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Group managers: razmus, Uber

The original E.L.F. (Elves Leaving the Forest) League, was founded 1 Jan 2005 by AFK_Eagle, and existed to expand the horizons of elven coaches. The perception amongst most of fumbbl is that an elf coach will only play another elf, for fear of team annihilation. Unfortunately, that perception, while not global, certainly has its roots in reality.

No more! We elven coaches are tired of being labelled "pansies" simply because we're faster and more agile than other races. Their jealousies of our natural gifts leads them to laugh at us and not take our game seriously. It's high time we taught them to rethink their opinion! We of the E.L.F. are going to not only accept challenges from other races, but issue them ourselves! Let them keep laughing as we pass and score at will against them. We might not gain their admiration, but at least by playing we can regain a measure of respect as proper members of the bloodbowl community.

Blood Bowl 2020 made things WORSE for elves. The version of Blood Bowl which was suppose to promote passing has done anything but that. Elves gonna elf though. E.L.F. II is here to promote Elves in the Blood Bowl 2020 environment.
The Goal
E.L.F. II is here to encourage elf teams to play a variety of other rosters, earning points by doing so. Top teams win awards, as do top Blackbox and League teams. Other awards are available, for playing all the categories, and suffering the most casualties.

League rules
  1. Opponent races are broken into categories as follows:

    A (Plug & Play): Orcs, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf
    B (Better with Age): Chaos, Nurgle, Pact, Khorne
    C (Bones & Moans): Necro, Undead, Khemri, Vamps
    D (Agile): Dark Elves, Skaven, Slann, High Elves, Wood, Pro
    E (Humans & Stunties): Amazons, Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, Norse, Human, Lizardmen, Old World Alliance, Ogre, Underworld, Halflings/Goblin/Snotlings
    A (Plug & Play):Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf, Orc, Black Dwarf, Engineers, Fimir, Hobgoblin Slavers, Ironbreaker, Savage Orc, Slayer
    B (Better with Age): Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegade, Khorne, Nurgle, Beastman, Centigor, Daemons of Khorne, Daemons of Malal, Daemons of Nurgle, Daemons of Slaanesh, Daemons of Tzeentch, Khorne (sl), Hung, Kurgan, Snakemen, Sons of Stromfels, Tzeentch, Zoat
    C (Bones & Moans): Necro, Undead, Khemri, Vampire, Blood Dragon, Ethereal, Flesh Golem, Ka-Sabar, Lahmian, Lybaras, Mahrak, Necrarch, Numas, Rasetra, Strigoi, Sylvania Pact, Undead Pirates, Von Carstein, Zandri
    D (Agile): Dark Elf, Elf Union, High Elf, Skaven, Wood Elf, Avelorn, Black Ark, Clan Eshin, Four Nations, Half-Elf, Isha, Khainite Assassins, Kurnous, Nippon, Sea Elf, Slaanesh, Slann, Witch Elf
    E (Humans & Stunties): Clan Moulder, Dust Goblin, Forest Goblin, Forest Halflings, Giant, Gnoblar, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Minotaur, Nautican, Night Goblin, Ninja Flings, Ogre, Ogre Kingdom, Skink, Snotling, Squig, Treemen, Troll, Amazon, Black Orc, Humans, Imperial Nobility, Lizardmen, Norse, Old World Alliance, Underworld Denizens, Albion, Araby, Big 'Uns, Border Princes, Bretonnian, Clan Pestilens, Cathay, Clan Mors, Clan Skryre, Cult of Ulric, Dryad, Elemental - Air, Elemental - Earth, Elemental - Fire, Elemental - Water, Estalia, Half-Orc, Hobgoblin, Kingdom of Ind, Kislev, Lumbria, Myrmidia, Norse Dwarf, Northern Nippon, Pirates of Sartosa, Simyin, Sisters of Sigmar, Tilea, Valkyrie, Were, Witch Hunter
  2. Your Mission:
    During the season, pick any two different races from each category, 10 teams in total. Total your score for those 10 games: this is your season score. If you wish to improve upon your score, replay any category and / or team you wish; only the best two games per category against two different races will count!
    For example: during the season you play Dwarves twice. You can only report one of these scores (the higher of the two no matter which order you played the matches) in Category A and must get a match vs. either Chaos Dwarves or Orcs to report a 2nd score for Category A! And, even if you play all three Category A races, only two scores may be reported!
  3. Special Category Rule
    Only one game against a "truly" stunty team will count--you can't complete category E by playing halfling, snotlings, and/or goblin--the game yielding the highest score will count, then play another race from category E to complete your cycle.
  4. The Cycle
    When you have a complete set of 10 reportable scores (2 matches vs. different races in each of the 5 categories), your team is said to have "Completed the Cycle." Congrats!
  • Secret League 2020
    (11/2/2022)Secret League 2020 environment now also supported. Details of how the additional rosters are allocated are available in the FUMBBL Forum for now.
Points Awarded

Game played= 10 points at 1,000,000 TV or less

and every additional 1-200,000 of TV - 1 point

0 - 1,000,000 - 10
1,000,001-1,200,000 - 11
1,200,001-1,400,000 -12
and so on...

