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Fu Chow College

College Prestige


Team colours

Red and Purple

Fu Chow college is situated at the mouth of the Red River. There is a large contingent of High Elves living in Fu Chow, who have their own trade quarter. Many of the younger High Elves will go against their families wishes and sign up to play for the colleges team.


Fu-Chow is an undisclosed port city at the end of the Red River, and is for the greater part inhabited by fishermen and merchants. When the Elven representatives for the Phoenix King came to Cathay, they landed in Fu Chow, and even today the city can clearly see signs of Elven influence throughout. The High Elven trade quarter is located here, and it is the only city in which any Cathayan is able to see this ancient noble people in larger numbers.

Fu-Chow is the only place in Cathay except for Shang-Yang that tolerates the presence of outsiders, for it was at this port that a number of ships have traded through previously. This port is less used for foreign trade compared to the land-locked post as ocean-going vessels encounter greater difficulty in reaching Cathaythan by way of the overland route. Encounters with pirates, sea monsters, grim weather and the perilous storms sweeping across the coasts off of Nippon to the south-east of Cathay, threaten the longvoyage. As such, most of the ships are of Elven origin. Certainly ships from Araby, Remas, L‘Anguille and Marienburg dock on occasion, but their crews are usually fatigued, depressed and malnourished from the arduous voyage, and few are willing to make the journey more than once.

Known Features
  • Fu Chow - The Red River have had a bloodied history, for it was the sight of the Battle of the Bloody Cliff, the greatest battle of the Warring Kingdoms period. It is said that the river ran red with the blood of the dead for a whole week after the battle. The Red River was, not surprisingly, named after this event, and it has kept ever since. At certain times of the year, the waters will turn red (due do a weather phenomenon according to some, a ghastly reminder of the battle according to others).Today, the Red River is one of the most important transport routes in delivering trade goods arriving by the Silk Road from the west. Goods are usually packed in Wanbao before being sent down the river to all the major cities lying along it, before culminating in the great harbour city of Fu Chow near its delta.

Current Roster

Strength270k6329Strength SkillG
High Elf Thrower260k6248Pass, Safe ThrowAP
Agility240k7237Agility SkillA
Gloves of Holding
Magical Item
170k6238Catch, Diving Tackle, Sure HandsGA
Mask of Illusion
Magical Item
170k6247Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Hypnotic GazeG

College History


Prominent Players

  • Hua Youlan
    • Hua Youlan is the daugther of a famous FUMBBL star. In her younger days she was known to wear her fathers armour and sneak into games pretending to be his son. She has shown that she can more than hold her own and is accepted into the team for who she is. Although her father keeps a eye on her and won't let her play more than a few games at a time.

  • Huen Bei
    • Huan Bei was a former soldier in the Cathay army. He is most famous for holding a section of the Great Bastion against the rampaging Hobgoblin hordes. He will occasionally make an appearance at a Fu Chow college game if requested.

  • Imrik the Dragon Tamer
    • Imrik the Dragon Tamer is a rich High Elf with a love of Blood Bowl. Due to his families wealth and strong ties to the High Elf community in Fu Chow he can sometimes be found playing for the Colleges team.


None as yet.