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* * * Did you know? The best passer is Cherrystone Hotpack with 656 completions.
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Did you know?
Dark Delft have often been accused off commandeering ships from the provinces they play Bloodbowl in. Some folk believe they aren't even a real team and that stealing ships is the only reason they got involved in the sport.

Others believe these rumours were started by Dark Delft fans who are desperate to rid the team of their lousy coach, chants like - "GO HOME!" and "STOP TELLING THEM HOW TO PLAY YOU MORON!" can often be heard from the stands.

But the question remains; where do the ships go when Dark Delft are in town and how can a Dark Elf team be so bad at ball handling?
Did you know?
Stream Of Filth hemorrhage Nurgle Warriors so frequently their fans have given up supporting the team in the true manner and instead run a betting syndicate inside the stadium; betting on which Nurgle Warrior will die next.

Even Papa Nurgle has grown so tired of watching his team of faithful followers die in their droves and has got in on the action.
Did you know?
The Hellbent Revelators view the pitch as their holy testing ground.
Unfortunately, they fail their tests regularly, and every time the team faces some sort of disappointment, which is nearly always, they punish themselves through a ritual of self-flagellation - believing they must purge themselves of the failure. This post-match event has quickly turned into a fun event for the fans, especially when the Trolls join in the ritual as well, using hungry Squigs on chains!

General Info
League Admin:hissa-lives
Region:European Time Zone
League Structure:Round Robin, followed by an end of season KO tournament.
Current Season:Season 16
Round Length:10 Days
Current Round:Round 9
Round 1 Deadline:10th March
Round 2 Deadline:20th March
Round 3 Deadline:30th March
Round 4 Deadline:10th April
Round 5 Deadline:20th April
Season Length:Approximately 2 months

House Rules
Hubba uses the most recent version of the Bloodbowl rules with 4 additional rules proposed by Tom Anders which he had hoped to test out for the next edition of the Bloodbowl prior to the BBRC being disbanded. These 4 additional House Rules are -
  • Sneaky Git - It now works like Guard for assisting Fouls as well as maintaining its original CRP function.
  • Piling On - When re-rolling AV or Injury with Piling On modifiers like Claw and Mighty Blow cannot be used.
  • Right Stuff - Tackle has no effect on players with this skill when they are Blocked or Blitzed.
  • Fouling - When fouling you add an assist for the player committing the foul. This gives you +1 to the AV roll.

League Rules
Group Restrictions:The only restrictions HUBBA places on teams is that no games may be played outside the League.
Group Time Zone:HUBBA is a European based league. All coaches are expected to be able to play
during 1800-2300 server time (GMT+1) but provided both parties agree any time may be scheduled. Only game offers with reasonable times will be taken into account for forfeit decisions
Game Frequency:Games are to be played according to the schedule - 1 game/10 days - though a rolling
schedule is in place, if you are able to play ahead then feel free to do so. Extensions will be given where possible to cover holidays and the like based upon a reasonable amount of time and notice.
Game Etiquette:There are no restrictions placed upon team tactics. Teams may purchase wizards,
hire stars, foul etc...
Season Format: Pre-Season: 1 Friendly may be played, The season (7 games), Award Ceremony, Hubba Bowl (Ko cup).
League Scoring:3 pts for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. You may also be deducted points for conceding. This is down to admin discretion.

If two teams end the season with the same amount of points then Td-difference will decide their overall finishing position, if the teams are still tied then Cas-difference will also be used. In the event of a tie under all these conditions then head to head record and finally a coin flip will be used
Friendlies:Friendlies will be playable between the Hubba Bowl and the start of the new season, you may only play a friendly once this has been announced by the staff, and the friendlies must be played by the deadline given.
Promotion and Relegation:At the end of each season the two teams with the highest points total are promoted to the division above, the teams in third and fourth place in each league will have a play-off to see who gets promoted. The bottom 3 teams in the top division will be relegated to the division below.

Exceptions will be made for coaches that have dropped out etc...
Drop outs, retirements and replacements:We kindly ask that you do not drop out of the league or retire your team during a tournament (be that league or cup). Drop outs will not be allowed back into this group and potentially others. If a team has become wholly unplayable and must be retired then, if feasible, the coach can create another team - but even so we urge the coach to persevere until at least the end of the current tournament.