This is the TV of the opponent or the ELF team, whichever is less.


Win= +10 pts
Draw= +5 pts


Per td scored= +1 pts
Per td allowed= -1 pts


Per cas caused= +1 pts
No negative modifier for casualties against - you've already suffered enough!


Score 5 or more touchdowns= +2 pts
Shutout victory (opponent does not score)= +2 pts
Force opponent concession= +3 pts

Double points awarded for all Category A games - multiply your total score x2.
Double baseline points awarded for all Category B games - multiply your baseline score x2.
Automated Scoring
The E.L.F. uses NodeJS programs to collect all the scoring information for the E.L.F. II group. (The Razbot tracks and scores the games, and a separate processes regularly compile the score cards.) Each individual team's matches are reviewed and a score is tallied for each team and the overall group standings are compiled.

Several times a day, a summary score card shall be generated a link to which is in the Seasons section. A listing of all the teams in order by score will be featured, with a '*' denoting those teams which have completed the cycle. (Please be aware that the periodic score cards and final reports are on an AWS content delivery network which is 'eventually consistent', which means the version you get could fluctuate as the scorecard is updated in cache.)

Rankings for the top League Division teams (including Secret League 2020) is being added to the final report for the Nov-Dec 2022 season, with a single award for the League division team with the most points at the end of the season.

Rankings for the top Blackbox Division teams (teams which only played games matched using the Blackbox scheduler during the season) is being added to the final report for the Jan-Feb 2023, with awards for the top three teams at the end of the season.

If you ever have questions about what matches are being scored or see a discrepancy in the points, please feels free to PM razmus with your concerns.
Other Tidbits and Lore
Synnful Sprint

Coach Synn; likes to add an extra bit of difficulty to an E.L.F. season - something known as a "sprint." The challenge is to take a new TR100 team and refuse all matches vs. other elves for the first 20 games. After that time, the sprinter is free to play other elves.

Extra difficult and not for the squeamish! It's nothing official, just a sort of 'side bet' some of the coaches like to run.

Dalfort Dash

Playing 10 different races not enough of a challenge for you?

Coach Dalfort suggests you try and play all the races during the course of a season. Once you have done so you have completed a Dash!

Kondor Kluster

You know you can coach more than one team in a season, right?

Coach Kondor suggests you complete the Cycle with one of each of the four elf races in a single season. Do you have the fortitude for forty matches minimum?
Rules Clarifications
Recruitment Time frame

Membership is open to all Competitive and League teams regardless of the number of matches they have played until the last two weeks of the current season. No Recruitment will occur after that time and new coaches/teams will have to wait until the current season ends to officially join. Please note that games played before the team is accepted into E.L.F. won't be scored.

***Please note that matches played in League as or against non-rulebook teams will not count for points! (This may change after we start, as I attempt to integrate in the Open Secret League 2020 environment into E.L.F. II.)

ELF II Awards list
A complete list of ELF II Awards can be found in this note.

What's an elf?
For our purposes, these are the elf rosters: Dark Elf, Elf Union, High Elf, Wood Elf, Avelorn, Black Ark, Half-Elf, Isha, Khainite Assassins, Kurnous, Sea Elf, and Witch Elf. Specifically those rosters from the [C]ompetitive and Secret League 2020 rulesets.

E.L.F. II Records
Grand Champions by Season
76 - Forever Born (379) (wood) (The_Demon)
77 - Forever Born (382) (wood) (The_Demon)
78 - Black Arc Windcutters (299) (dark) (grant85)
79 - Dude Elves (397) (dark) (Carthage)
80 - Forever Born (265) (wood) (The_Demon)
81 - Forever Born (214) (wood) (The_Demon)
82 - Forever Born (351) (wood) (The_Demon)
83 -
84 -
85 -
86 -
87 -

Multiple Titles by Team

Grand Champions by Coach

Grand Champions by Race
Wood Elf - 5
Dark Elf - 2

Grand Champions by Division
Competitive - 7

Blackbox Champions by Season
78 - [BBT7] Elftor Being Emo (30) (dark) (MerryZ)
79 - [BBT7] Elftor Leaving Forest (196) (dark) (MerryZ)
80 - Rivendell Arboretum First 11 (82) (high) (MrCushtie)
81 - Trophy Wives of Khaine (50) (dark) (MrCushtie)
82 - [BB] Midway Corsairs (220) (dark) (deurbroucq)
83 -
84 -
85 -
86 -
87 -

League Champions by Season
77 - [SL20] Sunornuk (59) (kurnous) (Mnemon)
78 - <<unawarded>>
79 - Las Vegas Evaders (54) (elven union) (Mnemon)
80 - Deep in the Heart of TX (114) (dark) (Carthage)
81 - Angry Tree Enemies (150) (Isha) (Carthage)
82 - Angry Tree Enemies (245) (Isha) (Carthage)
83 -
84 -
85 -
86 -
87 -

4 November 2023