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Group managers: mister__joshua, cowhead, Throweck, Valen

The Regional league of Tilea is a tough place, playing by different rules. Predominantly Human the league emphasizes speed and positional superiority. The Orcs from the wastes have travelled into the region, the Dwarves from the mountains and the elves from the sea. All compete at the request of the Merchant Princes, the harsh paymasters of the league

Grind is a very different, alternative rules, fluff centric league based in Tilea. Teams of 8 players compete with limited skill to settle old scores and make good on personal vendettas.

What's it all about?
These are some of the highlights...
- Amateur/Semi-pro: Blood Bowl with limited re-rolls
- Limited skill selection: Players must take some skills to qualify for others
- Personal vendettas: Players are rewarded for injuring players who injured them
- Good Fluff: Team and player bios, a dedicated fluff forum thread and coach and player interviews!

Useful Links
Grind Forum Thread
Grind IC Thread
Grind IRC

Latest Update 20/01/2514
So we're exactly 1 week since the league kicked off and we've already had 6 games played! Only 1 remaining game in Round 1 to be played and over a week ahead of schedule. Here are some Highlights from the opening week:

We have 2 new vendettas
Xia Mosty has a personal vendetta against Nazario Grande. His tendency for foul play will surely serve him well in settling scores.
Gnarh "Il Brute" Gorsskh has a personal vendetta against Orso Smaldone. The brutish Ogre will look to hammer his opposite number into the dirt next season.

Skill Choices
Here's a look at how the coaches assigned their opening skill choices
Blitzers: We've seen a mixed skill selection among blitzers. 2 have chosen Grab as their first skill, others selected Fend or Sure Hands (with the last one being an Orc.
Bigs: Orso Smaldone was our first Big Guy to skill and has chosen to Pile On
Elves: 3 elves managed to skill. +MA on a catcher was an easy choice and he'll no doubt become a dangerous player. Zarget the lineman chose to learn Fend which gives him some interesting options. The other catcher Xla selflessly chose Kick.

Interesting Facts
There have been no ties in the opening 6 games and 16 Touchdowns - That's 2.67 per match!

Latest Update 10/02/2514
4 weeks since kick-off and nearly 3 rounds done! Only 1 remaining game in Round 3 to be played and we'll be a full 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Here are some Highlights from rounds 2 and 3 week:

New vendettas
Constante Finetti harbors a seething hatred for Ugolino Lepre after the being momentarily killed by the lineman!
Hicks declares a vendetta against Gronkzag Snotspike after getting his hip smashed.
Hardrock, newly signed Journeyman declares a vendetta against Enzrodd Dogchewer.

Skill Choices
There have been too many skills selected to list them all in an update now, so I'll highlight some interesting ones:
The Galloping Gunners have chosen to play rough with a Dirty Player lineman and a Sneaky Git catcher.
Some interesting Human Catcher doubles with 2 Stand Firm and a Grab. Both good choices. Development from there will be interesting.
The smaller player number and lack of re-rolls has led to Shadowing seeing some use, being picked up by both a catcher and a blitzer

Interesting Facts
We've had the retirement of one of the Elven teams, their frail bodies unable to cope with the rough and tumble of the division. Maybe their Dwarven replacements will fare better.
We still have no draws after 14 games. The format makes for very open games!

Latest Update 28/03/2514
We're 2 and a half months in and entering round 6. A lot has happened since the last update. We've had 2 player drop-outs due to time constraints (though I'm assured not to do with the league itself) and one replacement player. The league table is starting to take shape as we pass the half-way point. The top 3 are starting to break away with a 10 point gap back to 4th place. The rest of the teams are all within 7 points of each other. After a short delay due to the drop-outs and finding replacements we're back on track and still within our original schedule.

New vendettas:
Musb Finnus will be looking to punch above his weight to settle his score with Gnarh Gorsskh.

We have our first grudge of the league! Next time these teams meet it will be no-holes-barred as both teams bring their stomping boots.
New grudges:
Pavona Parole Program declared a grudge against Miragliano's Hope after suffering this beating. Next time they'll be holding nothing back...

Interesting Facts
Due to the league 'Bonus Points' scoring system Miragliano's Hope in second have a worse W/D/L record than the Irrepressible Quarriers in third.
The Tobaro City Guard are leading the way in casualties with a +9 casualty difference. Pavona Parole Program worst with -9 after suffering at the hands of the Hope. Dietrich racked up 14 spps in one game as the Hope took their opponents apart.

