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Copher College

College Prestige


Team colours

Purple and Blue

Copher college has become home to the legendary Dervishes. And more recently they have struck a deal with the Viziers of Araby to supply the college with some powerful Djinn. What price the college paid for such a boon is as yet unknown.


Copher has always been fiercely independent. Its minor rulers rarely yield graciously to orders from their Sultan. Many of the city's trading privileges dates back to the Mad Sheikh Tupar and these are defended with a force of arms if necessary. The city produces the finest spices native in Araby, and has a large slave market. The city is somewhat more liberal than other Arabyan cities, and though it does not have any established universities on par with the greater Old World cities, it is nonetheless considered a place of learning. Scholars flock to Copher to sit in on informal gatherings, and most noble houses openly have a Vizier in their retinue.

Known Features
  • The Port - The port of Copher is a mile-long stretch of coastline, piers, and makeshift docks, capable of accommodating all manner of vessels. White-sailed dhows patrol the harbour, allowing known ships through and obstructing those that are prohibited by the Caliph. Slaves and labourers work tirelessly to unload the multitude of ships, load them up with new cargo, and send them on their way. When sailing past the ships that guard the port, a captain must offer the ship‘s manifest to the commander of the boat that stops him. This is a formality - no cargo is expressly prohibited in Araby.
  • The Spice Market - The spice market is located in the southern quarter of Copher. It is larger itself than most cities, and the merchants here offer the best prices in all of Araby, as well as the widest selection. The low prices and greater selection force merchants from across Araby to stop and consider a purchase, and while they are there, the silver-tongued merchants of Copher often convince them to make deals for goods bound for other ports. Those heading to Al Haikk are left alone, to save the cost of overland transport, but ships headed toward the Old World are cajoled, flattered, and haggled into submission by Arabyan merchants who simply will not take no as an answer .

Current Roster

Dervish0-26328Frenzy, Side StepGS
Handler0-26238Sure HandsGP
Djinn0-15438Animosity, Blood Lust, Leap, Pro, Regeneration, Very Long LegsS
Carpet Rider0-27237Leap, Very Long LegsGA

College History

easilyamusedI-unknown00000.00Araby Regional I Champion

Prominent Players

  • Allah'dhin
    • Allah'dhin was an impoverished ne'er-do-well until he came into a fortune from some unknown source. Seeking to better himself he has offered to play for Cophers college team. In exchange he is allowed to study at the college whenever he desires.


None as yet.

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