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Lakshana College

College Prestige


Team colours

Yellow and Brown

Lakshana play out of the Capital of Lakshana not far from the Kamyak Jungle. Vanaras from the Jungle have recently been admitted into the college in an effort to boost relations. Some of the reclusive Ganeshans can sometimes even find their place here.


The Kingdom of Lakshana is nearly as decadent as Ind itself, riddled with crime, espionage, and drugs. Though it is the smallest of the Kingdoms of Ind, barely qualifying as a large city even counting all the farms and estates that lie outside the city proper, it has all the greasy sophistication of the largest metropolis.

The Maharajah of Lakshana fancies himself the greatest of the Maharajahs, perhaps even worthy of the long abandoned title of Great Maharajah, and imagines that his court is the most important of all the courts of the Kingdoms of Ind, simply because it is the most luxurious. In actual fact, the court of Lakshana is largely irrelevant to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.

Known Features
  • Khubali College - Lakshana is home to the finest academy of arts in the entire Kingdoms of Ind. The Khubali College trains expert painters, sculptors, architects, stonemasons, weaponsmiths, and other artisans, claiming to carry on the artistic traditions of Mahanaga.
  • Kamyak Jungle - The Kamyak is a relatively peaceful jungle, home to many groups of Vanaras and Ganeshans, some hidden hermitages and temples. Within the jungle is found the Kamyak Lake, a particularly nice region abounding in deer and birds. The jungle features abundant animal and avian life, including large numbers of elephants. It is a relatively very safe jungle, blessed to Brahmir.
  • The Ganga River - The Ganga river, also known as the Heart river flows through the central kingdoms, and is venerated by the inhabitants of its shores perhaps more than any other Holy river. Holy Mother Ganga is a goddess that is said to purify you of all sins if you perform the correct rites of ritual bathing. It is the most important river of the Bhallukha, Gandharva and Lakshana Kingdoms.

Current Roster

Handler0-26238Sure HandsGP
Vanara0-27237Dodge, Extra ArmsGA
Ganeshan0-24428Break Tackle, Horns, Juggernaut, Thick SkullGS

College History


Prominent Players

  • Hanu
    • Hanu is a great Vanaran hero much loved throughout Ind. His dedication to the destruction of chaos has led him here. He seeks to secure an alliance with the Rajs of Ind, and an appearance or two for Lakshanas college team is a small price to pay.


None as yet.

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