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Group managers: Java, Scugnizzo
Welcome, coaches, to the first* Secret League event with a resurrection/non-progression ruleset.

What is Secret League? Click the link and find out.

The tournament's format is quick and easy.

1.1 Million, 5 normals and 1 double. Stacking is allowed for season 2, no tiering (but stunties get a bonus 50k, message me for that)

You must bring a Secret League roster, CRP/BB16 rosters will not be accepted.
Stunty Rosters are those defined by the Secret Stunty Cup as such, plus Trolls and Ninja Flings.

Inducements need to be stated in the Team Bio.

If you take no inducements, put NO INDUCEMENTS in the bio so you won't forget

Putting your skills in the bio is also nice.

You need 11 players before selecting a star.
CRP stars are available, as per Secret League help pages. BB16-only stars aren't included.

Disposable can be benefited from, but you need to state the inducements in advance.

2 weeks per round, after two weeks the game gets called.

Create your team here (NO CRP Teams)



P.S. now on the Waterbowl discord in the #sec-rez channel [ask me for an invite]

Thanks to deeferdan for hosting us

P.P.S: Tiebreakers and FUMBBL
Since it's the first one, I'm going to keep it simple and use the fumbbl built in tie breakers.
#1 TD+CAS delta
#2 Number of TDs scored
#3 Number of CAS inflicted
#4 head-to-head result if needed


NOTE ABOUT INDUCEMENTS (I will spam this via various means)

The way by which FUMBBL deals with rostered inducements in this kind of tournament can be confusing if never encountered before.

Short version: you only need to buy the inducements your team has in its bio. If your team is TV110 already, do not buy any inducements.

Longer version: for example, my team has Ripper (270k) as rostered star. When the game starts, I will get 270k in cash + 270k because of the difference in TV. I will have to remember to buy only Ripper, and no other inducements. My opponent, if he has no inducements, will get 270k in inducements, but he must not buy anything with that cash.
The client can only deal with it this way. This ensures that when two teams that have selected inducements face each other, TV difference is not the only determining factor.

If you forget this, you might have to park mercs/stars you shouldn't have in a corner, or we might have to get a reset, which requires site staff help.

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