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Group managers: Tzalaran, koadah
Welcome to the Coliseum!

The sands of the Karat Si'Zan coliseum have seen their share of blood over the centuries. From gladatorial combat, to the execution of criminals, death and the roar of the crowd are etched into the stones sure as any mortar.

The rise of sport, and the plethora of new races vying to get in the game seemed to create an opportunity to the crafty mind of Krabuz, owner of the Horned Devil. Already accustomed to running games of chance, helping new teams get on their feet (while making a gold coin or two) seemed to be the best way to help this venture.

A quick deal with Kristalian, the local healer, and Krabuz hoped he had the enticement needed to get teams to fill the great coliseum once more...

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Designed to allow Rookie Secret League teams to develop their skills and grow in an Open Round Robin Environment. At the start of each calendar month, a new Horned Devil Boot Camp will start and all registered teams will be able to play each other team in the league up to once to build and develop their squad.

Here is where you can take a team from the ground up and prepare them for the rigors of the SL Cup circuit, the Old World Brawl and SLUMBBL SHIELD tournaments, SL SLAMS, and participate in the SL Sprint while you do it!
  • Standard Secret League rules apply, Expensive Mistakes is in effect
  • Each Boot Camp will start on the first day of the month, and run through the last day of the month (it may prove better to do these on a 2 month rotation, subject to change for betterment of participating teams)
  • Rookie Teams only (teams with 1 loss in an Old World Rookie Rumble may gain entrance to the league on a case by case basis)
  • Each team is provided 100,000 gp in inducement money for the purchase of a Wandering Apothecary or Igor as appropriate for their race. The sponsor of the Boot Camps has made a deal with the local healer and his nephews to staff the sidelines for these up and coming stars of the future, and we don't want to see them injured (permanently) before they can entertain the crowds of the tournament circuit!
  • 0 Cards allowed for each team
  • NO inducments of Star Players. They wouldn't be seen in a place this far removed from the broadcasting networks... Inducement of Mercenaries is accepted
  • Coaches from across the globe are welcome, if you are looking to build up a Secret League team, we want to help

Make your team Here
Inagural season, July 2018 - 17 matches, 4 teams above 1200 TV, 2 above 1400 TV.
August 2018 - 8 matches, 2 teams >1250 TV
October 2018 - 20 matches, 5 teams > 1250 TV, 3 teams > 1400 TV