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 Team Coach Rating Race Score  
1. Roster [L] Viridian Forest Flitters(12d)Jammanl1020k/1020kViridian Forrest0 
2. Roster [L] Vermillion City Thunderbolts(12d)Jammanl1050k/1050kBuzz0 
3. Roster [L] Rock Tunnel Rollers(12d)Jammanl980k/980kGeo0 
4. Roster [L] [P] Sandstorm(2h)Tendril1060k/1060kShrew0 
5. P [L] Highest VoltagePizzapocalypse1060k/1060kChu0 
6. Roster [L] Love Buzz(55m)Guardikai990k/1080kBuzz0 
7. Roster [L] Bulk Up(55m)Guardikai1140k/1140kMach0 
8. Roster [L] Blasting Off Again(55m)Guardikai990k/990kRocket0 
9. Roster [L] Shrewd Tactics(55m)Guardikai1360k/1450kShrew0 
10. Retired [L] [P] The Taming of The Shrew(21d)fivehead1150k/1150kShrew0 
11. Roster [L] [P] Hyper Beamers(181d)deyempe1120k/1120kKarp0 
12. Roster [L] Church of Helix(2h)Tendril1170k/1170kKanto Fossil0 
13. Roster [L] [P] Eevee Kombat(17h)yugzilla990k/990kEon0 
14. Retired [L] [P]astoria City Wrath(21d)fivehead1100k/1180kPoli0 
15. Roster [L] [P]oli Wants a Buiscuit(181d)deyempe1040k/1040kPoli0 
16. Roster [L] [P] Pidgey Of Duty(17h)yugzilla1220k/1220kPidge0 
17. Roster [L] {P} Nido Wars(17h)yugzilla1320k/1320kNido0 
18. Roster [L] [P]rofessor Oaks Pidgey Parade(181d)deyempe1090k/1090kPidge0 
19. Roster [L] [P] Game of Turtles(17h)yugzilla1190k/1190kWertle0 
20. Roster [L] [P] Fossil Records(181d)deyempe1010k/1010kKanto Fossil0 
21. Roster [L] [P] A Very Nido Nightmare(181d)deyempe1020k/1230kNido0 
22. Roster [L] [P] Lavender Children(12h)Wex1260k/1260kKanto Ghost0 
23. Retired [L] (P) Pewter City Madness(61d)MrFoxCanada970k/970kGeo0 
24. Skills Pending [L] [P] Lavender Town Lickers(181d)deyempe820k/860kKanto Ghost0 
25. Roster [L] [P]rofessor Oaks Pika Parade(181d)deyempe1140k/1240kChu0 
26. Roster [L] Bombs Away Bulba(152d)Stanley1190k/1190kBulba0 
27. Roster [L] [P]ika Practice(181d)deyempe930k/1070kChu0 
28. Roster [L] [P] Mad Manders(181d)deyempe850k/1150kMander0 
29. Retired [L] Mander Madness(137d)DonKare1350k/1380kMander0 
30. Roster [L] Pikaaachuuuuuuuuuu(181d)deyempe990k/990kChu0 
31. Roster [L] [P] Original Dragons(181d)deyempe1090k/1090kKanto Dragon0 
32. Roster [L] A Very Long Time(5d)Tooby1060k/1060kEon0 
33. Retired [L] Brojob(5d)Tooby980k/1090kMach0 
34. Roster [L] [P] Sunyshore Sea Guardians(21d)fivehead1160k/1160kKanto Dragon0 
35. Roster [L] [P] Put It To The Test!(181d)deyempe1110k/1180kMach0 
36. Roster [L] Oreburgh Bombers(21d)fivehead1620k/1620kGeo0 
37. Roster [L] [P]Toba Hyenas(18h)azzie1000k/1000kAbra0 
38. Roster [L] [P] ZZzzZZzz(181d)deyempe1150k/1210kAbra0 
39. Roster [L] Eonyor(236d)buuface980k/980kEon0