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Group managers: spelledaren

Group: Secret League
Format: Open tournament:season 6
TW limit to join: 1710
Number of Aspirants: 4

Challenge Manager: Spelledaren
Previous winner: MenonaLoco * 2, Nightbreed * 2, Spelledaren


King: Beautiful People

Contender: Bright Spark + empty

Aspirant: Slither to the Top + Every Rose has its Torn + Celts of the Hill + empty


Teams compete in an open environment without scheduling to become the King of the Hill by staying at the top of the heap for long enough. Seasons end once a King of the Hill has been produced, and play starts anew. Each coach is allowed to enter with 1 Secret League team, and it is possible to join at any point in the season, as well as retiring a team and starting a new one.

Teams are organised in layers, with everyone starting in the Pack. Above the Pack are the Aspirants, the number of which vary depending on the number of teams in the tournament. Above them are the Contenders, of which there are only ever 2. Above them is the King, a position that only one team can hold at a time.

Only Contenders may play the King, so teams must first fight to rise from the Pack, and then fight to ascend higher. The victor of any game between layers takes the spot higher up, pushing the other down. In case of a draw positions remain where they were. At season start the first team to win a Pack vs Pack game becomes the first Aspirant, and as long as there is any open spot in a layer above, these keep being filled by games vs other teams in the same layer. The first King will therefore be produced in a Contender vs Contender game.

A team is pronounced King of the Hill if they, after becoming King, win two games in that reign. A reign is the unbroken row of games as King.

Create teams here:

Winner season 1:
Queens of the Hill

Winner season 2:
Queens of the Hill

Winner season 3:
City of Spires Sabres

Winner season 4:
Bright Spark

Winner season 5:
Slither to the Top



In the Pack everyone is free to arrange games as they see fit, but once a team moves to Aspirant or higher the Challenge system must be used. Pack members can ignore all rules concerning challenges as long as they play versus other Pack members.

Challenges are made using the FUMBBL PM system. A challenge can be made against any team in the same or adjacent layer. The first challenge issued is to be played first, this is easily trackable by the timestamps in those messages.

A team may only send one challenge at a time, and can only cancel their challenge according the rules below. Please send a PM to confirm even if you agree to a game on discord. Maybe someone sent a challenge just seconds before you were going to do so?

Challenges must be replied to, so that the order is confirmed. The following rules regulate how to handle the challenges.

A team MAY NOT play another team if:
those two teams have met twice out of the last three games (for either team)
those two coaches have met thrice out of the last five games (for either coach)
They are two or more layers apart from each other

A team MAY POSTPONE a challenge in these situations, this means that the order of challenges is changed - while a game is postponed it's as if that challenge doesn't exist, and you should go on scheduling other games. After the postponing is over the challenge returns, with the timestamp of the original challenge.
Only one of these can be used at a time:
Their last game was versus a team from the Pack. May then postpone any challenge from Pack teams.
Their last game was versus the challenger. May then postpone that challenge.
They moved up a layer after last game. They may then postpone any challenge until they have played a game of their choosing.
Their own challenge is their next game. They may then, once, play the next challenge sent to them before taking up their own challenge.

If you wish to postpone, you must reply so within 7 days of the challenge PM or 7 days after your last game, whichever gives you more time.

If your challenge becomes postponed for 14 days, you may reissue the challenge. The challenged player then has 2 more days to complete any other game, after that time the post ponement ends, and the game must be scheduled according to regular timestamps.

CANCEL/REFUSE a challenge
Any team can always REFUSE a challenge. This moves the team to the Pack, regardless of previous standing, and the challenger counts as winning that game.
In the following scenarios you can CANCEL/REFUSE a challenge without being relegated to the Pack or suffer any other consequences:

* If any team involved changed layers since the challenge was sent. Either team may cancel the challenge in this situation.
* Upon receiving confirmation of challenge and there are 2 or more other challengers before you - the challenger may then cancel the challenge.
* A coach has not replied to your challenge for 6 days. May then cancel the challenge.
* Your challenge has been postponed for 6 days. May then cancel the challenge.
* The teams are not allowed to play according to the MAY NOT above. Refuse the challenge by stating on what grounds you may not play.

If a team, after having made a challenge, moves into a new layer that makes the previous challenge impossible to play, it is always cancelled.

A team will FORFEIT their game in the following situations:
If you do not cancel a challenge after 6 days of no reply and do not receive a reply for 12 days your opponent forfeits that game.
A coach that cannot schedule a challenge within 14 days after the last finished tournament game (or 14 days after challenge timestamp, whichever gives more time) forfeits that game if the opponent demands it. This may be subject to tournament administration oversight depending on circumstances.
A FORFEIT will count as losing the game in question, but not automatically move the losing team to the Pack. If a coach repeatedly forfeits games this will be looked into.


Anyone can volunteer to be the Challenge Manager if that position is open. The CM collects information about all challenges and relays this to the tournament members, at least once a week and at most once per day, by posting into the group PM for the season. The CM can always choose to end their assignment, there does not have to be any CM.

A challenge PM must also include the Challenge Manager, if there is one for the current season.

PM the coach you want to play. Use “Challenge” as topic name. In the PM state which teams you are challenging. For example: “Lords of the Underworld challenge Orcs of Orcia”.