Latest Update 14/05/2514
Much has changed. Since my last update we've played the whole of the Grind Season 1 Tournament, of which the Satosa Shipwrecks were crowned champions. Some teams have been jettisoned by the league for failing to keep up with their monthly bungs to the league administration. We've had 11 new teams sign up for the Grind World Tour, and Jofré Borgia has been named Lord of the League in a very dodgy vote.

Old World Tour
Commencing next week will be the old world tour. This will see the league participants travel around the Old World seeking new teams to sign up. 11 new teams will be playing, likely over 3 destinations.

Rules Changes
There will be several, mostly minor, rules changes over the course of the off season as a result of Lord Borgia's ordered End of Season Review. These will be marked in red on the group page.

Latest Update 29/05/2514
Old World Tour
The Grindball Tour has been an overwhelming financial success for the Tilean Grind Committee. There have been an incredible 16 games played since it kicked-off 2 weeks ago, and a large number of teams from around the region committing to play in the League season.

A supposed 'friendly' between the Sartosa Shipwrecks and Prince Eärfalas's Advance saw players on both sides suffer serious injury. Ignacio 'The Red' is not likely to forgive Z’Beryl Ara in a hurry, and Biafyndar Ihimbraskar has sword revenge on the vicious Constante Finetti of the Shipwrecks. Their next meeting promises to be a spicy affair.

Playing under the streets of their home city, a several brutal attacks on the Miragliano Red Pox during their game against the Tobaro City Guard left a sour feeling in the mouth. Billed as a practice game between the 2 experienced sides, the Guard took the opportunity to make sure that the Red Pox would be no competition next season, killing one of them and forcing 2 others into retirement. It may be a while before they're fit to meet again, but the Pox have sword revenge and informed the TGC that extra mops and buckets will be needed for their next encounter.

Top Players
One real stand-out player in danger of being snapped up my the big leagues is Pietro 'Pipes' Petrelli, stronger than any man that fast and agile ought to be. His loyalty to Captain Neri may be tested if a wily agent comes wafting coin in his face. The league are understood to be rushing through new legislation on 'image rights', complete with legal loopholes preventing players from leaving the league with their face in tact.

After hours of training, running through de-spoked cartwheels and ladders, Orso Smaldone completed his agility training in record time and is now said to be the most agile player over 400lbs in the league.

Latest Update 14/07/2514
Grind Season 2 News
Season 2 kicked off a fortnight ago and the first round is over. The League have noticed an increased brutality this time around, with old enmities between the new races bubbling to the surface. The TGC have had to employ extra match day security to cope with some of the upcoming fixtures. This has cut into this season's profits, and so unfortunately for the second year in a row the league winner will receive no financial remuneration. The TGC are considering several 'financial easing' formats for future season.

Both Prince Eärfalas's Advance and the Mountain Bottom Dwellers failed to make their opening games of the season leaving many to speculate as to foul goings-on behind the scenes. The TGC have dismissed claims that the teams didn't pay their registration fees, and say the teams' whereabouts are currently unknown pending a review.

Season 2 started with a bang and it seems that the Pox v Guard game during the Tour had opened the flood gates for teams looking to publicly air their grievances and justify increased violence on the field.
It started this time with a late pre-season game between the Hope of Miragliano and the Blighted Marshes Brawlers. The Hope don't like to be on the losing side, and already hate the rat people so with casualties on both sides it didn't take much before Hicks of the Hope was calling out for vengeance. "Retirement? No way! I'll fight on and I'm calling out the Brawlers right now, all of them!" With 2 divisions separating the teams it may be a while before Miragliano see the promised grudge match.
With the season only a week old, the Brawlers management were learning fast. Seeing the furor and increased crowd support resulting from the Hope's grudge, they were quick to call out their own against their very first opponent! Rats and Dwarves hate each other, so it was no surprise when the Blighted Marshes crew and the Ironfist's management both contacted the league to warn of their ominent meeting.

Many players injured in the opening rounds of the season have retired, choosing not to fight on with injuries suffered so early in their careers. A small few have battled on however, and vowed to settle their scores.
After suffering his second injury, Hicks insinuated he'd be gunning for Girch Red Eyes. That will go unsettled however after Girch himself was fouled into retirement by Vragni Ogrebane. The whole of the Blighted Marshes will be targeting Vragni when they next meet.


