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Stirland College

College Prestige


Team colours

Green and Yellow

Sirland play out of Wurtbad. Most other Colleges dislike to come to this part of the Empire. Some say that Stirland has started to allow Vampires to play for them and the fact that they refuse to play during the day only gives more credence to the theory.


The Grand County of Stirland lies towards the center of the Empire with Reikland to the west, Talabecland to the north, Ostermark to the east and Averland to the South. Stirland is a rugged highland province mixing both fame and a reputation for being a rural backwater. In the east is the terrifying Sylvania, with its misty enchanted forests and ancient castles, resting on the craggy peaks like vultures. Sylvania is a place that most Stirlanders prefer to forget.

Known Features
  • Wurtbad - Stirland's capital; where the Old Forest Road meets the Old Dwarf Road.
  • Swartzhafen - A town near the border of Stirland and Sylvania.
  • Waldenhof - Capital of Sylvania.
  • The Blighted Towers

Current Roster

Strength270k6329Starting SkillG
Passing240k6238Starting SkillP
Agility240k7237Starting SkillA
Necrarch Vampire1110k6339Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearence,
Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration
Skeleton25217Regeneration, Thick SkullG
Vampire Lord1110k6439Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, RegenerationGAS
Dregs25227Thick Skull, ThrallG

College History


Prominent Players

  • Quasimordor
    • Quasimordor serves at the pleasure of the great scientist Dr. Frankenhammer. Always looking for new parts for his master, Quasimordor will often be found at the FUMBBL field. He has developed quite a love for the game and will take to the field, if an opportunity presents itself.

  • La Llorona
    • It is unknown whether La Llorona is alive or dead. All that anyone knows, is that when the moons are high and light shines just right, La Llorona will appear wailing into the night. It has earned her the name 'The Weeping Lady' and she has been the cause of many a young mans nightmares.

  • Frederick von Carstein
    • Frederick is the youngest descendant in the von Carstein brood. He has been attending the Stirland College for years preying on the unweary. He can sometimes be found playing Blood Bowl after the vampires recent rise to power in Stirland and the ruling that vampires can now play College Blood Bowl.


None as yet.