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The Congregation is a work in progress.

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The Congregation thread

The Congregation matchreport thread

What follows is basically a LONG THREAD explaning our current Group Point Formula. HIDE TEXT if the details of this are not important to you :)


The basic concept of this formula is that every coach who participates earns "group points" in recognition of the hard work and effort put into participating and competing in tourneys. Of course, the winners of the tournaments deserve a higher recognition, based on how difficult it was to win. So...

The basic Formula for the new group point system is the follwing:

[Number of Rounds] * [Final Position Factor] Rounded Up

The Final Position Factor is calculated based on the final position you held in the tournament (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th, etc). The last position has a final position factor of 1, and every position above that increases by an increment of 0.25.

To demonstrate:

Swiss Style, 8 coaches, 4 rounds, would look like this:

Ranking Points
1st..(2.75p/r)....... 11
2nd..(2.50p/r)....... 10
3rd..(2.25p/r)....... 9
4th..(2.00p/r)....... 8
5th..(1.75p/r)....... 7
6th..(1.50p/r)....... 6
7th..(1.25p/r)....... 5
8th..(1pt/rnd)....... 4

Round Robin, 6 coaches, 5 rounds, would look like this:

1st..(2.25p/r)....... (11.25)....12
2nd..(2.00p/r)....... 10.........10
3rd..(1.75p/r)....... (8.75).....9
4th..(1.50p/r)....... (7.5)......8
5th..(1.25p/r)....... (6.25).....7
6th..(1pt/rnd)....... 5..........5

Round Robin, 4 coaches, 3 rounds, would look like this:

1st..(1.75p/r)....... (5.25).....6
2nd..(1.50p/r)....... (4.50).....5
3rd..(1.25p/r)....... (3.75).....4
4th..(1pt/rnd)....... 3..........3

KO, 8 coaches, 3 rounds, would look like this:

Final Winner = 8pts p/r ...... 24 (x1)
Final Runner Up = 4pts p/r ... 12 (x1)
2nd Round = 2pts p/r ......... 6 (x2)
1st Round = 1pt p/r .......... 3 (x4)

With this formula, even if the specific format does not exist yet, we can easily do some number crunching and figure it out for you...

Credit: Dalfort, the Number Crunchin' Mastermind
Thanks to: Brother-Fu for giving us the green light
No thanks to: LordSnotball, for nagging about this :)


The league where good people can breath
life to old League teams that have been involved in
stranded leagues, or make a brand new soon-to-be legendary
team. And of course transferred teams from Ranked can find a new, more friendly, home.


It's an open format, with frequent tournaments and joyous events. These
tournaments will differ greatly, and the coaches apply to
whichever they want to join. There will be straight KOs, RR,
ORR and of course Swiss! Some will be with certain themes,
like foul-fests, no-block and so on. And as I said, if you don't like the
theme; don't enter that tournament.

All teams not involved in any running tournaments are free to play each other at any time.
Each tournament will have a designated staff member. The staff will be referred to as The Elders.



The Re-Congregate Cup a main group for every team in the group. Weekly deadline will see this rattled through quickly especially as we have a few absent coaches on the group list atm.

Some of the Tournaments that's been run in the past:
(Some will happen again, some wont.)

The Pilgrimage – one of two major tournaments in The Congregation. A round robin where all
coaches enter with all their teams(*). But every coach decide themselves, if they want to play
their scheduled matches or not. They will notify the admins if they want to forfeit. Should a coach
“meet” himself , he chooses which team to move forward. This system will allow controversy and
mocking of those that do not dare to meet their picked opponent.
* Except teams involved in The Council Quest.
Staff: DragonsMaw

The Council Quest – the second major tournament. An RR where every coach may enter one team.
There will be TR-caped divisions and this will be an continuous tournament, with seasons - promotions
and relegations. These teams are the only ones not entering The Pilgrimage. The top division coaches
will be part of The Council. The Council will have an advanced role in the League, be included in votes
concerning Tournaments and innovations. What kind of privileges and perks they receive are yet to be
revealed. The Council will not take effect until season 2. One has to earn the right to rule!
Staff: Nicodemus1

