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The Reddit FUMBBL Redux is the latest in a series of leagues based around the r/bloodbowl community. While Reddit is our main base of operations, we accept all comers. We are a weekly scheduled tournament with multiple divisions all competing for a common cup.

We also have a Discord Server

The Reddit FUMBBL Redux will be a scheduled league followed by a knockout tournament. There will be two stages to the tournament.

The stages are as follows. The First is the regular season, where teams will compete one week at a time in a round robin against all other teams in their division. At the end of this season, the coach with the overall best record by points from all divisons will be granted the Reddit Redux Shield, to be enshrined on the league page and placed on their team bio.

Points for the shield will be calculated as points divided by number of games to keep it fair when divisions are different sizes, as well as allow bragging rights across multiple seasons. The formula will be ([Points / Games] * 100). Thus 300 is considered a perfect score, much like bowling.

The next stage is post season, aka the Reddit Redux Cup. This is a knockout tournament where the top 4 teams (or 2 from each division if the league has multiple divisions, with points based wildcards awarded incase of uneven splits.), compete in a straight knockout tournament. The first leg will be against the other team from their division, and the final will be against the winner from the opposite divison. If there is only 1 division seeding will be random.

Coaches are responsible for coming to agreement for scheduling matches. Failure to come to agreement will be a 0-0 draw. If one coach can be proven to be solely responsible, the opposing coach will be awarded a win by concession.

After coming to a consensus, please use the "schedule match" button under your team name to set when the match will happen. This will allow other coaches to know when they can watch if they wish. This is not a rule, but a courtesy.

If both coaches have not yet advanced their teams, the coach with the highest Tournament Weight (Not Team Value) plus treasury must advance first. This rule only comes into effect if both coaches are waiting for the other to do so. If you are the type to advance your team as soon as a match is over, you can safely ignore it.

Coaches are allowed to play ahead of the schedule if they wish, but they may not play out of order.

Tiebreaker for the Shield and Playoff Brackets is TDΔ, then Games Won, then Results Between Teams. If they still are tied after that a marquee match will be arranged for the bracket slot, and final postseason position will be used for the Shield.

Match deadlines are the listed date 23:59 server time.

Logos should be properly sized, centered, and transparent where appropriate.

Team names should be reasonably fluffy. In other words no "Reddit League Orc Team".

Player names should be in compliance with overall FUMBBL rules.

Coaches should make a good faith effort to log into FUMBBL at least once per day. Missing 2 games in a row without any communication is grounds for immediate expulsion. While being unable to come to an agreement with your opponent is understandable occasionally, simply going AWOL and silent is not. Reinstatement will not occur without sufficient explination

There is currently a limit of two players per race. Goblin and Halflings are exempt and may be taken at any time. The limit will be expanded if the league continues to grow. Returning teams may bypass this restriction as long as they left the league in good faith.

Teams must be fresh tv1000 teams. If your team leaves the league, it may not rejoin the league if it has played any additional matches. If you are in the league, playing a match outside the league using a league team is grounds for immediate team dismissal. Pre-approved inter-league tournament matches are exempt from this rule.

New teams are allowed 4 matches against other new teams. Once a team has participated in an "official" match, no such free matches are permitted.

Do not use match reports or other customization to call out, harass, or moan about other coaches. Moaning about dice and Nuffle is fine, as long as it isn't used to insult other coaches by proxy. Keep the trash talk to the match itself. Tounge in cheek trash talk is encouraged however.

Do not hire & fire players or support staff in order to manipulate rules based on treasury amount. If FUMBBL ever implements any bank rules, this rule may be rescinded.

You may not use fumbbl awarded bonus items (for example healing potions) in this league.

This is a scheduled league, you will likely face the same players again later, as such, don't moan if they T16 foul you, aggressively off pitch you, stomp your legendary player's face in, etc in order to ensure you will have a tougher time later. Well ok you can moan, but don't expect anything to be done about it.

Concessions are strictly forbidden. First time offense will forefeit 1 league point (With a tie going agaisnt them), repeat offenses will result ins suspension.

All penalties are at discretion of the Comissioner.