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For many years the most famous Blood Bowl teams competed in the NAF, until the infamous 2489 Blood Bowl final between the Darkside Cowboys and the Reikland Reavers, when Commissioner Nikk Three-horn did a runner with the entire treasury and most of the Cowboys cheerleader squad. The NAF went bankrupt, and many teams travelled widely to play one-off exhibitions or short tournaments, while the top star players became freebooters and hired themselves out to the highest bidders...

But fast-forward and after all the years of turmoil, major Blood Bowl sportswear/weaponry corporation Rabidass has decided to pump filthy amounts of cash back into the game! Famous teams from the old NAF conferences are invited to return and duke it out once again in the Rabidass Super League! So keen were Rabidass to host this event that they have spared no expense, and hired all manner of wizards and apothecaries to ensure that the last, famous team line-ups of the NAF are reformed in all their glory.
1) This is a league purely for published, famous team rosters from the Almanac, Spikes, White Dwarf or the Blood Bowl website. You will start with the published roster, the only difference being Fan Factor which starts at 0. All teams will also get 50k spare cash before Game 1. If you want to join please send a PM so we can set your team up correctly.
2) The league has 14 day rounds and games are expected to start in the evening server time, or mornings/afternoons on weekends
3) It's a straight league with 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss and -3 for a concession. Ties at the end of the league will be sorted by head-to-head result, then TD difference, then if still tied Cas difference
4) You may not fire any players from the original rosters unless they pick up a permanent injury or niggle (you think Frenzy is a questionable skill for Gorbag 'Rabid' Foamface, the Orcland Raiders' Black Orc? Well tough - the fans love him!)
5) Teams may induce a Star Player even if he is already rostered for the opposition (e.g. Morg for the Allstars). It is assumed he is a doppelganger, similar player or an outright fraud who will be found out on the pitch! If a Star dies on a rostered team, similarly he will remain on the inducement list for Star Players
6) Other teams may also join in future as and when official rosters are released in new Spikes, the online Blood Bowl site, or other official publications
7) Cards and wizards are enabled as inducements
8 ) If you forfeit more than one league match in one season, you may get booted (as with most other leagues - just to keep it running well for the coaches who do play)
9) If a coach does drop out (preferably between seasons), the team will be up for adoption as it stands by another coach. The roster will be as it was left, but get a 'parachute payment' incentive (to encourage someone to take them on if they have been mangled). This will be half the difference between it's TV and the most expensive team in the league, in Gold Pieces
10) After your first game you may start hiring new players, and dropping coaching staff/rerolls if you like. New player names must fit the fluff - no rubbish like 'Luke Skywalker', 'Hatstand A' or whatever. If you can't think of a good name use a fantasy name generator for that race please - there are lots out there
11) Fluffwise you can play them how you like in game without restriction (e.g. if you choose the Bright Crusaders, you may choose to go with the fluff and religiously avoid fouling. But if that wardancer is down you can endure the spectators' fury and boot him if you wish!)

Hall of Fame

Season 1:
Most Casualties Caused
# Player Team Casualties Caused Blocks Thrown
1 Borag Toofrippa (RSL) Gouged Eye 11 75
2 Bork Bulge-Belly (RSL) Chaos All Stars 5 32
3 Ba'phis Bad-stream [RSL] Nurgle's Rotters 5 58

Most Touchdowns Scored
# Player Team Touchdowns Scored Played Turns
1 Forleon Summerdraft (RSL) Elfheim Eagles 6 94
2 Qhhart Brittlefang (RSL) Skavenblight Scramblers 5 53
3 Hurka da Fist (RSL) Gouged Eye 5 85

Most Completions Thrown
# Player Team Completions Thrown Yards Passed
1 Jorral Brightarm (RSL) Elfheim Eagles 8 42
2 Ardarm Durtz (RSL) Gouged Eye 6 12
3 Garruk Gizzbut (RSL) Orcland Raiders 5 17
Most Spps Earned
# Player Team Spps Earned MVPs Received
1 Borag Toofrippa (RSL) Gouged Eye 28 0
2 Forleon Summerdraft (RSL) Elfheim Eagles 26 1
3 Grograt Crunchskull RSL-Underworld Creepers 23 3

Most Fouls Committed
# Player Team Fouls Committed Played Turns
1 'Toofless' Vug (RSL) Orcland Raiders 21 65
2 Breeet Braingulper (RSL) Skavenblight Scramblers 20 22
3 Rotten Razfang (RSL) Orcland Raiders 7 60

Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know?
LEAGUE1 Winners
LEAGUE2 Winners

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