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Badlands Survivalists League

Group managers: Kzarik

Season Schedule

Season 7 Schedule
Round 1 Deadline: Oct 11
Round 2 Deadline: Oct 21
Round 3 Deadline: Nov 1
Round 4 Deadline: Nov 11
Round 5 Deadline: Nov 21
Round 6 Deadline: Dec 11(pushed)
Round 7 Deadline: Dec 21
Playoffs Rd 1: Jan 14
Playoffs Rd 2: Jan 21
Season 7 Estimated Week 1 Deadline: Feb 11
League Intro
The Badlands Survivalists League is patterned after the Southern Survivalists League. Only one team of each race is permitted. All available [L] ruleset 6 teams are available. Games will be scheduled with an easy 10 day turnaround (due dates all 1st, 11th, 21st, 1st, and 11th).

Players continue to play until death. There are no player retirements for any reason. The bloodthirsty fans of the Wasteland must be entertained.

If you are interested in joining this league please contact any of:

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No Escape

Badlands Survivalists League Detailed Rules
Time Zone:This league is by default a US time zone league. Which is usually GMT +6 to +9. Generally preferred times to play are US evenings between 6pm and 11pm which is between 0000 and 0800. Ideally centered around 0200 to 0430.
Extensions:The job of hatchetman falls to league commissioners, Kzarik and Arcayn. Please invite these folks to any matchmaking difficulties. Ahead of schedule preferably.
Two Cards:Oh yeah...we are bad. Teams in the Badlands are like their SSL brethren and being resourceful, they often plan dirty tricks or have found access to forgotten relics heavily sought after in the wastelands they call home. +100k for Cards only, use it or lose it to a maximum of five cards may be taken including the two free ones.
Secret Weapons Only*:The Badlands is an isolated place populated with nomads and roving bands of psychotic misfits and brigands. As such, games can be well away from turning a profit for stars. Few star players other than the psychotic misfits themselves are willing to go anywhere near the regular season games here, as such You can only hire star players with the "Secret Weapon" skill. Common mercenaries (Dirty Players! Sneaky Gits! are encouraged, but not required) are widely used in addition. Elven types famously refuse to partake in weaponry.
*Stunty teams (Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Underworld) ignore this rule, take any and all stars you like, you piteous creatures.*Semi Finals and Final, and Casualty Cup. These games allow any star player for any team.
No Timeouts:All BB players desire games to be played in a timely manner, however, this is a league and the primary desire is for fun. To this end timeouts are not permitted although kindly prodding of the slower players hitting the 4minute mark is expected. Continued slow play can be addressed with the League Admins as needed.
NO CONCESSIONS:Conceding is not permitted under any circumstance. This cowardly act will result in the best non-permed player on the roster leaving immediately. A second concession will result in a ban from the league and probably a stain on the offending coaches soul. We are still validating the second claim.
Spiked Ball:A failed pickup or catch roll during any action results in the such failing players being stabbed, only the last one stabbed can be injured.This will result in a turnover if the stab breaks armor on the moving team.
Right Stuff (boost):Right Stuff cancels Tackle when a Right Stuff player is blocked by a Tackle player.
Sneaky Git (change):Sneaky Git functions like Guard for assisting fouls, sneaking in some extra help.
Fouling (boost):Players get +1 to break armor when fouling, so please remember to foul, especially the good players.
Skill Rolls (forced)*:Players must take all stat gains (choose +MA or +AV, take +AG, take +ST), even if you rolled doubles (e.g. 5+5).
PLAYER RETIREMENTS:During the offseason there will be a PM thread that allows coaches to take advantage of the following rule: Each non-playoff team may select 3 players that they would like to attempt to retire. These players are not automatically retired. To process the retirement requests the Commish will publicly roll a d4. On a 1, 2, or 3 the corresponding player in order of their spot on the roster will be allowed to retire and on a 4 no one retires.

Apart from this rule, there is no retiring a player whether injured or healthy. Players must go on until they are ended by "natural" means. Time permitting, there will be a perm count at the end of each season as well as an accounting of the fallen from each season.
Recruitment Special Case:A team that recruits from its opponent's fallen may choose to not accept a recruit if the following conditions are true: 1) The recruiting team lost a positional to death(regen failed) 2) The recruited players would take the roster to 16 and thus make the recruiting team unable to buy the lost positional.
League Points:3 win (or forfeit win); 1 draw; 0 loss; -1 forfeit.
Tie Breaking:1) Head to Head
2) TD Differential
3) CAS Differential
4) Coin Flip