As a reply, send back an ok and start trying to schedule a game within 14 days. If there are any other challenges made to your team before this one, instead reply: “I have X number of challengers before you.”

If the challenge remains once you have played your other challengers, please send a new PM to start arranging the game.

If you postpone a challenge please reply “I am postponing this challenge until…….”

If you cancel or refuse a challenge please reply “I am cancelling/refusing this challenge because…...”


Hello! This section will try to help you navigate the tournament.

First off, there is major difference between being in the Pack and all the other layers. Pack members may arrange games between themselves in any manner they see fit. But when arranging games including any teams above that the challenges must be used. Here's what you need to remember:

1. You can only issue one challenge at a time!
- This is important, because challenges are to be played in order. If you spam everyone with challenges you get an unfair advantage as everyone is forced to play your team before others. This applies to Pack teams as well, but they can only send challenges to Aspirants, and may play any number of Pack games while waiting for an Aspirant to find time for their game.

2. You can postpone games!
- This is also important, as it allows you some flexibility to play games you want, and not be locked into endless battles for the same position. Postponing a game means that you change the order of the challenges, pushing some games down the line in order to play some other game first. Remember that whenever you postpone a game you must send a PM to your opponent descibing the rule you're using to postpone it. While the game is postponed it's as if the challenge doesn't exist -meaning you should go ahead and schedule any other games in line.

3. The MAY NOT PLAY rule is extremely important to follow. It's there to protect the teams, the tournament and allow for variation. You have to keep track of it yourself, but please make sure you do.

4. How do you climb the Hill?
- By challenging and defeating a team from the above layer. This will push them down and you up.
- If there is an empty spot in a layer above you, you can take that spot by winning a game versus another team in the same layer as you. First come, first served!


Teams start with TW 1000 limit in season 1. In later seasons the TW limit will be decided as below. Any Secret League team may join.

When a season ends, the King of the Hill picks one of the Contenders. That team’s TW becomes the roof for the next season starting point. All teams must be at or below that TW when next season starts. This cannot be below TW 1000. Any teams that don’t arrange for this before season start are removed from the tournament, and may join at a later point if they meet the TW limit. All teams start the new season in the Pack.

Whenever the TW limit for a season is 2000 or more, the next season always has a 1000 limit.

If the KotH and both Contenders agree, the TW limit can be set to 1000 for the following season.

Team bio must reflect the current status of your team’s layer, Pack/Aspirant/Contender/King. While the team plays a season of KotH they are prohibited from playing games outside the tournament. In season breaks or if they skip a season they are free to play any games they like, and remember you can leave the tournament at any time.

Changes in Layers are reported to a common FUMBBL PM thread for all tournament coaches - when you win and ascend you are expected to report this for everyone to see. Other tournament news and updates will also be sent through this channel, but please no banter - it needs to be easy to scroll through.

Be informative and respond to challenges. For example, you play one challenge and move up a layer, so you decide to refuse another challenge sent before that game. You must then actually send a reply that you are refusing that challenge, otherwise they will be waiting for you to schedule a game.

If you do not respond to challenges or in other ways don’t follow challenge rules there are some consequences. If you break the MAY NOT play rule your team is moved to the Pack, regardless if this is discovered long afterwards, including stripping a team of a won trophy. For next season’s TW limit you will suffer a 50k penalty.

If you break other rules or play a challenge in the wrong order penalties will vary. Tournament administrators will hear the case and judge based on that, but every fault will have the minimum penalty of 10k reduced TW limit for next season. Playing a game outside of the tournament will see your team kicked off the current season, and welcome back at another time (any time they meet the TW limit for joining!)

Repeated infractions or abusive behaviour can lead to being removed from the tournament. We are here to have fun in a friendly way and to have a fair competition - let’s work together to make it happen.

If a player knows that they will be unable to play any games for more than 12 days they can announce that their team is taking a break - this moves them to the Pack without affecting anyone else, leaving their current space open.

If a space opens up at Aspirant, Contender or King level during the tournament, that spot is filled as at the beginning of the season, by the first winner of a Pack-Pack, Aspirant-Aspirant or Contender-Contender game.

The number of Aspirants is a minimum of 3, and one more spot is added when the total number of tournament teams is more than Aspirants^2+3 (total of 13, 20, 29, 40 etc.) The number of Aspirants does not drop during a season even if teams would leave to bring the total below a threshold.

The MAY NOT restrictions on playing a team or coach does not carry over between seasons.


1. Do you have any challenges sent to you? If so, make sure you reply to each one.

2. Did you want to postpone any challenge? Make sure that you say so in a reply to that challenger, and be clear about what rule you use to postpone. Remember that you can't use different postponing rules at the same time against multiple challengers.

3. Have you sent a challenge of your own? Most of the time you will want to do this. But remember that you can only send 1 challenge out at a time, even if you become postponed.

4. Starting a new game? Make sure you follow the MAY NOT PLAY rules,and that you are playing the right challenge. Order matters!

5. Update the team bio to state which layer you are currently in, and if you move up the hill -post that into the group PM for the season.

Bio template by Balle2000. Helmet templates by Thom_Darkness.