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Group managers: Kalminael, Albemouff

League Info
In Blood Bowl, you like to coach your team on the field and to manage it in the back office : trim your TV, choose skills for your players and what investments to make. This is what Money Bowl is all about !

In this league, you will coach a team that you don't own and own a team you won't coach.
You'll compete to be the best in each role : best coach in your division and best manager overall !

Season Alpha is about to begin. The ruleset may not be optimized, but this is a « test » season to see how all of this can be improved and to have the most fun !

  1. Theme: Management
  2. Format: Scheduled RR
  3. Current season: Alpha
  4. Status: Recruiting
  5. Time zone: GMT+1
  6. Criteria: CRP TV1000
  7. Round length: 7 days

These rules will likely evolve. The first season is after all a "test" season, so feel free to propose rules ^^

  1. Application to the league is done as a player. You can't create your team until you haven't received instructions from your General Manager.
  2. Players will be sorted in two groups: higher CR and lower CR. Each coach from a group will be paired randomly with a coach from the other group. Each player will be named GM of his « teamate »'s team. Then, two divisions will be drawn randomly.
  3. Once the GM are designated, they can start their work. They have to choose everything about the team, like if they have created it: race/name/composition/player's names/fluff and bios/pics and logos... You have to be a minimum creative. Player's names like P1 or zzzzzzz aren't allowed.. Instructions WILL BE POSTED on a specific thread on the forum so a coach cannot pretend not knowing them.
  4. Once all the teams are created, the league will begin. It will be a 1 match/week in round robin format. Coaches and GM have to be cautious : the 1 week delay is for playing AND managing the team. Please, do not apply to the league if you think you won't have enough time to commit.
  5. Once the weekly games are finished, GM have to take all the decisions for the team: progression rolls, players hiring and/or retiring, use of treasury, ...
  6. Standings are set like this:
    - Team standings: win 3pts / draw 1 pt / loss 0pt / glorious game (3 td or more scored for) +1pt / bloody day (3 or more casualties caused) +1pt / perfect defense (0 td scored against) +1pt
    - GM standings: each week the GM gathers as many points as their team and get bonus points if some of these events happened:
    - Team spirit: every member of the team got at least 1 spp --> +3pts
    - This kid gots talent: a player you just hired got at least 1spp / 1 progression roll --> +1/2pts per player
    - Perfect plan: a positionnal that died or retired last round is replaced --> +1pt per player
  7. By the end of the season, the coaches who lead each division will be declared champions of their division. The General Manager who earned the most points in the entire league is declared Manager of the Year