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Shinzei Clan College

College Prestige

5 PR Popular

Team colours

Black and Red

The Shinzei Clan play out of Kiroshima at the base of the great mountain itself. The Shinzei are a secretive and dangerous clan. They are well practised in the way of ninjitsu and have a long standing trade agreement with the Skaven Eishin Clan. This alliance has led to the Clan fielding an occasional Skaven on the college team. Many masterless Samurai come to Kiroshima seeking purpose and will often play for the college.


The Shinzei reside in Haikido in the north of Nippon, a place where few men dare travel. Despite the large amount of Daemons, Beastmen and Undead dwelling there, the Shinzei have kept their old realm for themselves. Residing high up in the mountains, their fortresses are virtually impenetrable to attack, and thus they have been able to survive any serious attacks from the island‘s fell inhabitants.

Known Features
  • Kiroshima - This is the major town of Haikido and lies within Toyakita province. It is ruled by Daimyo Shinzei Watanabe from Castle Kiroshima. The castle itself lies upon a mountain of pine forests and steep ravines. At the foot of one of these lies the town of Kiroshima.

Current Roster

Ronin280k6329Fend, Strength SkillGS
Passing240k6238Passing SkillP
Agility240k7237Agility SkillA
Ninja170k7247Dodge, LeapGA
Eshin Assassin170k7146Claw, Dodge, Stab, StuntyAM

College History


Prominent Players

  • Mochi Zuki
    • Mochi Zuki is the mistress of all Kunoichi in Daimatzu. She is a ferocious fighter and holds all the women who train under her to a higher standard. She will sometimes train in Shinzei with the Ninjas there, looking to hone her skills. The price? To play for the Shinzei college team when requested.

  • The Red Ronin

    • The mysterious Red Ronin, is said to have slaughtered his master and his masters family before making his way to Shinzei. Masterless and without honour, he will do whatever is asked of him, for the right price. Which includes playing for the Shizei college team.

  • Sarutori Hanzo
    • Sarutori Hanzo is one of the great Ninja masters. Once in a blue moon he will make his way onto the colleges team to try to give them an edge.

  • Snice the Whisper
    • Eshin Assassin for KSG Haikido Meteorites, picked up in the draft at the end of Year 1.