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Nordland College

College Prestige

6 PR Popular

Team colours

Orange and Yellow

Nordland play out of Salzenmund. The people of Nordland are a hardy folk often battling raiding Norsemen from across the Sea of Claws to North. As a result they tend to be tougher than your average Old Worlder. Although they tend to refuse to wear armour on the pitch.


The Grand Barony of Norland is the most northerly province within the Empire, famous for its Navy and its heavily tolled coastal roads, which provide both safe passage for rich merchants heading to the city of Marienburg and the main income that funds the impoverish province. Many sea fortresses and watch-towers line the coast of Nordland, as raiders from across thc Sea of Claws are an all too common threat that can't be ignored without dire consequences.

Known Features
  • Salzenmund - Nordland's capital and residence of Nordland's Elector Counts who hold their court in Castle Salzenmund.
  • Great North Road - Connects Salzenmund with Middenheim; the roads continues further south ending in Marienburg.
  • Laurelorn Forest
  • Drakwald Forest - This dark and extremely dangerous forest also extends into Middenland.


Strength280k7327Frenzy, Thick Skull, Strength SkillG
Passing230k7237Passing SkillP
Agility240k7237Agility SkillA
Brute190k5418Frenzy, Thick SkullS
Trawler160k3618Ball & Chain, Tentacles, Secret Weapon 6+S
Apprentice Dockhand140k6228Grab, Thick SkullG

College History


Prominent Players

  • Elsa Undermar
    • Elsa was a once a fearv pirate from the decadent pirate principality of Sartosa. But one day her crew turned against her and cast her overboard. Amazingly, Elsa survived her plunge into the sea, and held for life onto a floating piece of debris. Seeing her survival as sign from Manaan, Elsa has since dedicated her life to his worship. She will often be found preaching the ways of Manaan all along the Northen coast of the Old World from Marienburg to Erengrad and sometimes even for the Nordland college FUMBBL team, on the rare occasions her ship travels down the River Salz, to Salzemund and beyond.

  • Fezzik
    • Fezzik is a hulking beast of an Ogre. But unlike most Ogres Fezzik has an almost gentle side. He still enjoys the thrill of the battle but will mostly just partake in a game of Blood Bowl to sate his appetite. As such you can sometimes find him playing for Nordlands College team.

  • Zarola Lelantos
    • Zarola is an elven ghost strider from Laurelorn Forest. He has left his home to seek out Chaos wherever it may be. His travels will sometimes bring him past the borders of Salzemund, where he has been known to drop in to help out an old colleague now working at the Nordland college. While there he will take time out, for his guilty pleasure of a game of FUMBBL.

  • Olaf Bjornsson
    • Brute for Nordland Southerners, picked up in the draft at the end of Year 1. "Friendly beast" as Olaf is called among his mates was the main character of Nordland offense. He lead every charge and feared no one. Everyone in Nordland wishes all the best to him in the Big League.

  • Daniel Sigurdsson
    • Passing Positional for Nordland Southerners, picked up in the draft at the end of Year 1. Despite joinning the team mid-season he immediately charmed all fans and mates in the team. He became natural leader of the team and Nordland is proud to see it´s son being recognized as one of the best.