, where was I?

The first and second place of each league will enter the play offs where we will finally discover who the greatest of the Podcasters are!

(Disclaimer; The results of this will actually prove nothing as it’s only due to a combination of bad dice and incompetence that resulted in me losing, I mean that stupid snake eyes cost me the whole game graagh)

Who's Who?

TrumpkinAnything But A One-Quantity Over Quality-
CarterCaine Double SkullsRolands Lads
RaveenPercy's TrollcastPercy's Arty All Stars
GobdominoSkulls and OnesFoul Peak Violators
NightwingAnything But A OneScruffy Looking Nerfherders
XtremeZlurpcast41 miners
natsirtmNufflecastKarond Kar Raiderss
Vegeta7913Three Die BlockGorgoth Goliaths
grant85NufflecastKnotty Wood
KikurasisPitch InvasionLovely Lustrian Ladies
Kilowog1Both DownGinnungagap Guardians
FatfinleyBoth DownBroca Beach Vipers
J_boneDouble SkullsSpawn City Spartans
TheThinkTankAnything But A OneBristol Bedlam Boyz
Glowworm3DB (UK)Ice Cannons
chuckie1982Skulls and OnesRootn Tootn Ready Fer Shootn
HungDonkeymanAnything But A OneGoaty McGoatface