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Uruchi Clan College

College Prestige


Team colours

Black and Orange

The Uruchi Clan play out of Okakama in the subtropical west. The Uruchi are very aggressive clan, they respect only strength and bravery. Young Samurai warriors seek new ways of proving their strength and use blood bowl as a way to do this. Okakama is also home to the greatest Sumai dojo in Nippon and you will find many Sumo Warriors given their start in the Uruchi college team.


The Uruchi are known for their aggressive behaviour, both towards other clans and members of their own. They respect only strength and bravery in battle, and look down upon the other clans whom they consider weaker. The Uruchi have often been at the forefront of many conflicts, and have probably been the catalyst for more conflicts in Nippon than any other clan. Other clans consider the Uruchi rather barbaric in their ways and mostly stay away from them if possible.

Uruchi warriors have fierce and unforgiving natures. Their foes learn this on the battlefield, shortly before they die. They favour the no-dachi sword which they swing with reckless abandon, barely being slowed down despite the length of the blade. They are famous for their Sumo Warriors, and have the largest Sumai dojo in all of Nippon.

Known Features
  • Okakawa - Located in the subtropical west, Okakama is one of the major towns in the region and lies within Wakakawa province of which it is its capital. The ruler is Daimyo Uruchi Harumune. His castle lies three miles away from the coast and can only be reached by walking along the River Path, which is basically a pavement of stone slabs meandering this way and that until it reaches the gates of Castle Okakama itself. The River Path runs through a humid forest of evergreen trees which is inhabited by a large population of macaques. They are no threat to people but they have been known to steal food from unwary travellers.

Current Roster

Samurai0-26328Block, Dauntless, FrenzyGS
Handler0-26238Sure HandsGP
Sumo Warrior0-25418Grab, Stand FirmGS

College History

sonrisesI-unknown00000.00Nippon Regional I Champions

Prominent Players

  • Oni
    • Oni are ferocious daemons that use their awesome strength and magical abilities to dominate and terrorize the regions they inhabit. The Uruchi Clan can sometimes harness this power and summon them to play for the college team.


None as yet.

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