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Talabecland College

College Prestige


Team colours

Yellow and Red

Talabecland play out of Talabheim. Talabecland brings in planty of trade due to it's position on the bank of the River Talabec. This brings in a lot of wealth allowing the college to bring in some rare and magical equipment.


The Grand Duchy of Talabecland lies at the center of the Empire and borders upon more Grand Provinces than any other province, including the states of Stirland, Reikland, Middenland, Hochland, Ostland, and Ostermark . Talbecland's dominant features include the rivers Stir and Talabec, and the Great Forest. Much of the province's trade flows along these rivers, and north and south along the Great Forest Road. When times are relatively tranquil, the province is a thriving center of commerce and the many coaching inns that line the roads of Talabecland are typically filled to capacity with merchants and tradesmen of all kinds. The Grand Duchy of Talabecland is a province of merchants and tradesmen. Their trade relies on the River Talabec and it's sister river, the Stir, as well as the winding roads (such as the Great Forest Road) through the Great Forest which covers the region. The capital of Talabecland is Talabheim, a large city-state built inside a meteorite crater. The most commonly worshipped God in the province is Taal (the God of wild places), though devotion to Sigmar is also very strong here.

Known Features
  • Talabheim - Talabecland's capital, a semi-independent city-state and residence of its Elector Counts.
  • Old Forest Road - This road connects Talabheim with Middenheim to the north and with Wurtbad to the south.
  • Great Forest - This very large forest covers large parts of Talabecland.
  • Elven ruins - Hidden in the Great Forest are the ruins of a High Elf city.
  • Kemperbad - A town, located at the junction of the rivers Sol and Aver.

Current Roster

Strength280k6329Pro, Strength SkillG
Passing240k6238Passing SkillP
Agility240k7237Agility SkillA
Dwarven Exotic Armour180k43210Block, Tackle, Thick SkullG
Gloves of Holding
Magical Item
170k6238Catch, Diving Tackle, Sure HandsGP

College History


Prominent Players

  • Myrddin
    • Myrddin is a young wizard of some renown in Talabheim. He is often found studying at Talabeclands College. His love for Blood Bowl will often see him taking to the pitch for the College ready hurl fireballs at the opposing players.

  • The Horned Hunter
    • From out of the forest he came, a disciple of Taal, they say. People call him 'The Ghost', named after the Horned Hunter of legend. What his real name is no one knows, he will forever remain a mystery. For he appears, just as suddenly as he disappears.

  • Adric 'The Hermit' Greenwood
    • Adric Greenwood, 'The Hermit' as he is known. Can often be found in meditation in his run down shack, at the edge of Talabheim's shanty town. He is a known shapeshifter and when he feels threatened or angry will often take the shape of a Manticore. When this happens, two things are sure to happen. The first is, the offending party will usually be ripped from limb to limb. The second is, the Manticore will make it's way to the Talabheim college pitch and if a game is on it will endeavour to take part. No one has ever figured out why, but as long as it plays for the Talabecland team, no one seems to care.


None as yet.