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Group managers: spelledaren

Group: Secret League
Format: Swiss + open round robin
TW limit to join:1640

Manager: Spelledaren
Previous winners: Beanbelly, Java, ArthurWynne, Immanuel


Teams compete in a mostly open environment to become the Last Team Standing by surviving their challenges. Seasons end once a team is the only one remaining, thus being the Last Team Standing. All teams must be Secret League (ruleset 303).

8, 10 or 12 teams enter and start with a 2 round swiss tournament. After that all teams are free to challenge any other team. Anyone who loses two games is removed from the tournament.

You sign up to play at least the two swiss games, but if your life situation means that you have to drop out after that, that won´t be a problem for anyone, so feel free to join without pressure.

All challenges and replies are managed in our own discord channel.
Message Spelledaren for an invite if you need one.

Create teams here:


Season 1 (1000): Last Bret Standing
Season 2 (1000): Rogitnec
Season 3 (1230): Lost Angles Chargers
Season 4 (1740): Foul Sisterhood
Season 5 (1640):



After two rounds of swiss have been played the tournament moves to open round robin. You can challenge any other team once in that round robin. Send a challenge by @coachname them and state your challenge in our discord channel. Every challenge must be accepted, as long as the teams are allowed to play according to the rules below. Please reply to all challenges. Sending a challenge can be relevant to the below rules for forfeiting.

You may send a maximum of two challenges at any time, but can accept any number of challenges regardless of your own. If two teams can agree to play a game immediately they can always do that regardless of challenge maximums.

Once -one- team has played every other opponent in the round robin, that round ends and a new round robin begins. This opens up all teams for challenges again, but please take note of the MAY NOT:

A team MAY NOT play another team if the other team was their latest opponent (for either team). Once 4 teams remain, that restriction is removed.
If you play a game that broke the MAY NOT rule, both teams count as losing the game. Also, if 4 or 5 teams remain when a round robin is reset, -2- teams must face every opponent before another reset.

Once only 2 teams are left they are put into a KO with overtime - the winner of that game becomes the Last Team Standing, even if the other team had no losses previous to that game. The team with the most wins prior to the final wins the coin toss at the start of the game, as well as for overtime, if any.

You may play your challenges in any order you like, but keep the following time constraints in mind:

A team will FORFEIT their game in the following situations:
If you do not receive a reply to your challenge for 6 days your opponent forfeits that game.
A coach that cannot schedule a challenge within 12 days after challenge, forfeits that game if the opponent demands it. This may be subject to tournament administration oversight depending on circumstances.
A FORFEIT will count as losing the game in question, but gives no bonuses to the winning team.

The start of a swiss round count as a challenge for the forfeit rules above.


Hello! This section will try to help you navigate the tournament.

1. The MAY NOT PLAY rule is extremely important to follow. It's there to protect the teams, the tournament and allow for variation. You have to keep track of it yourself, but please make sure you do.

2. How do I win?
- By challenging and defeating other teams until no one else is left.
- Two losses means a team is removed from the tournament.
- Win the final against the other team left to the end.

3. Do I have to send challenges?
- No, but you are probably giving the other coaches advantages if you let them set the match ups.


Teams start with TW 1000 limit in season 1. In later seasons the TW limit will be decided as below. Any Secret League team may join. Teams are accepted in order of application, but if more than 12 apply any teams that have TW more than 15% below the TW limit can be skipped.

Whenever the TW limit for a season is 1900 or more, the next season always has a 1000 limit.

The Last Team Standing chooses to set next season´s TW limit to either its own TW after post game (including cash), or to choose TW1000.

Stunty teams may have any amount of cash saved. Disposable players do not count for TW limit, use Fumbbl TW. All other teams can have up to 50k in the bank without counting it towards TW.

While the team plays a season of LTS they are prohibited from playing games outside the tournament, but remember you can leave the tournament at any time after the swiss rounds.

Repeated rules infractions or abusive behaviour can lead to being removed from the tournament. We are here to have fun in a friendly way and to have a fair competition - let’s work together to make it happen.

The MAY NOT restriction on playing a team does not carry over between seasons.

Not related to the current tournament:
This is based on my King of the Hill format that ran for almost 6 seasons.

Winners in the old King of the Hill format:
Winner season 1:
Queens of the Hill

Winner season 2:
Queens of the Hill

Winner season 3:
City of Spires Sabres

Winner season 4:
Bright Spark

Winner season 5:
Slither to the Top

Winner season 6:
Beautiful People (WO)


1. Do you have any challenges sent to you? If so, make sure you reply to each one.

2. Someone lost a game? Please tag @spelledaren in our discord to keep me updated.

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