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Welcome to the NCBB

The NCBB, or National College Blood Bowl, is a group based off of NCAA college football in the US. We have a nine game regular season that culminates in an always exciting bowl week to cap off each campaign. In addition, we have rivalry games, various player awards, and a coach's poll so that you can vote for who you think should play for the title! If you're a college football fan, or just interested in a fun, fluffy group (we have a few Euro coaches as well), drop by #NCBB or simply pm any staff member. Be sure to look at our rules and history pages to find out how things work.

Defending National Champions
Defending National Champions
Oregon Waterfoul
Oregon Waterfoul

Currently: Season 24 Bowl Week

Bowl season is finally here! The Final BCS Rankings have been revealed, and the bowl matchups have been decided! The deadline for bowls is Monday, January 9th.

Season 24 Standings
RankTeamOverall RecordOoC RecordRivalry RecordForfeit ResultsBCS Points
Big Beast Conference
1Bowling Green Ratbirds(5-0-1)(2-0-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)15
2ITBA Tinkerers(4-2-3)(1-1-3)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)14
3California Golden Lizards(3-2-3)(1-1-1)(1-0-0)(0-0-0)12
4U.Con. Huskies(1-1-2)(1-1-1)(0-0-1)(0-0-0)3
5B U Tear-iers(0-1-3)(0-0-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)1
6Kansas Red Leg Raiders(0-0-2)(0-0-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)0
7Washington State Cougals(0-0-3)(0-0-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)0
RankTeamOverall RecordOoC RecordRivalry RecordForfeit ResultsBCS Points
Smack 7 Conference
1Clemson Terrors(6-1-1)(3-0-0)(0-0-1)(0-0-0)18
2TCU Horned Rats(4-1-4)(1-0-3)(2-0-0)(0-0-0)15
3Rutgers Hauers(4-2-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)14
4U-Dub Elfskies(2-4-1)(0-2-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)10
5Fighting Illinois(2-2-3)(1-0-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)8
6Ogrehome-A Boomers(0-0-6)(0-0-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)0
7Maryland Killer Turtles(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)0
RankTeamOverall RecordOoC RecordRivalry RecordForfeit ResultsBCS Points
Fumbbl Bowl Conference
1Army Blackest Knights(5-2-0)(2-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)17
2Oregon Waterfoul(5-2-1)(2-1-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)17
3Florida Redface Seminoles(4-0-3)(2-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)12
4Rolla Gold Diggers(3-1-3)(1-0-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)10
5Hawaii Warrielfs(2-1-4)(1-0-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)7
6Karak University(0-3-5)(0-1-2)(0-0-1)(0-0-0)2
7El Paso Mutant Chihuahuas(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)0

Season 24 Non-AQ Standings
RankTeamOverall RecordOoC RecordRivalry RecordForfeit ResultsBCS Points
All Killer Conference
1LSU Bangle Tigers(4-3-2)(1-2-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)11
2Utah Exec-UTE-tioners(2-1-1)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)5
3Washington's Crimson Lizards(2-1-2)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)5
4[NCBB] Purdue Boilermakers(2-1-4)(0-1-2)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)5
5Gardner-Webb Runnin' Bulldogs(1-1-3)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)3
6Wyoming Pony Boys(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)(0-0-0)0