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Group managers: cowhead

Tilea College

College Prestige

2 PR Unknown

Team colours

Orange and Silver

Tilea play out of Remas in central Tilea. The College is said to have connections to the Tilean Underworld and there have been rumours of Thieves and Assassins learning their trade here. You can often find a young Gladiators from one of the many fighting pits in Tilea honing their fighting skills here.


Tilea is the region of the Old World south of the Irrana Mountains and the region of Mountains called the Vaults. The fractious city-states of Tilea embrace trade, exploration and civil war with equal passion. Some are Republics, such as the Republic of Remas, while others are principalities such as Pavona. Tilea is also home to the majority of the mercenaries of many races, men being the most common, but also Dwarves and Ogres fight in the armies of the Merchant Princes. There are many Dogs of War (Mercenary) companies forming the bulk of armies in these lands, often fighting on behalf of the wealthy rulers of the many republics and principalities, or further north in the service of the Empire. Tilean wines always fetch a high price in the markets of the Old World.

Known Features
  • Tobaro, a tormented principality - The city that would become known as Tobaro was once a fortress for the High Elves. The elves vacated the fortress after the War of the Beard and returned to their native land of Ulthuan.
  • Miragliano, a mighty principality - Miragliano was a bastion against the Skaven. Because of its position near the Blighted Marshes, which are foetid and ridden with disease, Miragliano has often been victim to outbreaks of plague over the centuries.
  • Trantio, a turbulent principality - Trantio is rather an upstart city. Many centuries ago it was not very powerful at all. Situated inland in a hilly area, it was a bit of a backwater and did not prosper greatly from trade. It was one of the first cities to overthrow its Prince and become a republic. This republic lasted a long time, but eventually became decadent.
  • Pavona, a perfidious principality - The small city of Pavona quickly rose to become a serious rival to Trantio for the eastern trade into the Dwarf realms, Border Princes and beyond. So intense was this rivalry that the territory between the two cities became a famous stomping ground for mercenary generals.
  • Remas, a rebellious republic - Remas is a great and old city located on the coast. The huge circular harbour of Remas was built, it is said, by the High Elves for their trading ships. Now, even though it is ruined and colossal chunks of masonry lie half submerged in the sea, it still shelters the large and powerful fleet of Remas.
  • Verezzo, a serene republic - Verezzo is also a republic, but of a completely different kind to Remas. Verezzo lies inland, dominating the fertile plain with its walls and many bastions.
  • Luccini, an ancient principality - The city of Luccini stands beside the Tilean Sea at the southern tip of Tilea, opposite the island of Sartosa. Luccini is almost continuously at war with the pirates of Sartosa and has a very strong fleet of galleys.
  • Sartosa, a decadent pirate principality - Sartosa is the largest island off the south coast of Luccini. The current elected ruler of Sartosa is the notorious Pirate Princess. Her reputation for being ten times more cruel than any of her predecessors is no exaggeration, and she has been the longest lasting ruler to date.

Current Roster

Strength270k6329Strength SkillG
Passing240k6238Passing SkillP
Agility240k7237Agility SkillA
Pit Fighter1110k5428Prehensile Tail, Tentacles, Thick SkullS
Assassin160k8237Shadowing, StabA
Dirty Player120k6228Dirty PlayerG

College History


Prominent Players

  • Gianluigor Gon'zola
    • After a tragic accident involving a pit a vipers and a misspoken magical incantation Gianluigor Gon'zola went from being the talk of the Moot, to the star of Monty's Marvellous Circus. The circus would travel all over the world eventually settling in Tilea, where it remains to this day. Gianluigor became a big hit with the college community and has been found playing for the college team, to the horror of the rest of league.

  • Tetraites
    • The great Gladiator Tetraites is infrequently found playing for the Tilean college team when not fighting in the pits. His master Bathus drags Tetraites with him everywhere as he seeks fame and recognition all accross the known world.

  • Johan the Knife
    • Master Assassin Johan the Knife will go to any lengths to kill his target. He will often get paid huge amounts of money to assassinate young upcoming Blood Bowl stars. Due to his theatrical nature he will strive to fulfil his contract in front of a large crowd on a blood soaked Blood Bowl field, while playing for Tilea College.