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Group managers: Retro21, Savdog, Throweck

A refined club for those of a gentlemanly disposition and built with the philosophy that Gentlemanly virtues are higher than winning at all costs.

Fluff (as well as snuff) is encouraged.

I say! Did you hear?
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Over several bloodweisers, lamenting the financial ruin of their latest venture, the 'Schroedinger Delivery Service', Messrs Retro21 and Savdog founded the Gentlemen's Club in 2513.
I say! Did you hear?
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Gentleman duruk once gave up a turn after his opponent misclicked and failed on their first turn! Bravo duruk!
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The Jentlemen Jokers were one of the first teams in the club, and still have influence over proceedings today.

I say! Did you hear?
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The cellar of the club has oft been a point of entry for the undesirables, hence a new protection team, The Wine Vault Security Service have been hired to keep out the riff raff. Lead by Captain Hinri they do an admirable job of keeping our Manor respectable. Jolly good show boys!

Established by: Retro21 and Savdog

Original members: Throweck, akaRenton, AdyBrooke, blocknroll, duruk, lemf, Splattman

Staff: Jenkins Grimson Johnny Archibald Crispin Winona

• Try to ensure you and your opponent leave the game happy to play one another again
• No excessive moaning
• No psychological warfare, e.g. "Oh you're going to win it now, I've got no chance" etc.
• Basically no poor form!
• No women members (under review)

• Any current member of the Club can put forward a new prospective member.
• Nominations for new members can be made in the Club Membership thread.
• To gain entry a Prospective member must have a second nomination from an existing member
• After the Prospective member is seconded there will be a 24 hour period before the new member is admitted into the league.
• Existing coaches who have not nominated or seconded the Prospective coach may use this 24 hour period to review the Prospective coach.
• If an existing coach has any reservations towards the Prospective coach joining the Gentleman’s Club they may issue a veto that prevents the Prospective coach from joining the league
• The Veto should be in the form of a PM to either Retro21 or Savdog.
• Vetoes are private and will not be shared with the rest of the league.
• If after 24 hours there are no vetoes issued the new coach will be invite to join the league by Retro21, Savdog or Throweck.

Blighter: scoundrel; enemy. 'Poor Blighter' = 'Poor Devil' or nowadays 'Poor Bastard'.

Bad Show: Usually an upper-class character will utter this when they witness something going wrong. Its also used, or given as "Bad Form" when someone does something intentionally wrong.

Cheerio: Goodbye. Somewhat archaic these days, mostly used by posh folk.

Chocks away!: "Here we go!"; dates back to the early days of aviation when an aircraft was prevented from rolling forwards while its engine was running by "chocks" (wedges of wood) under the wheels, to be pulled away by ropes before takeoff. Only used in a joking sense in modern times. (Pilots now use the phrase "off the blocks")

Flibbertigibbet: Quite the archaic phrase it refers to a silly, scatterbrained and ultimately irresponsible person the word derives from a name for an imp or fiend.

I say! (Or the full version, "I say, old chap, that's just not cricket"): "I say" might be an exclamation of surprise or agreement. Generally restricted to posh/old fashioned accents. "That's not cricket" means something is unfair or unbalanced/being done wrongly.

Kerfuffle: A disturbance or commotion. Often used derisively, in the same sense as "fuss". Originally a Scots word, "curfuffle", derived from the Gaelic "cior thual", meaning "confusion, disorder".

Match: Instead of saying "game" as Americans do. As in "I've got to get home to watch the match."

Old Bean, Old Fruit, Old Sausage, Old Crumpet, Old Cake, Old Egg, Old Brick: Deliberately silly alternatives to 'Old Chap'.

Pip pip, cheerio and all that rot: "Cheerio" or "Cheers" is still used to mean "goodbye". Cheers is also a minor version of "Thanks", for instance if somebody holds the door if you're walking through it behind them.

Poppycock: means 'Nonesense!' or 'rubbish!'

Right ho: okay then (also "Righty oh", "rightio").

Snuff: powdered tobacco that is sniffed up the nostril rather than smoked: "a pinch of snuff".

Steady on, old chap: "Go easy", the "old chap" may be omitted.

Tally-ho!: "Let's get this show on the road", especially if this show is a hunt of some sort. Also stereotypically used by more upper-class fighter pilots in the second world war. This is because "Tally-ho" is an actual hunting-with-dogs term, meaning the quarry has been sighted. The aviation usage is that an enemy plane has been sighted and the pilot is moving to engage. Has been explained as 'til es hault' or somesuch in French as used by the Norman overclass way back. 'He is halted'; meaning the prey hunted has stopped to fight or in exhaustion.

Tickity-Boo: running like a well-oiled machine.

Toodle-pip: goodbye. Almost never used in modern times. Deliberately quaint mangling of 'Toodle-oo' and 'Pip-pip'.

Tosh: nonsense.

Season II

The Member's Lounge Season II
Winner: Savdog's Drone Club Regulars
Runner up: AdyBrooke's Baker Street Irregulars

The Member's Lounge Season I
Winner: blocknroll's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Runner up: FRSHMN's Rats in Suits

Warpstone Smoking Room Season II
Winner: akaRenton's Warpstone Wastrels
Runner up: Savdog's Terrible Top Hats

Warpstone Smoking Room Season I
Winner: AdyBrooke's Smoking Joes
Runner up: Savdog's Terrible Top Hats

The Library Season II
Winner: Savdog's Literary Greats
Runner up: Retro's Yvresse Bibliothecaires

The Library Season I
Winner: FRSHMN's Find Your Own Truth
Runner up: Savdog's Literary Greats

The Cellar Season I
Winner: akaRenton's Nine Inch Coffin Nails
Runner up: Retro's Sparta's Spectres

The Pinnacle Cup

Winner: blocknroll's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Runner up: kyrtie's Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Jentlemen Joker's Cup
Winner: Savdog's Drones Club Regulars
Runner up: Rabe's High Born Gentlemen