Season 1 Champs: ([BSL] Dumpster Dominators) led by rodney_dangerfield
CompletionsShazam (League of Justice)
Touchdowns"I will never die" Melvin ([BSL] Dumpster Dominators)
InterceptionsChimp Chester (Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys)
Wraithwall Deathorn (Deatheim Creeping Death)
CasualtiesChimp Chester (Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys)
Most Valuable PlayerMultiple banjo (Badlands Banjoing Banjos)
Silverback Sam (Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys)
OJ Orangutan (Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys)
Star Player PointsMultiple banjo (Badlands Banjoing Banjos)
PassingKaylee Moon (Fightin Sugar Gliders)
RushingConquest (Badlands American Dead Company)
BlocksAtrocious Steve ([BSL] Dumpster Dominators)
FoulsKleinford "The Boot" (Deatheim Creeping Death)
Scoring ThrowerOndoher (Coron Fiondi )
Scooby Doo (Scooby and th' Gang)
Famine (Badlands American Dead Company)
Twisty (Fortunes Fools)
Crummy Kevin ([BSL] Dumpster Dominators)
Tacrouc Nightblaze ([L] Badlands Mutation Club)
Uthion (Deadwood Expeditionary Force)
Blocking ThrowerDer Klown (Fortunes Fools)
Blocking ScorerVikon Darkschneider (Deatheim Creeping Death)
Gulduron (Deadwood Expeditionary Force)
TripleBizarro Shaggy (Scooby and th' Gang)
Joker (Fortunes Fools)
Chimp Chester (Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys)
Derras (Deadwood Expeditionary Force)
Violator (Fortunes Fools)
Dreadful Derick ([BSL] Dumpster Dominators)
Daphne (Scooby and th' Gang)
Pennywise (Fortunes Fools)
Yvarion (Deadwood Expeditionary Force)
Shazam (League of Justice)
Ondoher (Coron Fiondi )
Uthion (Deadwood Expeditionary Force)
Tacrouc Nightblaze ([L] Badlands Mutation Club)
Crummy Kevin ([BSL] Dumpster Dominators)
Gwasseth (Deadwood Expeditionary Force)
War (Badlands American Dead Company)
Galadon (Deadwood Expeditionary Force)
Vikon Darkschneider (Deatheim Creeping Death)
All-rounderChimp Chester (Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys)

Inaugural Badlands Survivalists League Awards Ceremony


[BSL] Dumpster Dominators

Golden Glory Award:
This team knows that the point of the game is to score. Deadwood Expeditionary Force was the only team that managed to break the 2 TDs per game barrier this season. Spreading the wealth between wardancers and a catcher, the Deadwood squad scored in every contest including 3 or more in three different games.

Maximum Carnage Award:
Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys rode their Skaven Blitzer, Chimp Chester(9CAS), and a healthy fouling regimen (40 fouls) to having the most casualties in the league with 30 caused in 8 games.

Stone Cold Killers Award:
Sage Creek Ancient Hunters finished the season killing 4 opponents in just 7 games. At a very efficient with 296 blocks and 33 fouls.

Bombs Away Award:
Methodical\'s Amazon squad, the Fightin Sugar Gliders, delivered 46 passing yards narrowly edging out the Dark Elves led by Captainmalkor.

DeadEx Ground Award:
Elves led the charge here, with Deadwood Expeditionary Force, amassing 330 rushing yards. The next closest team finished with 301 yards as [BSL]No\'Qzallor Rampage were the only other team to put up over 300 yards.

Evander Holyfield Award:
Tzalaran\'s No\'Qzallor Rampage proved they can keep throwing punches at a prodigious rate. The lizards
blocked 426 times in 9 games to lead the league. Next closest was Gotrekslayer\'s human squad with 368 blocks.

Cement Boots Award:
No surprise of the entrants here, but the Nurgle\'s team led by Antithesisoftime. Deatheim Creeping Death delivered 56 boots to their down opponents and not surprisingly ended up 2nd in CAS.


Shared award here as Gulduron of Deadwood Expeditionary Force and Chimp Chester of the Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys tied with 27 earned spp during the
league\'s first season. Vastly different paths to get there as Gulduron mixed CAS, TDs, and passes, while Chimp Chester primarily scored by smashing

The Finisher:
Gwasseth, a catcher for Deadwood, and perhaps the most optomistic player in the entire league, \"I will never die\" Melvin, a gutter runner of the [BSL]
Dumpster Dominators share this award with 6 TDs each.

Top QB:
Kaylee Moon of the Fightin Sugar Gliders earns this award for passing for the most yards(46) and second most completions(7) in the league. Shazam of the League of Justice apparently studied under a Bill Walsh disciple as he completed 8 passes for 17 yards en route to finishing as the runner up for this award.

Top Runner:
Conquest of Badlands American Dead Company was the clear leader in rushing yards with 130 during his league leading 144 turns of play.

Thug Life Award:
Chimp Chester dominated this award with 9 CAS in 69 blocks powering a dangerous Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys team.

I\'m leaving early Award:
Pile of Parker earns this award for commiting double digit(10) fouls in just 25 turns played. Apparently a cheerleader or a pack of smokes has Pile of Parker\'s attention more than the game and he chooses to exit early and often. The foul leader, Kleinford, \"The Boot\", finished second having managed to play only 2.7 turns per foul(23 fouls in 63 turns)

The Burfict Suh Haynesworth:
Kleinford "The Boot" of Deatheim dropped the boot 23 times more than doubling the next best total.

Trench Warrior Award:
OJ Orangutan of the Wasteland Tunnel Monkeys narrowly wins this award for most blocks thrown with 81 just exceeding Gulduron of Deadwood\'s total of 80.