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Shang Yang College

College Prestige


Team colours

Green and Blue

Shang Yang is the most western city in Cathay and is the final destination for caravans coming from the Old World. Many Tilean mercenaries will often be found for hire here as they guard caravans and travellers up and down the length of the Silk Road. A section of the college has been given over the guild of the Nightblades. Who will often send their youngest recruits to play for the college team..


Shang-Yang is the most western city in Cathay, and it is also the economical capital of Cathay, since the opening of the Silk Road by the Tileans Ricco and Robbio. The city of Shang-Yang is the final destination for the caravans which depart from the Old World in the hope to see the Empire of the Celestial Dragon. The great bronze gates from Shang-Yang which close off the pass are the strongest in all of whole Cathay, and thousands of Hobgoblins have crushed their skulls on these mighty doors.

The city of Shang-Yang was built in the war against the Hobgoblins to guard the pass, which is the only passage through the Mountains of Mourn to Cathay. When the Tilean brothers, Ricco and Robbio, arrived in Shang-Yang in 1699 they had not been permitted to enter the Empire of Cathay because, as the Cathayans had politely explained, they were hairy and uncouth barbarians. However, Emperor Wu had been intrigued by these strangers. He had been delighted with the return of the lost banner of his Palace Guard and was gratified to receive the submission and tribute of the entire land of Tilea. The Emperor agreed to hire the entire expedition as soldiers having been impressed by a mock battle in which the mercenaries had held off a small part of the Cathayan army.

Known Features
  • The Silk Road - The Silk Road winds its way like a glittering promise across the wastes between the Old World and the Far East. Trading caravans go along this route very rarely and only a few reach their destination. Starting as the Old Dwarf Road in the Empire before becoming the Silver Road after the pass through the World's Edge Mountains, the Silk Road still forms the most secure method of land travel from the West to the East. The pass through the World‘s Edge is reasonably safe, but from then on the true perils begin. Passing through the Dark Lands, caravans must be weary of Hobgoblins and Chaos Dwarf slavers as well as attacks from Orcs and Goblins. The Silver Road then splits into two distinct paths; the Ivory Road which passes through the Mountains of Mourn to the east, and the Spice Route past Pigbarter and along the coast of the Sea of Storms which eventually leads to the Kingdoms of Ind. Once off the Ivory Road, the caravans still face danger in the form of the Ogre Kingdoms. To circumvent this, Ogres are often hired as mercenaries and caravan guards. For what better way to protect oneself than hiring those that might attack you to fight for you instead? When the lucky few to ever reach Cathay find themselves on the eastern slopes of the Mountains of Mourn and the gates of Shang-Yang, they have finally reached the land they seek. All that remains then is to trade their wares and make the journey home...

Current Roster

Tilean Mercenary710k5229G
Strength170k6329Strength SkillG
Passing140k6238Passing SkillP
Agility140k7237Agility SkillA
Nightblade160k8237Shadowing, StabA
Ogre Mercenary1150k55210Bone Head, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull,
Throw Team Mate
Tilean Sergeant150k5229Leader, ProG
Halfling Regular15136Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyA
Crown of Inspiration
Magical Item
170k6238Fan Favourite, Leader, ProG

College History


Prominent Players

  • Sam Seed
    • Sam Seed is known as the drunken master and is regarded with fondness by all in Shang Yang. It is said the drunker he gets the better he fights which he has proved on many occasions. He will often be seen playing for Shang Yangs college team as long as they keep supplying him with drink.

  • Tetraites
    • The great Gladiator Tetraites is infrequently found playing for the Border Princes college team when not fighting in the pits. His master Bathus drags Tetraites with him everywhere as he seeks fame and recognition all accross the known world.

  • Lobos
    • The great Mercenary Ogre Lobos, goes where the money takes him. For the right price he will do almost anything. Sometimes when the raiding is slow he can be found playing Blood Bowl for the Shang Yang College team.


None as yet.