At yesterday's press conference following the end of season banquet, the Lord Borgia of Tilean Grind Committee spoke for the first time of a unique opportunity presented to wealthy merchants and nobles throughout the old world.

From next season, to coincide with their new Cabalvision endorsement and full foreign sports vision package, all Grind teams will be Franchised. Lord Borgia himself confirmed that the move was purely a financial one, and that he and the other committee members stood to make large profits from the deal. He vehemently denied that the deal was in any way intended to improve the quality of the game, or that player's pay would be restructured.

It's an exciting time to be a sports fan in Tilea and, from next season, in the rest of the Old World!

What this means for the teams
Existing league teams will be allowed to remain within the league structure even if they do not meet new franchise standards. Many of these teams will find that they have new owners, but should not expect that this will result in the players or coaches getting paid more, their facilities improving, or indeed result in any noticeable improvement on the pitch.

For new teams, there will be certain requirements that must be fulfilled before being accepted into the league structure. Attendance at matches must be at a profit-earning level and all of the team's bank must be relinquished to the control of the TGC.

For teams not meeting the requirements there will be numerous opportunities to travel Tilea and arrange friendlies against other amateur outfits seeking sponsorship.

Teams wishing to participate in the regular season will be required to earn a Fan Factor of at least 3, and must have a treasury of 0. Subject to change on a whim of the committee.

The league structure, now and for future seasons will be 2 parallel divisions run in the swiss format. The divisions will be split geographically based on team location, with some teams being given the option to move after each season.

Grind: The league
The Regional league of Tilea is a tough place, playing by different rules. Predominantly Human, competing in the league requires a combination of pace, positioning and risk. The Orcs from the wastes have traveled into the region, the Dwarves from the mountains and the elves from the sea. The rats have stirred beneath Miragliano. All compete at the will of the Merchant Princes, the harsh paymasters of the league.

Grind is a league played by 8 man teams on full sized Blood Bowl pitches. There are restrictions on skill selection for players and rosters are limited to 11 players. There are no inducements allowed in this no-holes-barred format. Fluff is heavily emphasized, with players holding personal vendettas against opponents as well as team grudges, location history and back story, player interviews and in-character mumbling all playing their part. Check out the latest in the IC Thread.

Amateur Open Stats

Player Stats
TopPlayer Name#
TouchdownsPietro 'Pipes' Petrelli15
CasualtiesStronga Danyu6
Star Player PointsPietro 'Pipes' Petrelli48
RushingPietro 'Pipes' Petrelli216
BlocksRirkz the Claw76
Crazy Orek
Team Stats
Games PlayedVercuso Pearls10
CompletionsVercuso Pearls19
TouchdownsBlighted Marshes Brawlers22
CasualtiesScourge of Sartosa20
Star Player PointsBlighted Marshes Brawlers156
PassingVercuso Pearls83
RushingBlighted Marshes Brawlers307
BlocksMiragliano Madratters347
FoulsBlighted Marshes Brawlers14
Touchdown DifferenceSartosa Shipwrecks16
Casualty DifferenceUnguths Vilesons15

CAS Stats

Player Stats
TopPlayer Name#
TouchdownsFlame on the Water4
InterceptionsNiblit Whitewart1
CasualtiesKero Devilcrusher
Niblit Whitewart
Wotsit Gnawadear
Rotgut Barbchewer
Star Player PointsNiblit Whitewart14
RushingFlame on the Water61
BlocksDenzl Waaaghshington24
FoulsMoon Lantern
Team Stats
Games PlayedWhite Moon Waaagh3
CompletionsBlack Company of Remas3
TouchdownsWhite Moon Waaagh6
CasualtiesWhite Moon Waaagh10
Star Player PointsWhite Moon Waaagh55
PassingBlack Company of Remas7
RushingWhite Moon Waaagh97
BlocksWhite Moon Waaagh118
FoulsMora Pro Asur5

For anyone wishing to participate, the full rules can be found under the Rules tab.
To sign up, PM me or comment below or in the Forum Thread.

League Rules
Grind is a fluff driven league highlighting the problems faced by coaches running a provincial Blood Bowl team, where fluff isn't just a theme but is reflected in team composition and player's abilities.

