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* * * Did you know? The most touchdowns in a single match is 23.
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Group managers: koadah, Atari, DrPoods, mike467, sonrises
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4 Teams KO TOURNEY. CRP, OLC and LoL rulesets available! Chose yours!
More info here:https://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=8916


LoL Ruleset

Apply any [L] team, a rookie or a dusty one.
Match-ups by TV as explained in the SLAM SERIES group page.
INSTANT Ko TOURNAMENT format. Straight back to back games or 2nd game must be played within next 2 days. Up to you!

A ridiculous amount of INDUCEMENT money will be available at the start of the game. However, DO NOT SPEND the whole amount of money!
Follow instructions below:

1. Buy 2 STAR PLAYERS. Team with lower TV gets MORG. You need to have 2 slots free in your 16 men roster.
2. Buy up to 3 MERCS and skill them up with one skill. These MERCS will come with loner skill too. Take just 1 or 2 if you don't have enough slots free to take all 3 of them. TIP: Teams with 11 players will have enough slots free to take 2 STAR PLAYERS and 3 MERCS.
3. Buy 2 APO's or 1 IGOR depending on the race of your team.
4. Buy 2 BABES.

That's it! You are NOT allowed to buy any other INDUCEMENT!...well,...this is not completly true...there are some exceptions.


1. HALFLINGS: Can add 1 WIZZ, 3 BRIBES and 1 MASTER CHEF too.

2. GOBLINGS: Can add 1 WIZZ, 3 BRIBES and 1 MASTER CHEF too.

3. OGRES: Can add 1 WIZZ and 4 EXTRA TEAM TRAINING too.

4. MAGIC CARDS are NOT allowed to any race.


1. LoL does not allow BRIBES to most races. However, in compensation, house rules that empower FOULING are activated. This is:
** +1 to FOULING
** Sneaky Git player sent to Ko box instead
** Sneaky Git works like GUARD when fouling.

2. LoL wellcomes C-POMBERS. However, a small nerf it is applied.
** Piling On player is knocked out when rolling a double on armour or injury rolls.
Well, the guy doesn't land on a pillow!. Chances are 1/6 to be knocked out per each roll. No other C-POMB nerfs will be applied.

3. Right Stuff prevents the Tackle skill when blocked

That's it! Join and have fun!

NOTE: Once you join and just before the tournament starts, administrator will send a PM to you to help you out to manage the INDUCEMENT menu. i.e. some people may not know how to skill up MERCS.