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Gandharva College

College Prestige


Team colours

Royal Blue and Salmon

Gandharva play out of the holy city of Purushapura at the foot of the Moutains of Heaven. Many Holy Warriors spend their youth training at the college. And even a young Kalite can found studying here.


Gandharva, as the most pious of the Kingdoms of Ind, is distinguished by a proliferation of religious and philosophical sects. While the Brahmins of Gandharva boast that they pay worship to every single Deva, most Brahmins worship some more than others. The various philosophical movements within Gandharva are attempts to synthesize and organize the worship and doctrine of the Devas into coherent systems.

The lands of Gandharva are situated near the Mountains of Heaven, considered forbidding and inhospitable by the rest of the Kingdoms of Ind. Though their snowy slopes and peaks are dotted with shrines and monasteries, they are also home to all manner of monstrous horrors, including the dreaded yeti.

Its capital is the city of Purushapura, which is a very ancient city located in a valley in the mountains. It is considered to be a sacred place, as it is built at the furthest habitable source of the Saraswati River, and features many temples with architectural styles that look unusual in comparison to temples further east.

Known Features
  • The Mountains of Heaven - The massive peaks of the Mountains of Heaven mark the northern frontier of the lands of Ind, and the northern border of the Gandarva Kingdom.
  • The Ganga River - The Ganga river, also known as the Heart river flows through the central kingdoms, and is venerated by the inhabitants of its shores perhaps more than any other Holy river. Holy Mother Ganga is a goddess that is said to purify you of all sins if you perform the correct rites of ritual bathing. It is the most important river of the Bhallukha, Gandharva and Lakshana Kingdoms.

Current Roster

Holy Warrior0-26419Stand FirmGS
Handler0-26238Sure HandsGP
Kalite0-26337Extra ArmsGA

College History


Prominent Players

  • The Peaceful Warrior
    • The Peaceful Warrior is famous throughout Ind for being able to bring any conflict to an end without the use of force. He occasionally turns up to Gandharvan colleges games in the hope of convincing others to follow his teachings.


None as yet.

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