The Light Path – A non-block League. Not as in the skill, but as in the action. No team will be allowed
to block their opponent during the game! You are allowed to use the blitz each turn, besides that it’s all
about the movement, dodging and tactical deployment.
The ball carrying team will not be allow to have more than one adjacent team member to their carrier.
It goes without saying that players lying around after failed dodges or the blitz may need the boot to do better next time.
Swiss tournament format.
EDIT: Enforcement of the above rules has led to questions regarding exact penalties, so, as follows:
Should a team take regular blocks, they will lose their following turn. So you must end turn before making any moves.
Should a team end the turn with 2 or more players adjacent to the ball, they lose their blitz the following turn, regardless of intent.
Should it be believed that an exploit of the above rules was intentional, the game in question will be forfeit, with the forfeiting team losing all points for that round.
Staff: DragonsMaw

The Dark Path - Where teams collide! A Swiss Casualty tournament, where the team with the most CAS
after all games played will be the winner! Both knock-downs and fouls will count, of course!
No ball-handling allowed (except your testes in very exceptional circumstances)!
Staff: Royston

The Suffering – A good old KO foul-fest! Teams need at minimum of 1 DP but no more than 4 to enter this
challenge. It’s a Last Man Standing competition, with two trophies. One trophy for winning the actual
tournament, and the Big Shiny one, for highest number of well-placed boots during the whole challenge.
Of course the longer you are in the competition, the more opportunities you get to foul, so the TD-part of
the matches is not to be completely overlooked.
Staff: Vicius

The Sorcerer's Council Stunty Challenge
A monthly Stunty tournament in ORR style. Will start on the 15th of each month. Star Players and Wizards allowed.


APPLY NOW WITH YOUR TEAMS to failurl the Sorcerer's Council
Teams must be created in [L] to be eligible to play. Halfling and Goblin teams welcome to participate.
The SC2 will run monthly beginning on the fifteenth of each month.

Rookie/sub100 - The Research Rosary
101-125 TR - The Absinthe Ward
126-150 TR - The Zandikar Times-Columnist Thorn
151- 175 TR - The Blazing Symbol
176+ TR - The Sorcerer's Sigil

Group Scoring:
As per Congregation rules


Warlock Invasion - "Round Robin" play infused with Fluff based insanity, making these tourney's unique in many ways

Warlock Invasion Recruiting - We Need YOU!

The Wizard Zurk Gazul was dabbling in the arcane arts... again. Warpstone and raw magic, incantation and sheer hatred. "I am the bringer of Doom" he chuckled and began...

A massive Fireball enveloped a halfling on the pitch below, and then a Lightning Bolt struck the heart of the Fireball. A roaring furnace of pulsating flames and flickers or energy, and the ultimate sacrifice, an innocent unskilled 0spp halfling... The crowd roared in ecstacy!!!

The stench of burning flesh and the final scream of the halfling are lost as the powers surge further, slowly opening a rift in the fabric of reality... "What arcane demon or spirit will emerge?" wondered Wizard Zurk Gazul.

An inflated bullcentaur's bladder flew through the rift, followed by howls of orcs and elves, punching through the rift. Laughter echoes from the other side of the rift, as more and more players poured through the rift.


"Wot youz starin' at Pinky? We'z com to play ball..."

Till we get our act together with the Congregation Elders, we'll use the following format:

Every 4-6 weeks a new tourney will start. Each division will have 4-6 teams (8 for the occassional KO tourney), starting from the strongest TR-wise, and forming cascading divisions of 6 till we run out of teams. This means the precise TR range per division each round will change regularly.

Tourney Scores:
5/2/1 W/D/L for standard tournament play + special event bonuses (Subject to change)

Group Scoring:
Unknown (Pending negotiations with Elders)

Aiming at 1 point per coach (6 coaches = 6 pts to the division's winner, 5 pts to 2nd place... 1 pts to 6th place).

