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* * * Did you know? The most touchdowns in a single match is 23.
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Group managers: Garion, Calthor, Roland, Shraaaag, Valen

Did you know?
Secret League all started because Zakatan, Harvestmouse and Garion were messing around making silly icons. 3 years later and look what we have now. Remarkable!

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Did you know?

General Info
Currently recruiting?Yes
League Admin:Calthor + Shraaag
Region:European Time Zone
League Structure:Standard Round Robin League
Current Tournament:Season 5
Round Length:10 Days
Current Round:Round 1
Round Deadline:June 13, 2017
Tournament Length:Approximately 2 months

League Rules
Group Restrictions:The only restrictions SLUBBA places on teams is that no games may be played outside the League. Also please give your teams and players real names, not lino1 blitzer2 etc... The more fluff your team has the better.
SLUBBA is NOT a highlander league with random draft, so you are allowed to apply with any race you want within the ruleset.
Group Time Zone:SLUBBA is a European based league. All coaches are expected to be able to play
during 1800-2300 server time (GMT+1) but provided both parties agree any time may be scheduled. Only game offers with reasonable times will be taken into account for forfeit decisions
Game Frequency:Games are to be played according to the schedule - 1 game/10 days - though a rolling
schedule is in place, if you are able to play ahead then feel free to do so. Extensions will be given where possible to cover holidays and the like based upon a reasonable amount of time and notice.
Game Etiquette:There are no restrictions placed upon team tactics. Teams may purchase wizards,
hire stars, stall, foul etc...
Season Format: Pre-Season: 1 Friendly may be played (only when league admin say so), The season, Award Ceremony
League Scoring:3 pts for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. You may also be deducted points for conceding. This is down to admin discretion.

If two teams end the season with the same amount of points then Td-difference will decide their overall finishing position, if the teams are still tied then Cas-difference will also be used. In the event of a tie under all these conditions then head to head record and finally a coin flip will be used
Friendlies:Friendlies will be playable between the end of a season and the start of the new season, you may only play a friendly once this has been announced by the staff, and the friendlies must be played by the deadline given.
Promotion and Relegation:At the end of each season the two teams with the highest points total are promoted to the division above. The bottom 2 teams will be relegated to the division below.

Exceptions will be made for coaches that have dropped out etc...
Drop outs, retirements and replacements:We kindly ask that you do not drop out of the league or retire your team during a tournament. Drop outs will not be allowed back into this group and potentially others. If a team has become wholly unplayable and must be retired then, if feasible, the coach can create another team - but even so we urge the coach to persevere until at least the end of the current tournament, ultimately good communication with the league admin is always helpful!

SHRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG's stats to go here

#Division1Division 2Division 3+
2Vultures of HatredEastern Stabby RatsOld Powers / Kukulkan's hunters
3Vultures of HatredKukulkan's hunters[SL] Zengis Bears
4- - -- - -- - -
5- - -- - -- - -
6- - -- - -- - -

Award Winners
#MVPTop ScorerTop TacklerTop PasserDirtiest Player
1Dan Quick (Vultures of Hatred)Dan Quick (Vultures of Hatred)Vratakash the Insatiable (Endless Bloodfest)Animal (Muppets Inc)
Blue Shinobi (Cloud Ascetics)
The Joker (Criminal Master Minds)
Trazakuk (Glanderk from Hell)
Slick (Web of defeat)
2Vratakash the Insatiable (Endless Bloodfest)Zhu Xi ([SLUBBA] Bend With The Wind)Vratakash the Insatiable (Endless Bloodfest)Tom Killigrew (SLUBBA Scrum Scrub Club)Cystis (Pestilens Plagueclaws)
3Strange (Particle Soup)Dan Quick (Vultures of Hatred) / Qbert and Quixote (Web of defeat)Vratakash the Insatiable (Endless Bloodfest) / Aidan Slicer (Vultures of Hatred)Mummy Pyg (Salt n' Peppa Pyg)Cystis (Pestilens Plagueclaws)
4- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -