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Pinkeye League!

There is a terrible case of pinkeye going around! Who will be infected?

The Rules:

1) Teams

You make up to two teams, one Human team and/or one Nurgle team. It's best to make both, even if you play one more than the other.

* Limit 2 position players, 0-1 each Catcher, Thrower, Blitzer.
* Limit 12 players on your starting roster.
* Your TV must be between 750k and 800k for a starting team.
* You may not hire an Apothecary. If you hire one on accident, you may not use it.
* You may not click "Buy New Player" during the season.
* You must hire any and all Journeymen if possible, even if they have suffered a serious injury. If you cannot hire all Journeymen, you may pick and choose which to take. (You may hire and retire a player, but this will hurt you in the long run; see below.)

* Limit 13 players on your starting roster.
* Starting teams are limited to 800k TV maximum (unlike Humans, they may be cheaper).
* No Warriors, no Pestigors; just Rotters and a Beast, if desired.
* You may not click "Buy New Player" during the season. You may hire Journeymen if desired.
* You may not give your player a bio unless that player was acquired in a match with Nurgle's Rot. Players acquired this way must have a player bio to be scored for extra points (it can say anything, but it's more fun if you note the original team and/or match number/date/etc.).

2) Matches

We play an open round robin format: play as many games as you like. One coach takes Nurgle, the other Humans. Double-headers are permitted, even encouraged. Scheduling is open and is up to you, but mo' games mo' points, even if you lose.

3) Scoring

A team's best eight games are scored. The winner gets 7 points, the loser 3. On a tie, both teams get 5.

At the end of every season, each team gets an added bonus, if it played any games.

1 point for each player on the roster in excess of eleven
1 point for each 50,000 gold in Treasury

1 point for each Human killed* during the season
1 point for each player bio on the roster (indicating an acquisition through Nurgle's Rot)

4) Championship:

The highest-scoring Human team and the highest-scoring Nurgle team are awarded their respective racial championships each season. Unless one coach is awarded both championships, the two champions face off against one another in a championship match!

5) Postseason:

At the end of the season, you may hire new players to fill your roster out to 12 (Humans) or 13 (Nurgle). At this time you may replace any lost position players. Then, if your Human team has more than 200,000 gold, dump cash to get back to 200,000 or less.

* Per match report only; does not include Casualties that do not show up in the report.