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For aeons the Skaven had tried to subdue the races of the Old World. However, no matter how fiendish their inventions were, how good their assassins were trained, how fearsome their creatures became, at some point in time their foes managed to reclaim their land.

The Council of the Thirteen forged a cunning plan. War had become immensely costly in warpstone and flesh, stopping them from establishing a permanent Skaven supremacy.

So why not try to beat them within an environment they set up themselves? Why not use their own, most favourite sport against them? The Council sent out the fastest and strongest among their minions to learn the game they call "BloodBowl" and to dominate the leagues all over the Old World.

Again, their plan was flawed. Even though the rats had become a threat on the pitch to be taken seriously, they failed to prevail ultimate and undisputed dominance. The Humans managed to adapt their play to the speed and style of the Skaven. Orcs just walked all over them, as they did with all the other lightweights. Elves were able to steal the ball from them and Chaos simply tore their limbs apart.

In order to finally establish the reign of the Skaven, The Warpstone Open was put in place. A tournament to be held in the Skaven homeland, on pitches of Warpstone. The plan was to let the Warpstone weaken the teams that were not used to being exposed to this dangerous substance.

Only the strongest and most renowned teams were to be invited. By the end of the tournament, only the Skaven teams would emerge from the Warpstone fields, leaving their opponents behind, crippled, polluted and mutilated by various mutations. They started to spread news of their tournament all over the world.

Come to The Warpstone Open, the hardest, most prestigious and most challenging tournament ever to be held. Only the strongest teams will be accepted for the tournament, even those will have to prove themselves. Do YOU have what it takes to claim the glory and the treasures that are on the line?

The Warpstone Open is one of FUMBBL's Major Tournaments and will be contested by the 13 winners of the Warpstone Open Qualifiers and the 3 lucky winners of the Warpstone Lottery. You can apply for a spot in one of the Qualifiers here.

The Warpstone Open will be preceded by 13 Qualifying Tournaments, of up to 8 teams each. These Qualifying Tournaments will be Weekly Knockout Qualifying Tournaments.

More information on the Qualifiers can be found at the Warpstone Open Qualifiers group page. The winner of each of these 'random draw every round' Tournaments will gain an extra MVP and be admitted into the prestigious final tournament as long as they play no games after playing their qualifier final.

The 13 winners of these Qualifiers and the 3 Warpstone Lottery Winners will face off in the 'main draw' - a 16 team Weekly Knockout Tournament which will determine the winner of the Warpstone Open.

The Warpstone Lottery will take place imediately prior to the main draw. One randomly chosen losing finalist will be awarded the first ticket, the other 2 will be randomly awarded to ANY team that has taken part in, but been eliminated during, the qualification period. In order to be eligible for the lottery you must apply to this page after being knocked out of your qualifier and have played no games after being eliminated.

All teams that make it through the qualifying rounds will partake in the prizes! Winning your Qualifier will boost your Fan Factor by one point. Once in the final 16 or 'main draw', your team is also awarded a monetary sum for advancing into the next round. The 'Dynamic Gold' prize system offers a small sums for advancement, rounded off into 10,000 gold piece amounts. Once again the 'King of the hill' format will be used, so random drawing for matchups every round.

The team that wins the tournament will receive 50,000 gold pieces, one extra MVP and three random mutations ! The mutations are awarded in the following manner: The Coach of the wining team may select the first of their players to receive a mutation, but the other two are selected randomly from the players on the winning team roster after the post game sequence has been completed, but before new players are hired, so each MUST have been part of the team for the finals. Each of these three players then recieves one randomly generated mutation of the 10 available in the CRP ruleset. If the player recieves a mutation that they already have, a new mutation is generated. These mutations are additional skills, raising the amount of skills that player can have to 7. they do not count for SPP on the player but will count for 20TV each.

Please note that the gold piece awards mentioned in this box is added to your roster automatically AFTER your result is uploaded, it will not appear in your match report or team history as 'winnings'. Similarly, the extra MVP for winning a qualifier or the final are applied directly to your team roster after the result is uploaded and will also not appear in the 'match card'.