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Border Princes College

College Prestige

10 PR Popular

Team colours

Orange, Blue and Silver

Border Princes play out of Khypris. The College relies heavily on Mercenaries due to heavy Orc and Goblin raiding. This has lead to them having a wide and varied roster to pick from.


The Border Princes are a loose collection of human city-states and fiefdoms to the south of the Black Mountains and Black Fire Pass, in the Old World. East of the Border Princes lies the World's Edge Mountains, west is Tilea and then Estalia, while north is The Empire and south is the Black Gulf and Barak Varr and then the Badlands.

The Border Princes is a natural destiny for emigrating peasants and nobles, seeking a better life. Most of these colonists come from The Empire while others come from Tilea and Bretonnia. Many of them are political or religious refugees, but the region is also the natural destiny for deserters and/or criminals on the run from the law.

Known Features
  • Khypris - Khypris is one of the largest settlements in the Border Princes.
  • Northern Border Confederacy - The Northern Border Confederacy is a mutual alliance of quite different settlements who work together for protection. It includes;
    • Akendorf - Akendorf currently ruled by Lord Durant as part of an electoral monarchy system. They have a population of approximately 800 and have an economy centred around timber, woodcarvings, hogs and trapping.
    • Brovska - The Duchy of Brovska is ruled by Duke Beaucamp. It has a population of approximately 500, and there economy is based on Agriculture and cattle farming.
    • Munzig - Munzig is a simple dictatorship ruled by Graf von Erhard. It has a population of approximately 520, and there economy is based on timber, sheep and market industry.
    • Styrtia - Styrtia is a traditional principality ruled by High Prince Bela. It has a population of approximately 450, and there economy is based on Agriculture and cattle farming and vineyards.
  • Myrmidens was founded by settlers from Luccinni in Tilea, it is the largest realm of the Border princes with a population of approximately 7000.

Current Roster

Strength170k6329Strength SkillG
Dwarf Youth180k43210Block, Tackle, Thick SkullG
Passing140k6238Passing SkillP
Agility140k7237Agility SkillA
Halfling15136Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyA
Mercenary Sergeant150k5229Leader, ProG
Fledgling Vampire170k6338Animostiy, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Wild AnimalGA
Ogre Mercenary1130k45210Bone Head, Mighty Blow,
Thick Skull, Throw Team Mate

College History


Prominent Players

  • The Black Dwarf
    • Not much is known about the Black Dwarf. He turned up one day blocking the Black Fire Pass. He would challenge those who tried to pass with the simple statement 'none shall pass'. How he ended up playing for the Border Princes College team is anyones guess.

  • Tetraites
    • The great Gladiator Tetraites is infrequently found playing for the Border Princes college team when not fighting in the pits. His master Bathus drags Tetraites with him everywhere as he seeks fame and recognition all accross the known world.

  • Lobos
    • The Border Princes is home to the great Mercenary Ogre Lobos. For the right price he will do almost anything. Sometimes when the raiding is slow he can be found playing Blood Bowl for the Border Princes College team.

  • Nicholai "Bloody" Delacroix
    • Fledgling Vampire for Gunners of Barak Varr, picked up in the draft at the end of Year 1.

  • Nathaniel Raven Strike
    • Passing Positional for Gunners of Barak Varr, picked up in the draft at the end of Year 1.