Team Creation Rules
- Only Human, Dwarf, Orc, Norse, Skaven and Pro Elf teams will be allowed. The group management may temporarily disallow teams to increase diversity.
- Teams must start with exactly 11 players.
- All teams must have 4 rostered linemen. Goblins are considered linemen.
- Secret weapons may not be part of the 11 man roster.
- All teams must start with no re-rolls at creation. There are additional rules covering these.
- No Fan Factor may be bought, this must be earned.
- No Assistant Coaches or Cheerleaders. There are additional rules covering these.
- Apothecaries may be purchased as normal.

Fluff and Bio
- Team and player names appropriate to the Tilean league fluff
- A home location listed in their Bio

Fluff Requirements
- All teams must have a team bio fitting the fluff of the league
- Coaches must respond to Cabalvision interviews called for by cowhead
- Either an occasional match report or IC Thread piece is expected

These must be adhered to if the team wishes to compete in the scheduled season

On Field Changes
- Inducements: Inducements are not allowed
- Players on Field: Grind is played 8-a-side
- Players on LoS: There is a 4 man line of scrimmage
- Players in Wide Zone: Set to zero
- Fouling: Will receive a +1 bonus to the Armour roll
- Right Stuff prevents Tackle: Set to On

Ongoing League Rules

Come on, you'll do
The maximum squad size is 11 players. If a team has less than 11 players on their roster they must purchase players at the earliest opportunity to return to a squad of 11. A team is expected to select journeymen when necessary and play with 11 players at all times.

It's tough finding talent
Teams must always have 4 rostered linemen. For Orc teams, Goblins may be used in place of linemen. Any time a journeyman earns more spps than any current lineman in the team he must be purchased after the game even if the team already has 11 rostered players. A different player should then be fired and the squad reduced back to 11 players.

Playing as a Team
The team may purchase their 1st re-roll once they reach 100 combined games played by the squad. An additional re-roll may be purchased at 300, 600, and 1000 combined games played.

If the number of games experienced drops below 100/300/600/1000 (due to death or retirement) the team must fire a re-roll.

Moved Upstairs
Any time a team retires a player with the Leader or Pro skill they may hire 1 Assistant Coach.

Entertain Me
Teams may purchase 1 cheerleader for every 5 fan-factor they have. They may keep the cheerleader if they later lose Fan Factor.

Vendettas and Grudges
These are explained in the Grudges section

Doing your Job
Skill selection will be grouped according to roles within a team, explained in the Skill Choices tab

Grouped Skills
- Skills in Grind will have prerequisites that the player must meet in order to take them. These are listed in the table below:

Skills by GroupSkill Prerequisites
General Skills
BlockStand Firm; Movement 5+
DauntlessMust have played 10+ games
Dirty PlayerNone
FrenzyCannot have or take Block or Pro
Kick-off ReturnNone
Pass BlockShadowing
ProMust have played 10+ games
ShadowingMovement 7+
Strip BallJuggernaut
Sure HandsAgility 3+
Agility Skills
CatchAgility 3+
Diving CatchCatch
Diving TackleShadowing
DodgeFend; Agility 4+
Jump upArmour Value <8
LeapAgility 5+
Side StepFend
Sneaky GitNone
SprintStrength 3
Sure FeetNone
Strength Skills
Break TackleJuggernaut
GuardStand Firm; Side-step or Strength 4+
JuggernautStrength 4+
Mighty BlowStrength 4+
Multiple BlockStrength 5+
Piling OnStrength 5+
Stand FirmNone
Strong ArmPass
Thick SkullArmour 9+
Passing Skills
Hail MaryStrong Arm
LeaderMust have played 10+ games
Nerves of SteelMust have played 10+ games
Safe ThrowPass
- Mutations have special effects, sometimes allowing other abilities and sometimes restricting other areas of development. These are listed in the table below:

MutationEffects and Consequences
Big HandNone
ClawsCannot take Sure Hands
Disturbing PresenceMust have another Mutation
Extra ArmsNone
Foul AppearanceNone
HornsAllows Juggernaut without
meeting prerequisites
Prehensile TailCannot take Sure Feet
TentaclesCounts as Grab for prerequisites
Two HeadsMaximum AV 7
Very Long LegsAllows Leap without
meeting prerequisites
StuntyAllows Side Step without
meeting prerequisites

League Structure
Following several revisions by the TGC and the recent Franchising of the league, from Season 3 onward the following structure will apply.

