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Lashiek College

College Prestige

13 PR Popular

Team colours

Dark Grey and Blue

Lashiek college is home to the pirates of Lashiek. Seeing a chance to turn a great profit these Pirates have thrown in with the college. You can also find the explosive Naffatun displaying their deadly arts here.


Lashiek is called the "Corsair City" though more due to the prowess of their pirates than the level corruption of among the general populace. It is said that a Lashiek thief can steal the eyes out of your sockets and you will not notice it until next week. That being said, the laws of the city are harsher here than in any other city and nowhere in the known world is the watch more diligent and incorruptible. Only the best of thieves survive in this city. Lashiek is the major port of trade between the Old World and Araby. Here the goods move on the Arabyans terms.

Known Features
  • Slave Traders - As the saying goes, ―every slave in the world passes through Lashiek. This is not, strictly speaking, the truth. While it is true that every Arabyan slave that will be sold to foreigners goes through that port city at one point or another, it is in Lashiek, the beautiful, open-air city designed as a permanent oasis for the nobles when visiting Araby, that these slaves are trained, prepared, and broken for their lives of servitude. More than half of its many residents are slaves.

Current Roster

Strength270k6329Strength SkillG
Passing240k6238Passing SkillP
Agility240k7237Agility skillA
Corsair1100k6338Block, Dauntless, StabG
Naffatun130k6238Bombadier, Nerves of Steel, Secret Weapon (10+)P

College History


Prominent Players

  • Em Dahab
    • Laurence de Araby's faithful companion, Em Dahab was raised by the Viziers at Lashiek college. When requested, he will take to the field for the college team and is always a welcome addition.

  • Sinba’ahad Ibn Martuk
    • Sinba’ahad Ibn Martuk is one of the most notorious corsairs in Lashiek. He is always looking for a place to show off his skills. And will often turn up to games to the delight of the crowds.

  • Laurence de Araby
    • Breton war hero Lawrence spends his time split evenly between his homeland and Araby. He can often be found inspiring the local colleges and will sometimes take to the field.

  • Benjamin 'Bobby' Brando
    • Agility Positional for Lashiek Parrots, picked up in the draft at the end of Year 1.


None as yet.