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* * * Did you know? The most deaths in a single match is 8.
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Group managers: Victor_Vermis
Up Next: Pre-Season - COACH BIDDING

Season 1 Salary CAP: $5

2016/06/06: Thralls who don't have a stat-up or valid random skill to select are, like Rotters and Skeletons, fired immediately.

Teams must use #tgbloodbowl on SynIRC for matchmaking!

  1. Choose NURGLE (Rotters), VAMPIRES (Thralls), or UNDEAD (Skeletons).
  2. Buy 8 Rotters/Thralls/Skeletons (Do not buy Zombies).
    1. Do NOT buy anything else (Thralls may buy an Apothecary).
    2. Do NOT click on "Submit Team for Approval"
  3. Post your Team Name in the League Thread and I'll get you an invite ASAP.

  1. Every team must adhere to the League Salary Cap.
  2. Teams start every Pre-Season with a Team Salary of $0.
  3. Teams will participate in each phase of the Pre-Season simultaneously. Teams must not jump ahead.
  4. At the end of the Pre-Season, Team Salary must not exceed the League Salary Cap.

Teams may elect to keep their Coach from the previous season.
  1. The coach's winning bid will still contribute to the team salary along with an additional +$1 for each consecutive season the coach has been with the team.
    1. (ex: if the coach was won for $3 last season and is going to stay with the team for a second season, the total cost is $4. Next season it will be $5 if the team chooses to keep him again.)

Teams without a Coach will take turns, in reverse-standing order, bidding on available Coaches.
  1. Minimum bid is $1
  2. Coaches cannot pass. You must bid on a coach.
  3. You must outbid another Team to win the Coach. There are no tie-breakers.
  4. The coach's winning bid is added to the team's Salary.
  5. Bidding will be done in the League Thread.

  1. Players may be hired and fired.
  2. Hiring a Player adds $1 to Team Salary
  3. Firing a Player subtracts $1 from Team Salary
  4. Players may hire or fire Team Re-Rolls
  5. Each Re-Roll on the roster (even if it was added in a previous season) adds $1 to Team Salary

Client-Enforced Changes (Automatic)
  1. 8 Players Max on the Pitch
  2. Spiked Ball Enabled
  3. Fouling: +1 to Armor Breaks
  4. Sneaky Git: Ejected player is sent to the KO Box
  5. Custom SPP Thresholds: 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 65, 105, 170, 275

Changes Un-Enforced by the Client (Teams are responsible for adhering to these!)
  1. Petty Cash is NOT allowed.
  2. Limited Inducements (Teams may only use the following inducements)
    1. Bloodweiser Babes (50k)
    2. Bribes (100k)
    3. Halfling Master Chef (300k)
Roster Management Rules
The Pre-Season is the only time Teams may do the following:
  1. Hire players (exceptions: Nurgle's Rot, Raise The Dead)
  2. Fire players
  3. Buy Re-Rolls

Teams must NEVER do the following:
  1. Buy Fan Factor
  2. Freely choose skills (see the Teams' section for Skill Roll instructions)
Skill Rolls must be done on Orokos (click to see League rolls)

Formatting Skill Rolls
- Character: Your player's name
- Campaign: CSL
- Description: Skills you are rolling on. (ex: 1 Claw 2 Big Hand 3 Block 4 Pro 5 Tackle 6 Pro)
  1. Skeletons, especially new Skeleton Teams, will often have die sides without a corresponding skill (ex: "1. (nothing) 2. Sure Hands 3. (nothing) 4 (nothing) 5 Block 6 Shadowing")
- Dice to Roll: 1d6
  1. Thralls will usually roll less than 1d6 (ex: 1d2, 1d3, etc)


Skill Rolls
- Rotters roll 1d6 on their Coach's Skill Table
- If a Rotter levels and has exhausted all possible stat-ups/coach skill table results, fire him immediately.

Nurgle's Rot
Rotters gained through Nurgle's Rot are treated as normal Rotters. Adding a Rotter in this way does not increase Team Salary.

Team Skill Table
- Skeleton Teams have a Team Skill Table for Normals instead of using their Coach's table.
- Transfer the Coach's Skills (but not Mutations) onto the Team Skill Table, maintaining their corresponding side of the d6.

Skill Rolls
- Roll 1d6 on the Team's Skill Table (or Coach's Skill Table for Doubles)
- If a Skeleton levels and has exhausted all possible stat-ups/GN Skill Table results, fire him immediately.

