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Weijin College

College Prestige

8 PR Popular

Team colours

Orange and Red

Weijin the seat of the dragon throne. The Celestial Emperor resides here and has taken a large interest in the cities college FUMBBL team. He has given a section of his mighty Terracotta Warriors over to college to take a place on the team. The college also plays host to some Celestial Dragon Monks in training, at the Emperors request.


A wonder of Grand Cathay is Weijin, the capital of the empire. Reputed to be the greatest city in the world, it is home to such wonders as the Paradise Gardens, the Temple of the Two Moons and the mystical River of Souls, said to allow passage to the underworld. Here lies the Seat of the Dragon Throne, home of his divine Emperor and the Imperial court of Grand Cathay. Indeed the whole city is entrusted to the running of Cathay and its sole purpose is to serve the Celestial Emperor. All food has to be imported into Weijin. More than a hundred tons of food each week is required to feed the bureaucrats and staff.

Weijin is a hub of traffic and merchandise, the profits placed in the Imperial Treasury beneath the Imperial Palace. Merchandise from across all of Cathay can be found in the city‘s many markets and the city is the centre for both import and export of goods travelling overland or by river. Because of this, there is a constant flow of traffic coming in and out of Weijin; so much in fact that the gates of the city never close. The broad cobblestone streets are lined with inns and taverns, cake shops, smithies, tea shops, pawnbrokers, gem dealers, cobblers, and shops of every other notable vocation, all among large homes, temples, and pagodas, while musicians, storytellers, acrobats, and jugglers ply their trade amidst pick pockets and panhandlers. Despite its high population, the city never feels packed with people or overcrowded, even though many people visit it daily. The streets are wide, the buildings tall and spacious, and even the gathering customers in front of the countless shops and inns never hinder the traffic.

Known Features
  • The Imperial Palace - The Imperial Palace sits dead centre in the city. Surrounded by a fifty foot high stone wall, the palace grounds house dozens of buildings and hundreds of rooms. The palace‘s many stone courtyards and the Imperial Gardens are decorated with statues of tortoises, lions, horses, and other animals, carved fromstone, jade, marble, and even diamonds. Leading up the central keep is the Never-ending Stair,consisting of over two thousand steps reaching onehundred and fifty feet above the ground. Brass Titans and the Emperor‘s Guard stand guard before it, ever vigilant. At the top if the stair is the central building of the palace containing the Dragon Throne. Here the Celestial Dragon Emperor sits, surrounded by his mosttrusted guards and hundreds of scribes who writes down every single word ever muttered by their divine Emperor.

Current Roster

Strength270k6329Strength SkillG
Passing240k6238Passing SkillP
Agility240k7237Agility SkillA
Celestial Dragon Monk1100k7338Fend, Side Step, Thick SkullGA
Terracotta Warrior190k4419Stand Firm, RegenerationS

College History


Prominent Players

  • Cai Guo Qiang
    • Pyrotechnic master Cai Guo Qiang, has been studying explosives in Weijin as long as anuone can remember. He usually provides the fireworks at the end of every college FUMBBL game in Weijin and will sometimes take to the pitch to try out any new incendiary devices, that he's been working on.

  • Foo Statue
    • Foo Statues can be found guarding the lands surrounding the Celestial Emperors Palace and the adjoining college. A few have been placed at the entrance to the extraordinary, extravagant stadium of Weijins college FUMBBL team. It has been known that when the Emperor is in attendence, they have been seen to take to the field in his honour.

  • Chen Long
    • Chen Long was once the Grand Master of the Celestial Dragon Monks. But after offending the Celestial Emperor he was deposed and imprisoned in Cathays capital. Due his popularity the Emperor is unable to put him to death so instead he sends him onto the blood bowl field. In the hopes that Chen Long will face his demise there.

  • Hou Louyang
    • Agility Positional for Weijin White Tigers, picked up in the draft at the end of Year 1. The Celestial Emperor decreed that the player of Hou Louyang would receive training under the auspices of the dragon monks in return for treatment for his concussion, and the Emperor does not ask twice.