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Group managers: Dalfort
Dalforts TY Challenge Rules

So the Rules....

Lets start with my aim for the group, I would like to run a King of the Hill style tournament based on some old leagues I have seen on FUMBBL. The structure is vaguely pyramid with one (King) at the top and numerous layers or tiers with increasing numbers of teams the further down the pyramid you go. Initially with 8 team I envision 3 tiers based upon: tier 1 ; King (1 team) tier 2 ; runner-up and 2 losing round 2 teams (3 teams) tier 3; losing round 1/new teams (4 teams atm). A KO tournament is needed first to give us the starting positions of the teams involved, the interesting feature of the KotH style tournaments is that a random opponent is chosen for each successive round (in our case just round 2, but if we had 16 teams initially then rounds 2 and 3 would result in random draw).
King of the Hill
Team 1
Team 2Team 3Team 4
Team 5Team 6Team 7Team 8

So far the table looks like this:

King of the Hill
Arlen's Hills
Habitants of Dalforts GardenArise And KillSexy Vamps Party
Dalfort's Supporters Club BandMission to Epic FailZorro down that HillThank-You KotH

Congratulations go to Captainmalkor and his team Arlen's Hills, for becoming the first King of the Hill for the Dalforts Opponents Awards Page.

So having kicked the Tier 2 Promotional KO off with a loss to Sammler's Gobbos, we are 2 games away from finding out who progresses into the Tier 1 Challenger KO. In the Challenger KO the 2 round 1 losers will battle it out to remain in Tier 1 with the loser demoted to Tier 2. Thus ensuring the status quo and allowing the continuing of the format. Should Any other coach on the List be interested in joining then I will juggle the numbers to allow the addition of a third tier, the probable way for that to emerge is the losers of round 1 of an 8 team KO would drop to tier 3. But this is in the future :)

Once the seeding TY Challenge KO (KotH) tournament has finished teams may play friendlies against other teams on their tier, but may only play each team once before they must challenge a team in a higher tier. This excludes the King from friendlies but will ensure that he will be challenged fairly regularly. As an example of friendlies, Tier 2 team will get a maximum of 2 friendlies before they must challenge the King and Tier 3 teams get a maximum of 3 games before they must challenge a Tier 2 team. The outcome of friendlies alters nothing, expect maybe rivalries/bragging rights etc, but the outcome of challenges determines which tier the winner/loser goes into. Therefore a Tier 3 team must challenge and beat a Tier 2 team before they can challenge the King. Further the only way for the King to lose his crown is by losing a challenge from a Tier 2 team.

I am toying with the idea of making each tier below the king number only 3 teams except the lowest tier which would contain 4 teams. Then run a 4 team KO tourney with the winner joining the the next tier KO tourney, and so on until tier 2 yields a Challenger to the King of the Hill. This may produce a super team IF a Coach takes their team from the lowest tier to the top, but this may be countered by the handicap(s) they may give away.... your thoughts would be appreciated on this. Thanks.
Hope this makes sense. :)

Challenge/Group Thread

This Button will show the Top Players of the League (at the point of the first phase). I used the fantastic scripts created by Shraaaag