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Wissenland College

College Prestige


Team colours

Grey and White

Wissenland play out of Wissenburg. The College have managed to gain favour with the Engineers Guild in Nuln. This has led to rumours of Wissenland training with some rather dangerous machinery including a Chainsaw and a specially designed Cannon which can not only fire balls down the pitch but also lethal explosives. No comment has yet been heard from any official at the College.


The Grand County of Wissenland is located at the extreme south-east of the Empire. It has a reputation in nearby Reikland for being dull. The Elector of Wissenland, Emanuelle von Liebewitz, is also the Countess of Nuln and spends the vast majority of her time entertaining there rather than attending to the business of her boring province.

Known Features
  • Wissenburg - The capital of Wissenland, it is slightly south of Nuln.
  • Pfeildorf - A smaller town south of Wissenburg.

Current Roster

Strength270k6329Strength SkillG
Passing140k6238Passing SkillP
Agility140k7237Agility SkillA
Springer140k7237Leap, Very Long LegsA
Chiansaw120k6228Chainsaw, Secret Weapon (8+)G
Sapper120k5238Bombadier, Secret Weapon (10+)P
Groundskeeper1140k35110Break Tackle, Dirty Player, Juggernaut, Mighty Blow,
No Hands, Stand Firm, Secret Weapon (6+)

College History


Prominent Players

  • The Tenderiser
    • Found broken and rusted deep beneath the Black Mountains. The Chaos Dwarvern death machine was lovingly put back together by a group of students at the Engineering Guild in Nuln. The machine is sometimes seen being tested on the Wissenland college FUMBBL field. Due to the machines weight only the strongest youths are allowed to man it and even they have a hard time getting the machine to move further than a few feet at a time.

  • Hans 'The Boot' Lutzman
    • The dirtiest player ever to play for a College FUMBBL team. He will often be seen cheering on Wissenland, throwing the occasional rock from the crowd. If ever the mood takes him he will return to the team, bringing with him his own special brand of pain-giving.

  • Johan the Knife
    • Master Assassin Johan the Knife will go to any lengths to kill his target. He will often get paid huge amounts of money to assassinate young upcoming Blood Bowl stars. Due to his theatrical nature he will strive to fulfil his contract in front of a large crowd on a blood soaked Blood Bowl field. He will sometimes appear playing for Wissenland College when his contracts take him down the River of Echoes.


None as yet.