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Group managers: Araznaroth
<img src="http://www.peterblok.nl/tim/dirtydozen.gif">;
<img src="http://fumbbl.com/teams/144457.jpg">;


All teams (L) must be made entirely out of linemen, max.12 only exeption being raised dead on undead or necro teams. Goblins and Halflings, they can have full roster. No wizards, no Big Guys exept Skinks they can 'freeboot' Kroxigor. No stars exept goblins, but they may only hire 'goblin' stars (Nobbla, Fungus, ect,...) no trolls or others.


First assigned skills on all general access players has to be Dp, (this also counts for races who have access to general and other categories) <b>unless it was a double or a stat increase!!!</b> First doubles on Ogres, 'flings, skinks or gobbo's has to be Dp(In case of stat increase they get choice).

An interesting point was made by Melmoth: How do you want to control this "may take blabla only on a double"?...I suggest a Screen shot of the skill rolls has to be put in the players Bio. Otherwise there would be cheating... This is indeed a prob I didn't think of. So indeed, best way is when your player rolls a double, put a screenshot of it in his bio.
<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=6633997">Here is a player who rolled doubles.</a> Mind you, this needs only to be done in cases where it is needed. For instance, my zombie rolled doubles and I took 'mighty blow'. I dont have to put a screenshot in my bio because mb is only taken on doubles. Had I chosen to use my doubles to take block for instance, as first skill, I would have to put in the screenshot as proof.

<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/dlongbeard1.gif">Dwarfs may take guard only if they rolled a double.

All Elf races(<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/delineman1.gif">Dark, <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/helineman1.gif">High, <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/welineman1.gif">Wood or <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/eplineman1.gif">Pro) may take dodge, sure hands or sure feet only on a double.

In addition <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/welineman1.gif">Wood Elfs, <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/lmskink1.gif">Skinks and <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/sklineman1.gif">Skaven may take sprint only on a double.

<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/lmskink1.gif">Skinks may freeboot a <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/kroxigor1.gif">Kroxigor.

<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/amlineman1.gif">Amazons may take block only on a double.

<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/cbeastman1.gif">Nurgle teams may freeboot max.2 missing or dead players.

<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/goblin1.gif">Goblins can have full roster and may hire 'goblin' stars (<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/gonobbla1.gif">Nobbla, <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/gofungus1.gif">Fungus, ect,...) no trolls or others.

<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/halfling1.gif">Halflings can have full roster, are allowed chefs and may hire <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/deeproot1.gif">Deeproot.

<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/uskeleton1.gif">Undead teams consists of 6 <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/uzombie1.gif">zombies and 6 <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/uskeleton2.gif">skellies.

<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/kmskeleton1.gif">Khemri is all skellies and <img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/nzombie2.gif">Necromantic all zombie's.

<img src="http://www.nicklovick.co.uk/01_Fumbbl/BB7/images/ogre5.gif">Ogre's: May hire all star players, good luck getting 12:)

<b>Wildcard race;</b> This season we'll have one wildcard entry, a gnomes team. Same skill choice rules apply as on the other stunty's and they may only hire a deathroller. (Coached by Crazy_Lemur)

Rest of the races that can field 12 lineman just have to follow the general 'DP-first' rule.

<b>Physical abilities;</b> must be different on players untill all mutations are dealt round once and than you can take mutations twice.(So no second claw till all mutations have been dealt, deceased players count)

+5 for win
+1loss(everybody brave enough to show up for these foul fests deserves a point)
Concession -5 and an extra +5 for coach that who it was against.

<big><b>Points for casualties as they show up on Game report:</b></big>

Self inflicted doesn't count, always check besides casualties for the numbers "0/0/0"
Apo's or regens dont matter.

+1 for Badly Hurt
+2 for Si(miss game)
+3 for Si(niggle or worse)
+5 for deaths.

As an apo'd si niggle cant be seen on game report they only count for 2points.

<big><b>Fouling bonusses:</b></big> after the game, the number of fouls are counted in match report (doens't matter what effect they had) and a +/- balance is made. The team with '+' adds that number to his score, team with '-' substract the score from its total. So example: lets say team a fouled team b, 3 times and team b only fouled back twice. That would give a total of +1/-1, one foul difference. Team a get +1 point, team b -1 point. Thats DDFF for ya! 'Cuz in this league, winning isn't everything!(it is, you just dont win with TD's alone)

<img src="http://fumbbl.com/teams/270825.jpg">;
<h2><b>REMEMBER: WE LOVE GANGFOULS!!!</b></h2>

<b>Races allready taken;</b>
Dark Elfs
Wood Elfs

<b>All places filled!</b>

If you are interested in taking part in season two there is still 1 place left and 2 races available; High Elfs or Thralls. DDFF; where foulers are winners!!!

All announced times are in Bowl Bot Time.

<h1><b>Group winner and runner-up advance to KO-Cup.</b></h1>