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Group managers: knine
Draft mode: not yet running
Australia / NZ / North American timezone coaches. EU can join, but only if you are willing to play during your morning hours, ie to suit NA and AU/NZ coaches.

Drafting now (Apr-May 2021). Team names must be loosely based on Australian, New Zealand, US or Canadian pro football teams (for you North Americans, that includes Rugby Union, Rugby League and Aussie Rules football).

Once we have 8, 12 or 16 teams, we will start.... depends how recruiting goes.

Conferences will be formed based on your preferred game times (pm knine with this info when you sign up).

Team Creation: You must create a human team and fill the roster with 16 players. No stars.

Team players are selected from a pool of players at this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RtLOvWof8gZyEY7sfdJKsR2OYsjT5T9vNr5KkATjYoc/edit?usp=sharing (pm me to gain access if you can't open it)

You can take four players from each of the D7 D8 and D9 worksheets. The remaining four players are rookies. Drafting rules are:

1. From each sheet you can select: one player with 4 skills/stat upgrades, one player with three, one with two, and one with one (you could choose fewer skills if you like on any given draftee).
2. Max of one player on each team with +STR, and max two players on each team with +AG. No limits on +MV or +AV. You can have players that have multiple stat increases - but stick to the limits in the previous sentence. For example, you could have one player with +STR, +AG, +AG, but then you couldn't have any other players on your team with +STR or +AG.
3. Players from D7 will retire after one season; players from D8 retire after two seasons; players from D9 retire after three seasons, and rookies can play a maximum of four seasons (even if they are hired for the last game of their first season).
4. After each season, a new draft will occur during which you can pick 4 more players.
5. Trading draft picks and players is permitted. You can advertise your trading desires in the trade-rumours folder in discord. If you cut a deal, post the trade in the trade folder on discord, and make sure the person you traded with gives it a thumbs up.

Give the players a unique name (doesn't need to be from the spreadsheet). Copy the players name, position and skill/stats (from the spreadsheet) into the player's bio and also the spreadsheet #. PM me when that is all done and you've applied the team to the competition.

You MUST buy an APO.
You MUST buy three RRs, and never buy another or get rid of one.
You NEVER take inducements, cards, etc at the start of a game; regardless of tv differences.
You MUST replace dead players with new players before the start of every game.

The team with the lowest tv each round gets to pick a replacement player with one skill/+stat from D7. Post in the Call-up Request folder on discord.

If for some crazy reason there's a FUMBBL crash and the game can't be recovered by admin, then if the game has completed turn 12 (ie the clock says turn 13), then the result stands, and it is considered an uncontrolled crowd riot with the game being called by officials. If it is turn 12 or earlier, the game is to be replayed in full - yes, some SPP might be different - thems the breaks.

Once your team is created, pm knine with your draft selections and a link to your team.