Amateur Open League
The amateur open league will be one large Open Round Robin league. This will be open to all teams during the off-season, and during the regular season will be available to teams not competing in the Scheduled season. Teams can remain amateur indefinitely, or strive to become franchised and take a spot in the league. During this process every game will be scored 1 point as a count of games played. No prizes are awarded in the Open format, though 'active' teams may be looked on more favourably when a spot opens up in the divisions.

To switch from becoming an amateur outfit to a franchised team, a grind team must meet the league requirements for investment. These will change over time. For season 3 they will be:
- Fan Factor of 3

Scheduled Season
The Scheduled Season will be split into 2 parallel divisions based on geography. The North West division will contain everyone north of Remus and west of the Tilean sea. The South East division will contain everyone south of Pavona and east of the Apuccini Mountains.

The league will be played in a Swiss format, with the number of round determined at the start of the season depending on the number of teams in the smaller division. Teams may be eligible to move location at the end of a season. After the Swiss is completed there will be a play-offs to determine the overall winner.

Note: As there is currently no option to set scoring in a Swiss format, Season 3 is being played as a 7 week Round Robin.

League Scoring
The scoring listed is active from Season 3.

Basic Scores
Win: 4 points
Draw: 2 points
Loss: 1 points
Forfeit Win: 6 points
Forfeit Loss: 0 point

Bonus points
TD: 1 point per TD scored (max 3)

This makes a win worth between 5 and 7 points, a draw worth between 2 and 5, and a loss 1 to 4.

Tilea and The Merchant Princes

Tilea is a nation lacking a central government. Sharing a common language and culture it is politically divided in several city-states. The city states famously have varying forms of government, some are republics while several others are principalities. Rivalries between the city states is common and tensions between citizens frequently run high.
Along with no central rule, Tilea has no regular military and all city states employ companies of mercenaries instead. The companies range from groups of hardened, professional soldiers who will honourably fulfill the terms of their contract to the letter, to unscrupulous rabble all too prone to rebellion, plundering, and treachery. Men form the majority, but Dwarfs, High Elves and Ogres are also common. This creates a very cosmopolitan culture within the nation which leads often leads to racial unrest.

Each province is individually ruled over by one of the Merchant Princes. More greedy tyrant than benevolent ruler, they have climbed to power off the backs of others. Wielding great wealth and influence the only thing that a Prince desires more than increasing his own fortune is the chance to get one over on a rival. If there's money to be made from stabbing a fellow Prince in the back then all the better.

Blood Bowl in Tilea

Blood Bowl didn't take off among the public of Tilea as soon as the rest of the Old World, it's citizens far too concerned with their own struggles to take notice of some fancy, over-paid snobs from the Empire. Some of the richer princes in Remas and Luccini tried to bring the game to Tilea, setting up extortionately overpriced exhibition games featuring the biggest names of the Empire but were shocked when they lost money on the deals. Princes don't like to lose money and so a meeting was called.

You see, to the Princes minds, the money in Blood bowl was going to all the wrong places. They were the ones setting the matches up, they were the ones doing all the real work. Why were the players the ones making all the coin? Yes, they risked their lives. Yes, they were athletic - but they had no real intelligence to them, just lumps of meat on a field getting paid handsomely out of the Princes pockets. So the Princes did something unusual, something that didn't come naturally to them at all. They decided to collaborate. Not for long - just once in fact, but they formed the Tilean Blood Bowl Committee. Each Prince nominated a charge to represent their state on the committee, and the committee is re-formed every year from new nominees.

The Tilean Blood Bowl Committee

Blood Bowl in Tilea is a lot more regulated than it's more common counterpart, and this comes down to the BBC. Their primary objective was a simple one - make as much money as possible for their local provinces. To achieve this they changed the rules of the game to something unrecognisable to the rest of the Old World. They reasoned that most profit from games should go directly to the local government. This resulted in players getting paid lot less than in other regions, and thus the talent level is lower. But who will notice? The people of Tilea don't watch any other forms of the game. To that mind, why pay for expensive 16 man teams when they could restrict teams to just 11 players? Orcs come cheap, they'll often play just for the fight. Yes some of ours will get hurt but that's just less people to pay, right? Ogres too. In fact there's loads of mercenaries in our cities already being paid. Lets just add a Blood Bowl clause to some contracts and we have free players! It's easy to see, when you understand their goals, where most of the league's rules find their source.

Presidential Elections

Tilean Blood Bowl Committee were shocked recently when elections came back with a unanimous result and Jofré Borgia was sworn in as their new President, despite not featuring on the original ballot paper. The newly appointed chief was said to be very surprised by what he described as a 'fortunate' series of events.