- Skeleton Teams may keep Zombies added by Raise The Dead.
- Zombies do not cost anything and cannot be fired.
- Zombies do not roll for skills.
- Zombies may only ever take skills they learned previously on their former team. They may also take any stat-ups offered regardless of whether or not they had any previously.
- Fire the Zombie immediately if it cannot take a stat-up or previously learned skill.

Team Skill Table Example:

If the 1st Season Coach's Skill Table is this:
BlockClawExtra ArmsHornsSure HandsKickoff Return

.. the Team Skill Table for Season 1 will be:
Block(nothing)(nothing)(nothing)Sure HandsKickoff Return

If the 2nd Season Coach's Skill Table is this:
WrestleFendHornsExtra ArmsFoul AppearanceVery Long Legs

..then, after transferring the new Coach's (non-Mutation) Skills onto the Team Skill Table, it will look like this:
WrestleFend(nothing)(nothing)Sure HandsKickoff Return

Player Skill Table
- Every Thrall has his own skill table (1-6 Skills, notate on each Thrall's player bio)
- This Skill Table consists of the (Normal, non-Mutation) Skills of whichever Coach was with the team when the Thrall was hired. (As Mutations aren't included, Thrall skill rolls are almost never 1d6. Some Thralls brought in under a particularly Mutation-focused coach might have just a single Skill on their Skill Table- or none at all!)

Skill Rolls
- Roll on the Player Skill Table (or Coach's Skill Table for Doubles)
- If there are no possible skills to learn on his own Skill Table, the Thrall must roll on a teammate's Skill Table.
- If a Thrall levels and has exhausted all possible Stat-Ups/Skill results on his and his teammates' Skill Tables, fire him immediately. (He got2gud and went Pro)

Thrall teams may purchase an Apothecary.

Initial 8 Thralls' Skill Tables
As the first 8 Thralls will not have a coach yet, their skill tables are chosen from among all the unclaimed coaches after bidding is completed. Distribute these Skill Tables evenly.
(ex: if there are 3 unclaimed coaches in the league, there will be 3 Thralls with Coach #1's skill table, 3 Thralls with Coach #2's skill table, and 2 Thralls with Coach #3's skill table. The team must still hire a coach during the pre-season and any additional Thralls will have that Coach's Skill Table.)

Bid Order ~ Season 1

1. Woop
2. Yapo
3. Tiler
4. Gerblederp
9. Victor Vermis

Mondo Fingerblaster123456
NormalsFendClawExtra ArmsWrestlePass BlockPass Block
DoublesMighty BlowMighty BlowJump UpSneaky GitSprintBreak Tackle

Germbob & Bobgerm Cooter123456
NormalsTwo HeadsClawStrip BallTwo HeadsBig HandShadowing
DoublesMighty BlowPiling OnJump UpLeapLeapKick

Pinto Frito123456
NormalsProStrip BallTwo HeadsStrip BallShadowingTackle
DoublesDodgePiling OnJump UpThick SkullSneaky GitHail Mary Pass

Vlad The Inhaler123456
NormalsExtra ArmsDirty PlayerHornsDirty PlayerPrehensile TailSure Hands
DoublesSide StepStand FirmDiving TackleSure FeetCatchMultiple Block

Stinky Britches123456
NormalsWrestleProWrestleFendPrehensile TailPrehensile Tail
DoublesJuggernautStand FirmStand FirmDiving CatchLeapBreak Tackle

Mr. Monsterface123456
NormalsFendTwo HeadsStrip BallClawTentaclesDisturbing Presence
DoublesPiling OnJuggernautSide StepThick SkullSneaky GitStrong Arm

Sticky Pozluck123456
NormalsTwo HeadsProProFendSure HandsPrehensile Tail
DoublesMighty BlowJump UpMighty BlowThick SkullSprintBreak Tackle

Gobbler Khan123456
NormalsBlockExtra ArmsExtra ArmsFendShadowingShadowing
DoublesGuardPiling OnSide StepDiving CatchLeapKickoff Return

Solantra Altima123456
NormalsStrip BallWrestleProBlockPrehensile TailPass Block
DoublesSide StepGuardJump UpDiving CatchCatchKick

Captain Brownbeard123456
NormalsTwo HeadsDirty PlayerBlockBlockFrenzyShadowing
DoublesDodgeJump UpJuggernautCatchThick SkullKickoff Return

Fuzzy Blumpkin123456
NormalsProProDirty PlayerStrip BallTackleSure Hands
DoublesDiving TackleStand FirmJump UpDiving CatchThick SkullKick

Scraps Hootenani123456
NormalsDirty PlayerClawFendTwo HeadsTackleBig Hand
DoublesJump UpJump UpMighty BlowSneaky GitNerves of SteelVery Long Legs