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Group managers: MrCushtie, Wozzaa
Welcome back to all those players we missed - and let this be a teaching moment for any coach selfish enough to apo a dead player back to life!

The Southern Wastes Necromantic All Star Slaughter Fest offers a last chance to see some of the greatest stars of the SWL battle it out, before the Second Season ruleset arrives.

Player eligibility:

any player that died between the start of SWL LXXI and the end of SWL LXXXV in regular league play (players dying during Trials of Blood do not qualify for the Death Watch so have not been recorded)

Any player dying before SWL LXXVI will be reanimated as a skeleton. Any player dying from LXXVI - LXXXV will return as a zombie because the flesh hasn't rotted off yet.

Players inherit their starting skills plus any stat ups, extra skills and injuries sustained during their careers.

That's right, if you want a Stunty Zombie with Swoop, Right Stuff and Catch, Geoff From Above is waiting for you to pick him.
Likewise if you are brave enough to draft an zombie with Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull,Horns,Loner,Wild Animal,Juggernaut,Stand Firm,Guard then Neokia Greathoof is waiting for you.

No, that dead wardancer doesn't come back as AG4. Yes, Mornelithe Falconsbane will be ST5 and AG3.

Dead Star Players aren't really dead, they're just sleeping, so no Helmut Wulf, no matter how many times we've killed him.

Building Your Team
You need at least 11 players, limited by the following:

Up to 8 non-Rookie players, with the following restrictions:

The Greatest Of All Time
Choose either:
0-1 Legends, and 0-7 Emerging Stars, Veterans and Experienced players
0-2 Superstars, and 0-6 Emerging Stars, Veterans and Experienced players
0-3 Stars, and 0-5 Emerging Stars, Veterans and Experienced players

Got all that? Then take as many Rookies as you like, up to a total of 16 playes on the team.

If you're rostering a big guy, choose Mummy rather than Zombie, because it's going to be as confusing enough as it is. That also implies you can have a maximum of two resurrected Big Guys.

3 rerolls per team, games to be played in non-Progression format because when you dead, you dead, no more time for learning new things, ok?

No inducements. Yes, that might not be very balanced if you were mad enough to pick 16 dead human linemen, but this is a tournament for unbalanced people. Embrace the tilt! (Also, don't think there's some genius min max move where you bring 11 zombie linemen to the fray and then pig out on wizards and stars, because that's not cool, ok?)

When creating your team, choose Shambling Undead here. Name your players according to the ones you're drafting, and if you can remember to put the original player URL into the profile, that would speed things up slightly (as there's one or two players that died twice - can you find them?)

Here's an example team for you to look at.

When you're done setting up, submit the team to the group and PM me. Good luck!

First round to begin on the 15th of March. Play until they're all dead (again)