With their inaugural season drawing to a close, the TBBC board members gathered to discuss the future of their league and whether profits had been high enough to continue for a second term. It was decided that, although lucrative, the monetary return would be greater with a single league overseer, who would distribute the league wealth to the families. It was agreed unanimously, as these things are with nobility, that a new landed title would be created and the Lord of the Game would have complete control of league rules and decisions, on the condition that profits increased yearly for all board members. The TBBC members then each got one vote on which of their number would hold this new title.

How Mr Borgia's name has been marked on all 8 papers is a mystery to the organisers and the committee, who each insist they didn't vote for him. An appeal was quashed this morning by Lord Justice Commoli who said that unless anyone could irrefutably prove that tampering had taken place then the decision was to stand. None of the original papers remain to prove Jofré's absence, and so he was sworn in, in the presence of eight hateful and angry Committee members.

Lord of the Game

Lord of the Game, the newly titled Lord Borgia is a unknown character, believed to be from Remas. He is a vastly intelligent man, though harsh and clinical. Said to have great foresight, upon appointment to office he immediately began making changes to the structure and rules of the league.

Recent Developments

In his first order of business, Lord Borgia ordered that all teams comprising the league would be to travel out on a tour across the Old World, spreading the news of the league's formation to the surrounding realms and attracting cheap foreign talent not good enough to perform in the big leagues. He didn't say that last part. The teams are to forego their promised summer break and will instead be divided into groups and told their destinations, much to the ire of several team managers and all of the players.

Theobald Eck has been named Chief of Trifles. A largely honorary title, he serves as Lord Borgia's personal assistant. Because he liked delegation. And trifle.

The New TGC

In his second order of business, Lord Borgia rules that the name Blood Bowl was too closely associated with the game played in the Empire, and that their vast rules deviations qualified as a new sport. Gridball was floated to the committee, but it didn't appeal. A name was needed that people could relate to, that demonstrated the harsh realities of life in the Tilean states. Grind Ball was decided upon, and the Grind league. The name fits, and minimal modification was required to the too-hastily-printed new advertising materials. The Committee was then renamed The Tilean Grind Committee, or TGC and it's members the G8. These 8 nominally important figures will henceforth meet at their new headquarters at the summit of the Irrana Mountains, north of Miragliano. Nobody knows why such an inconvenient location was chosen for the 'Summit Meetings', but Lord Borgia now takes residence there in what can only be described as a palace. There are rumours the location was chosen for its distant views, and that maybe Lord Borgia has designs on things beyond sport.
The Teams

The Humans of Tilea
Galloper Gunners of Bronzino
Irrepressible Quarriers: "Rock Solid"
Miragliano Red Pox: "Riddled, just riddled with it"
Miragliano's Hope: "This is Miragliano!!!!"
Pavona Parole Program: "You play prison rules?"
Sartosa Shipwrecks: "Prepare t' be boarded"
Tobaro City Guard: "Piggolo Lives!"
Caragio Fighting Clams: "Il Caragio Zibatti Clama"
Blended Men of Tilea

The Orcs of the Badlands
Unguths Vilesons
Monte Castello Stuffers

The Elven Travellers
Mora Pro Asur
Verezzo Lightfoots

The Dwarves from the Mountains
Ironfist's Nomads

The Vermin from under the City
Blighted Marshes Brawlers
Castello Cabolleros
Skurvy Buccaneers
Tobaro Catacomb Prowlers
Vendettas and Grudges

The Rules
- Any time a player is injured (permanent injury), the injured player may declare a vendetta against the player that injured him.
- Excessive violence: Any time a player is injured or killed as a result of fouling or piling on, the whole of the injured player's team may declare a vendetta
- Any time 2 coaches agree, they may declare themselves rivals and set up a grudge. Grudges must be approved by the league management, and must have a basis whether this be due fluff or on-field action.

The Rewards
Vendettas and Grudges are roleplaying devices and have no effect on the league scoring, but it is fun to keep track of them and teams and players will be awarded at the end of the season for making good on vendettas and grudges. Completing Vendettas and setting up Grudges has the following effects:
- Whenever a Vendetta is completed by a player, that player may immediately take his next skill roll, and count that roll as a double. Settling vendettas is great for personal growth. Contact league admin to arrange your skill selection.
- Whenever 2 teams face each other in a Grudge Match, both teams may spend their inducement money (normally banned) as per the full Blood Bowl rules. Petty Cash can also be spent for these games.


