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Hochland College

College Prestige


Team colours

Forest Green and Red

Hochland play out of Hergig. Hochland is well known for its Hunters as well as it's famous long rifle. Young hunters and trappers will often be found playing for Hochland. And some Master Engineers in the hunters guild have donated some long rifles to the Team, which have been modified to fire balls long distances.


The Grand Barony of Hochland, like Ostland, has within its boundaries part of the Middle Mountains and vast tracts of forest. Because of this is is often comapred to its larger and wealthier northern neighbour. "Ostland's little brother" is a term often used, although not in Hochland. Despite their backward reputation, the people of Hochland are no less sturdy nor skilled than their neighbours and many of the best archer units of the Empire originate from there.

Hochland is most famous for the hunting rifle, an ingenious weapon designed by the engineer Leon Todmeister. It uses complex engineering techniques to spin a bullet as it exits the barrel extending its range to fearsome proportions. Like their brethren in neighboring provinces, the Hochland people are also quite resourceful, a trait that is often learned from a young age to all sons of a Hochland family.

Known Features
  • Hergig - Hochland's capital and home of the court of Aldebrand Ludenhof, elector count of Hochland. Ludenhof's court includes the Bright wizard Hermann Feuer and his two apprentices
  • Drakwald Forest - Hochland is entirely covered in the Drakwald Forest and the Forest of Shadows.
  • Krudenwald - To the western border with Middenland, there is a large commercial town known as Krudenwald. Krudenwald is on a major trade route with Middenland, Middenheim, Nordland and Ostland, not to mention into the mountians and Brass Keep which is there.
  • Fort Schippel - The western border with Middenland is guarded by Fort Schippel, a keep which provides a home, supplies and a staging point for Drakwald Patrols.
  • The Weeping Glen - The Weeping Glen is sung about in many songs and tales and it is the location the Emperor Karl Franz was attacked by Beastmen and a heroic Hochland forest patrol saved his life.
  • Esk - Esk is a heavily fortified town that grew up around the military watchtowers that guard the central pass into the Middle Mountains.

Current Roster

Strength270k6329Strength SkillG
Passing140k6238Passing SkillP
Agility150k7237Diving Catch, Agility SkillA
Trapper1100k5428Prehensile Tail, TentaclesS
Long Rifle130k6238Hail Mary Pass, Strong ArmP
Vampire Hunter180k7338Stab, StakesG

College History


Prominent Players

  • Greta
    • Greta comes from a family of witch hunters. The oldest of three sisters with a penchant for the dramatic. She can occasionally be found playing Blood Bowl for a College or two in or around the Old World North.

  • Hildegrad
    • Hildegrad comes from a family of witch hunters. The youngest of three sisters she has been forced to attend Hochlands College. She is wild and unruly and a deadly accurate shot with her trusty long rifle. She can occasionally be found playing Blood Bowl for the College. When she's not out hunting witches with her two sisters that is.

  • Maʊɡli and Bhālū
    • The Maʊɡli are a group of warriors raised by animals from the furthest reaches of Ind. Sent out to raise awareness for their tribe, a Maʊɡli can be found in many a college FUMBBL team. In Hochland one can be found found on the back of the great singing bear Bhālū.


None as yet.