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Group managers: Da_Todfatha, celas, mwilli72, prophane
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Greetings Sportsfan, and welcome to the NWL NEW Division. This division serves at a feeder division to the <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=3227">Northern Wastes League</a>.

the NWL New Division will run as follows:

You must Draft into the NWL New Division. Please contact our recruiting officer: Name_Of_Recruiter for details.

<u>Open Format </u>- We will run an open format, simply create a LRB team that fills your allotted draft slot, and you may play any/all other teams in NEW. NOTE: YOU MAY NOT PLAY TEAMS OUTSIDE THE NWL NEW DIVISION. This division is designed to allow new NWL teams some time to develop while being more forgiving than the fixed schedule of NWL. It also allows coaches in the higher levels of NWL to try another, potentially more challenging, team.

<u>TR Cap</u> - Your team may develop in NWL NEW until it achieves a TR not to exceed 165!

You may only play a coach 1-in-3 matches, AND You may only play the same exact teams 1-in-10 matches. (EXAMPLE: if you play coach A and the two of you only have 1 team each, you must each play 9 other matches before playing again.)

Entry into the NWL

To enter into the NWL there will be a Tournament held in NEW toward the end of the NWL season. Any teams that wish to advance into the tough world of the NWL (and really, why else are you here?) to prove their mettle must take part in this tournament. The results of this tournament will set the promotion order for NWL.

This tournament will be a KO with 1 week rounds. <b>Overtime will be fully played, not sudden death!</b> The NEW Division tourney winner and 2nd place will advance to NWL Veteran Division (the # of teams advancing to Vet, could increase with a end of season tourney larger than 8). All other teams will advance to NWL Fringe (Space and Racial ratio permitting). (this means, that #1 and #2 will automatically promote, regardless of race, but the rest of the tourney participants will move up to Fringe, only as long as the racial ratio is maintained. Fringe will expand to accommodate extra teams, but it will maintain the ratio 1:1:1 for ballers, betweeners, bashers. So let’s say the season ends, the tourney runs and there are 8 teams in the New tournament. 6 bashers finish 1-6 then a baller, and a betweener finishes last. Upon looking at the ratio, NWL needs a baller, and a betweener. The two bashers that won 1st and 2nd will move up to vet, the baller and betweener will move up to Fringe, and everyone else will stay in New. (This is why we must maintain the ratio. More teams could move up to Fringe had there been teams to balance out the # of bashers.)

<b><u>Current team Count in NEW:</u></b>





<u>Bashers:</u> Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf, Khemri, Nurgles, Orc, Ogres
<u>Ballers:</u> Dark Elf, Elf, High Elf, Skaven, Wood Elf
<u>Betweeners:</u> Amazon, Human, Lizardmen, Necromantic, Norse, Undead
<u>Other:</u> Vamps, Goblins, Halfings,