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Group managers: koadah, JakeSteel, Kondor
Black Box Steel Gauntlet

The Black Box Steel Gauntlet is the brain child of Coach JakeSteel who offered a cash award of 100 Euros for the winner of the contest along with a real trophy.

Here is a link to the scoring page:


Here is a link to the forum thread and discussion.


The rules are as follows:

What can I win?
1st prize: Physical Winner’s Trophy and £100 equivalent in any non-cash form of the winner's choosing (ie amazon/tritex voucher, steam gift, etc). JakeSteel offered the prize so it is up to him to come through with it. No one else has promised anything.

Start: Now (Late entries welcome at any point – you just have less time available to fit in the games)
Finish: End of Sept 2018

How do I compete?
Select a squad of 5 unique teams from a budget of 9 pts (team costs below).
Create and name these 5 teams as necessary. Ensure all teams have 0 games played prior to entry.
Post the list of 5 team names and races in this thread. (Including *NewEntry* on an empty line is helpful).
Play games in the box, win games, boast heavily in thread.

Team Cost:
0: Ogre, Goblin, Fling
1: Vamp, UW,
2: Human, Khemri, High Elf, Elven Union, Slann
3: Rest (max: 2)

Scoring: (Only the first 40 games with each team count)
W = 1 pt
D = 0.5 pt
L = 0 pt

2.5 pts per leftover pt of budget (awarded on entry).
2.5 pts for each race's top coach (best record - awarded end of competition)

1) All entrants are obviously expected to abide by all Fumbbl and Blackbox rules.
2) Refusing to play a match once drawn in the scheduler may result in penalties or disqualification. A concession will usually lead to disqualification.
3) By entering you agree to have your running score published in weekly updates/leaderboard.
4) One entry per coach and once entered you cannot change/restart your squad.
5) Trashtalking fellow competitor’s decisions and results is highly encouraged - providing it stays within normal forum parameters.
6) Tiebreaker: Where scores are tied (for best racial record or overall victor) the winner is whoever achieved the score first.

Additional notes:
You don't have to finish all 200 games to be eligible for victory - falling short just gives you less opportunities to acquire points.

The virtual trophies

If you win, you can paste this virtual trophy on your team pages and coach's page.

For the top Goblin, Fling, Underworld, or Ogre team.

For the top Elf, Skaven,or Slann team

For the top Dwarf, Lizard, Human variety or Chaos flavored team

For the top dead team.