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Daimatzu Clan College

College Prestige

14 PR Popular

Team colours

Green and White

The Daimatzu Clan college team play out of Izumo. The Daimatzu consider themselves to be the most honourable of the clans. They have a stricter view of tradition and many find the sport of Blood Bowl dishonourable. As such the ladies of the clan play a bigger role in the college team. Be it the ferocious Onna-bugeisha to the captivating Kabuki Dolls who weave an intricate dance around the field and not forgetting the beguiling Kunoichi who can bring any man to distraction.


The Daimatzu are a proud clan, with a long history worthy of their pride. To the Daimatzu, loyalty is everything, and their generals are less likely to develop ambitions of their own. Failure to adhere to the bushido code is much more strongly looked down upon than by any other clan, and for this reason, more Ronin can be found originating from Daimatzu lands than anywhere else.

Known Features
  • Izumo - Lying along the River Hita is the city of Izumo. The city thrives on trade from the other major ports of Nippon. Known as the granary of Nippon, Izumo‘s countryside hosts the most productive rice paddies in the empire. The city itself has seen the coming and going of thousands of Tian immigrants, recruited to work as farmhands in the rich estates of the local feudal lords.

Current Roster

Onna-bugeisha290k6329Guard, Starting SkillG
Agility240k7237Agility SkillA
Kabuki Dolls170k7237Dodge, Frenzy, Side StepGA
Kunoichi170k6247Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearence, Hypnotic Gaze, StabA

College History


Prominent Players

  • Mochi Zuki
    • Mochi Zuki is the mistress of all Kunoichi in Daimatzu. She is a ferocious fighter and holds all the women who train under her to a higher standard. She trains with the college team at times and is an inspiration to all around her.

  • Mistress Gozen
    • Legendary samurai Tomoe Gozen is a very remarkable women. She is held in high regard by all and inspires loyalty and bravery. Encouraged by the colleges dedication to female players, she will often aid them on the field.

  • O'Sagumi
    • O'Sagumi was an Orphan girl trained in the ways of the geisha. With the right connections and a quick mind she has reached a position of great power. And with her deadly razor sharp fans she is not a woman easily trifled with.

  • Shimazu Iemichi
    • Agility Positional for Daimatzu Katanas, picked up in the draft at the end of Year 1.


None as yet.