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Group managers: Garion

The Master Chef supreme, leader of all Halfling chefs
has cooked up a challenge for any Halflings brave enough
or possibly stupid enough to represent the Moot in the
game of Fantasy Football.

Each month the Master Chef will select a winning team
based on their 5 greatest performances on the pitch
and bestow upon them the great honour of dinning at
the Master Chef's table.

Awards will be handed out, ale will be drunk and more food
than any man could possibly eat will be laid before them.
But these are no men, these are Haflings and if there is
one thing Halflings can do well it is eat, drink and be merry.

So let the games begin.......

Group Rules
Every Halfling team that plays in Ranked and Blackbox is eligible. The competition lasts for a month and as soon as one is finished the next will begin. There is an award for being the highest scoring Halfling team in your respective division, so one winner for Blackbox and one for Ranked and one overall winner based on the scoring system below. The team with the highest score overall is the team that will get to feast at the Master Chefs table.

There will also be separate team and individual player awards that will be handed out each month by the most famous Halflings ever to play the game and live to tell the tale. The individual awards are -
  • Most Cas
    by a player and by a team in a single match

  • Most TD
    by a player and by a team in a single match

  • Most Fouls
    by a player and by a team in a single match

  • Most Completions
    by a player and by a team in a single match

  • Most Tree TDs
    by a player and by a team in a single match

  • Most Dwarves injured
    by a player and by a team in a single match

  • Most Dwarves Killed
    by a player and by a team in a single match

  • The Woodstock award
    To find out what this is, check out the awards tab.

Coaches are not required to do any score keeping, the Master Chef has cooked up a recipe in his magic cauldron which will show all the scores and award winners each month. You can even keep an eye on it your self by clicking the Script button on the group page to see who is leading the way.

Scoring System
Scores are taken from your top 5 scoring games a month. Then those 5 scores are added together and the winner is the team with the most points overall.

To work out how many points you get in a single game here is the scoring system -
  • Win = +10 pts
  • Draw = +5 pts
  • TD = +2 pts
  • Cas = +2 pts
  • Kill = +5 pts
  • TD with a tree = +10 pts
  • Shut out = +5 pts
  • +1 pt for every 100TV over 1000Tv using the higher teams TV
  • When playing Dwarves or Chaos Dwarves your final score is multiplied by 2

MasterChef's Champion

Team Award
Place this ribbon in your Team Bio if you win the MasterChef's Challenge

Player Award
Place this badge in the Bio of every player that was part of a Masterchef's Challenge winning team.

Click the star to cycle through the different awards, and if you need help using BBcode to put the awards in your Bio click the Forum link for instructions.
Division Winners

If you are the overall champion you can just display that ribbon, these are for the winners of their respective division that did not win the championship. Though if you are a greedy little Halfling and like your rewards then feel free to stick both on your team bio
Hamshaw Whitecake TD Awards
Team Touchdown Ribbon

Player Touchdown Badge

Again the Team award is meant for the team bio, and the player award is meant for the player Bio, I'm sure you figured that out by now.
Puggy Baconbreath Cas Awards
Team Cas Ribbon

Player Cas Badge

Warmglow Vindaloo DP Awards
Team Dirty Player Ribbon

Player DP Badge

Hogstone Bluejelly Pass Awards
Team Pass Completion Ribbon

Player Pass Completion Badge

Greybranch Oakwillow TD Awards
Team Treeman Touchdown Ribbon

Player Treeman Touchdown Badge

Most Dwarf Cas Award
Team Dwarf Cas Award

Player Dwarf Cas Badge

Master Dwarf Killer Award
Team MDK Award

Player MDK Badge

The Woodstock Award

The Woodstock award will be given to 1 coach each month that has the best fluff for their team, not only will team and player bio be taken in to account, but also match reports in the MasterChef's Challenge forum thread will have a strong influence too.

The Woodstock award gained its name from the outstanding contribution Coach Woodstock has made to getting this Meta-group off the ground.

Coming Soon!
This page will display all the previous winners