Story of the Vendettas
Xia Mosty has a personal vendetta against Nazario Grande. His tendency for foul play will surely serve him well in settling scores.
Gnarh "Il Brute" Gorsskh has a personal vendetta against Orso Smaldone. The brutish Ogre will look to hammer his opposite number into the dirt next season.
Constante Finetti harbors a seething hatred for Ugolino Lepre after the being momentarily killed by the lineman!
Hicks declares a vendetta against Gronkzag Snotspike after getting his hip smashed.
Hardrock, newly signed Journeyman declares a vendetta against Enzrodd Dogchewer.
Musb Finnus will be looking to punch above his weight to settle his score with Gnarh Gorsskh.
Leonardo Petri felt the worst of it as Dietrich took the Parolees apart.
A supposed 'friendly' between the Sartosa Shipwrecks and Prince Eärfalas's Advance saw players on both sides suffer serious injury. Ignacio 'The Red' is not likely to forgive Z’Beryl Ara in a hurry, and Biafyndar Ihimbraskar has sword revenge on the vicious Constante Finetti of the Shipwrecks. Their next meeting promises to be a spicy affair.
After suffering his second injury, Hicks insinuated he'd be gunning for Girch Red Eyes. That will go unsettled however after Girch himself was fouled into retirement by Vragni Ogrebane. The whole of the Blighted Marshes will be targeting Vragni when they next meet.
Zulbash of the Blighted Marshes Brawlers suffered a smashed collar at the hands of Danyu. In the same match, Unguth Reborn was cut down to size by the massive Rirkz the Claw.
Commando Carlos of Castello Cabolleros can't remember his encounter with Monette but after being laughed at by the rest of his team he won't be forgetting it's her responsible for his forgetfulness.
Leo Vassallo will struggle to make good on his vendetta with Ignacio as his smashed collar bone has weakened him considerably.
The whole of the Pavona Parole Program will be seeking revenge on Orso Smaldone after the massive ogre jumped on and killed Alberto Caggio and journeyman Sylvester Stronghawk during their recent game.
Fender Fernando got his hip smashed by Mordin Moreksson in their first ecounter and will surely seek revenge, should his team allow him to play on.
Perchalador hopes to hold onto his roster spot long enough to payback Kronk Strong for the welcoming gift of a smashed ankle in the Pearls' first ever match.
Padir suffered a fractured skull at the hands of Ghoragdush of Wraog Warg Warriorz in Padir's first match. He has signed a contract with the Pearls and vows to take revenge!
Myles "the brave" calls out a personal vendetta versus Salvatore, because of his niggling shoulder injury!
Dimrond Ironfist, founder, team captain and coach of Ironfist's Nomads got his collar bone smashed by Jerry "Rev" Harris in their teams' first ecounter. Dimrond is now more than eager to crush that human throwers skull!
When Sunni "Wild Thing" Solveigsdottirand Alan Bosley clashed in their teams' first ecounter, the dwarven runner suffered a serious concussion. She is now seeking revenge, as all dwarves would in her situation.
It was only in his team's debut match, that Wotsit Gnawadear learned about Vragni Ogrebane's iron fist in a very unpleasant way, leaving him with a damaged back. As long as he remains on his team, he'll seek for revenge - and others seem to approve, as he was voted Most Valuable Player.


The Book of Grudges
Pavona Parole Program declared a grudge against Miragliano's Hope after suffering this beating. Next time they'll be holding nothing back...
The Blighted Marshes Brawlers and Ironfist's Nomads have a storm of hatred brewing. Their match containing 8 casualties only fueling the already bitter enmity between the Dwarfs and the Skaven.
Ironfist's Nomads lived up to their spiteful promise to destroy all Skaven in Grind when they met the Castello Cabolleros for the first time: Five serious injuries and one kill left the opposed team beaten and as a bloody mess, swearing revenge - and the dwarves happily added its name to their own Book of Grudges.
This was the first game in grind for the Ironclads and the Prowlers will be forever watching their backs. After this demolition, you will be in the book of grudges until you are all dead
A grudge is declared by Miragliano Madratters against local rivals Miragliano Red Pox after their 5-1 thrashing, leaving Madratters Ogre with a gouged eye and lineman Taddeo Gaddi dead on the turf.