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Yuanjin College

College Prestige


Team colours

Green and Bronze

Yuanjin sits at the base of the Mountains of Heaven home to the dextrous and deadly Monkey Warriors. These curious creatures have shown great interest in the game of blood bowl and have made an agreement with the college to allow them to play for their FUMBBL team.


Situated at the foot of the Mountains of Heaven, Yuanjin derives its wealth from the iron and silver ore in the mountains. These tunnels stretch for countless miles, opening into vast caverns and if stories are to be believed, systems of tunnels more ancient than man. From the mountains, thousands of small streams feed water to the Jade River, the lake the city is built around. The Jade River has the largest lake in all of western Cathay, not only due to it being almost a mile and a half across, but it is said to be virtually bottomless. The deeper down one gets, the wider the lake becomes. It is customary for newlywed couples to cast a golden trinket into the lake for luck. Whispered rumours tell of more sinister rites and sacrifices made to appease the dark gods there as well...

The city of Yuanjin is nearly always shrouded in the shadows of the great Mountains of Heaven. Only at dawn and dusk does sunlight fall on the city, for a brief time bathing it in a red light. The city is famed for its many festivals and celebrations, as though its citizens try to forget the grip of shadow that lies over the city. Even so, the place is much cooler and more comfortable to live in than any other Cathayan city.

Known Features
  • Mountains of Heaven - The Mountains of Heaven to the south west of Cathay are inhabited by many strange creatures, but the strangest of them is perhaps the so-called Monkey Warriors who live around the base of the mountains in the great forests that grow there. They prefer to be left alone, but when evil in the northern provinces awakens, the Monkey Warriors will fight along with men to protect their forest home from destruction. The monkey warriors have long proved trustful allies in battle as long as the Cathayans respect their borders.

Current Roster

Passer0-26238Starting Skill (P)GP
Agility0-27237Starting Skill (A)GA
Monkey Warrior0-27237Extra Arms, Leap, Prehensile Tail, Very Long LegsGA

College History


Prominent Players

  • Monkey king
    • The Monkey King is a most curious creature and like his fellow kinsman has taking a great interest in blood bowl. Due to a clause in the contract that was signed with Yuanjin college he has managed to find occasion to play for the college team himself. To his and to the crowds delight.


None as yet.

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