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Group managers: cowhead

Ostland College

College Prestige

2 Unknown

Team colours

Black and White

Ostland play out of Wolfenburg. Ostlanders spend most of their time inebriated and you will often find many of their players take to the pitch in a drunken stupor. They are a resilient lot due to the harsh climate in the north.


Ostland is a northern province of The Empire, being the homeland of the ancient Udoses. Its symbol is a bull and its colours are black and white. Ostlanders are prone to heavy drinking, and booze is a cultural remedy to fear, in these grim dark times and living so close to the chaos of the north, many Ostlanders will spend their entire lives inebriated. Full beards are common and indeed practical in the harsh cold climate. Ostland is located between Nordland (to the east), Hochland and Talabecland (to the south), and Kislev (to the north).

Known Features
  • Wolfenburg - Capital of Ostland. Wolfenburg is named after Wolfgart Krieger, who was appointed by Sigmar to defend his realm against all kinds of magic. Wolfgart is the founder of the Order of the Silver Hammer, known commonly at the Witch Hunters.
  • Middle Mountains - A inhospitable mountain range; the Brass Keep, a local fortress, recently fell into the hands of Chaos warriors.
  • Castle von Rauken
  • Nebelheim - Nebelheim is famous for a pitched battle between the orc horde of Warlord Gorkfang and the then Elector Count, Konrad.
  • Salkaten - A port town on the Great North Road.
  • The ruins of Volganof - Formerly a major walled city, Volganof was burnt to the ground in 2515 during a major chaos invasion.

Current Roster

Passing240k6238Passing SkillP
Agility240k7237Agility SkillA
Drunken Ogre
190k4518Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Really StupidS
Mascot190k6328Break Tackle, Horns, Juggernaut, Thick SkullG

College History


Prominent Players

  • Maʊɡli and Rakṣā
    • The Maʊɡli are a group of warriors raised by animals from the furthest reaches of Ind. Sent out to raise awareness for their tribe, a Maʊɡli can be found in many a college FUMBBL team. In Kislev one can be found found on the back of their wolf mother Rakṣā.

  • Josef Bugman
    • Josef Bugman is the creator of the most potent ale ever made, Bugman's Brew. After the destruction of his brewery Josef Bugman was given a large room at the Ostland college, as long as he supplies the booze to all college partys, as well as playing a game or two for the college team

  • Cowhead
    • Not much is known about the man who calls himself Cowhead. He will often mysteriously appear at Ostlands Blood Bowl games. Only to mysteriously vanish again afterwards.