Season 1:

Tourney Scores:
5/2/1 W/D/L for standard tournament play

Special Event:
Due to the Arcane Magicks causing the rift to open Random Events will be taking place on a 1d6 roll:

Starting Score Bonuses: +1 per Cas, +1 per TD

1 = Zero Tourney Scoring (just Score Bonuses)
2 = Random Event (Insane Gameplay Variations)
3 = +1 per Cas
4 = +1 per TD
5 = Double Tourney Scoring, Inverted All Bonuses (10/4/2 W/D/L, -1 per Cas, -1 per TD)
6 = Double All Scoring and Score Bonuses

Season 2:

Divisions of 6 teams, Round Robin (same as this season), starting from the highest TR cascading downwards to TR100...

Tourney Scores:
10/4/2 W/D/L for standard tournament play + TD/CAS bonuses

1st round = +1 per TD, +1 per cas
2nd round = +2 per TD, +2 per cas
3rd round = +3 per TD, +3 per cas
4th round = +4 per TD, +4 per cas
5th round = +5 per TD, +5 per cas

Round Duration: 10 days, always starting on the 1st, always ending on the 10th. (Extensions of 24hrs allowed)

Staff: LordSnotball (PM me to join, for more info etc)
Recruiting Thread: View Thread Here!

The Relentless Apprentice - Where new teams fight it out in a swiss style tournament!
[url="http://i47.tinypic.com/2ce525j.jpg" alt=""]

Team Requirements:
Any coach who has a fresh [L] TR100 FF7+ team may apply.
The aim will be to have no more than one team of a specific race in each group; this will be sorted by application date if more teams of the same race applied than there will be groups. To avoid coaches missing out on the fun it is allowed to ask if a specific race has any applications so far.

Kick off will be Friday at midnight bbtime on January 22nd with one week deadlines ending midnight bbtime on Mondays with the first round deadline being Monday at midnight bbtime on February 1st, giving people two more days to get the first round played.
There will be no extensions given due to the fact this is a swiss style tournament.
Forfeiting games twice and you will get kicked from the tournament and a new team is getting in as filler if anyone wants in. Getting kicked from The Relentless Apprentice gives you a three month ban from future The Relentless Apprentice tournaments, due to the fact that keeping deadlines in swiss-draw is very important.

The Relentless Apprentice will be Swiss format with 8 teams in each group and playing 4 rounds. There will be as many groups as there are applications for.
One week per round timetable making it 4 weeks to complete a tournament.

Winner: North Scarsgrad Longhorns

Winner: Bash N Trash Us - We Want U 2

Unclaimed: Group in progress

Unclaimed: Group not started

Recruiting Thread: View Thread Here!
Staff: FMSTAN, pm me to join, for more info etc)


SFC LEAGUE Recruiting

SFC League is a league with matches with 1 minute per turn, so fast ones, 20 or 30 minutes per match

the format is Robin Round league. 10 days per game

Always recruiting, when are 6 teams of the same range disponibles we made another group.


Deadline round 1: 15th June


-6 coaches in each group who play against each other
-10 days deadline
-1 minute per turn
-Mini groups Divisions per tw
-125 tw in 5th division
-150 tw in 4th division
-175 tw in 3rd division
-200 tw in 2nd division
-no tw cap in 1st division
-And Regular season (Round Robin)
-wizs and stars allowed, not the first match
-If we have more than 1 group of each division, then will be a play off of 2 best ones of eache to determine who will promotes, in 1st division case, will be a match between the 2 winners

Interested pmed vicius with ur teams and apply here

Staff: Vicius

In addition , there will be frequent TR-caped tournaments, and of course some of the great ideas you’ll be bringing along.
There will also be instant tourneys run at the FUMBBL TR classes. These can be run as a KO with 4 or 8 people or an open round robing for 3 people. These WILL count towards points.